Pacific Rim is a Visual Effects phenomenon in every detail of its being. The film’s effects were produced by Industrial Light and Magic, a studio that stands as a pinnacle of digital arts. This video shows the making of the Hong Kong battle sequence, which was pretty much done almost entirely digitally. This battle sequence looks so realistic, the ability of the ILM crew is beyond comparison. There aren’t many inside looks into the work of ILM, so it’s incredibly fortunate that they released this to the public. Watch and be amazed!


Disney announced recently that a new Monsters University short will be premiering before Muppets Most Wanted this March. The short is titled Party Central and from the looks of the one released still shot - this party is unfortunately not going well. The Oozma Kappa fraternity brothers try to throw their first party but no one shows up, Mike and Sulley will be returning to the Monsters U campus to help get the party going. It will also be featuring all the original voice actors from the film. Muppets Most Wanted will be released in theaters on March 21st, so make sure you see it while you can!