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Hi! I just remember you once wrote you are also bullet journaling. Would you mind showing some pictures of your bullet journal? Sorry, I'm just so curious since your handwriting is absolutely gorgeous. ♡

Hi! And of course! My bullet journal has gone through a lot of phases, currently I’m doing sort of a hybrid bullet journal in my Hobonichi Techo Cousin. I don’t have any recent pictures, but here are a couple I originally took for a January prompt that show off my general layout. 

I have tasks at the top right, my record of things I did throughout the day in the timeline, and my good things for the day right beneath that. My “bullets” go in the main space and then I use the leftover space for a daily quotation or watercolor. 

I have a separate notebook for collections that I tuck into one of the pockets of my case. That notebook is currently under renovations and I’m actually making a new case for my Hobonichi, but my daily layout will be staying the same. Hope this helps!