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GHBSign? Like Signless doesnt die cause GHB takes him into hiding and they soon become Matespirits? Omg im srry X( i should keep my mouth shut

I…am not a fan of this ship to put it mildly. But I will make an effort to be fair.

The last thing you expect when you see the arrow rise and brace yourself for death is to feel nothing. Everything else is sharp burning pain, but there is no feeling of impact from the arrow. You blink your eyes open and see why.

He looms over you, painted mask of death, and reeking of old blood. You cringe, waiting for him to crush your skull, make your death painful and lasting. Instead his giant hand wrap around the chains holding you up and pull. They come apart like wet paper.

Then he is carrying you away. The pain of being moved is too much and you surrender to the dark.

It is not death. You are aware of this when you awaken in a great amount of pain. He looms, but his hands are gentle on you.

It doesn’t take you long to realize he left the rest of your family behind. You hate him for that. You hate him for many months.

But he doesn’t give up on you.

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Uh...... GamTav Like, Vriska did something horrible to Tavros, then Gamzee finds out and is really pissed at Vriska, but takes care Tavros instead of going after Vriska

“Should let me motherfucking do the same to her.” Gamzee grumbles as he wraps the splints up.

Tavros just shakes his head, almost cuffing the indigo with one of his horns. “That uh wouldn’t do any good. She just thinks it’s funny to um hear me squeak. You don’t have to do anything.”

Gamzee frowns at him and holds up the hand he’s just finished with. “She broke three of your motherfucking fingers doing a handshake because she thinks it’s funny to hear you squeak Tavbro. Well I think it’s funny to hear her squeak when I return the favor.”

The brownblood shakes his head again and this time Gamzee has to lean back. “That’ll only encourage her to do it more. I’m not um a piece for you guys to use in your revenge cycle.”

This makes Gamzee stop. He takes Tavros’s uninjured hand and kisses the top of it. “Naw Tavbro. It wouldn’t be like it. I just want her to know that she needs to back off my motherfucking matesprit. That’s all.”

Tavros flushes. “Still doesn’t need a revenge cycle. I uh got the new game I was talking about last week. How about we play that instead?” Gamzee smiles and agrees. Revenge wasn’t worth it if Tavros said it wasn’t. He’d just have to keep both of them away from Vriska until they could take the splints off.