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Let’s talk about queers, children, and ethics.
Firstly, I know that many queer folx can have biological children of their own. And I know many folx who aren’t queer use assistive reproductive technologies.

But, this post is aimed at my queer fam because I see far too many queer people aching for a family who are ready and willing to use assistive reproductive technology - such as sperm donation and artificial insemination - without considering the rights of the donor conceived person.

I get it. You want a family. But it’s a disservice to your child - and to all of us, really - if you decide that your child has to either live a lie or be without vital information. For example, medical information. You say, “well - it’s on the papers!” What if something got overlooked? What if you didn’t go through a regulated sperm bank? Didn’t get crucial tests done to see if your kid may well have some kind of rare genetic illness?

Beyond that - what if your kid wonders where exactly their face came from. Of course, you as a non-donor conceived person might think, “eh, my child won’t care!”

How do you know that, though? Because I can assure you - donor conceived people often want information like that.

The focus on parents, families, and even donors creates HARMFUL policies that constantly centre everybody but the donor conceived person. There are irrational fears about donor conceived children wanting money - but the vast majority of them just want the truth. And policy must reflect that. They must have access to information.

To get to that place, however, we must begin “queering” this kind of technology in a meaningful way. And that means being honest about it from the get-go. That means sharing vital information (yes, including a photo of the donor) if the donor conceived person wants it.

We must crush the taboo surrounding this and must stop assuming that donor conceived people are limited to what we’ve seen on Oprah and other day time television shows. They are not “freaks” with “freaky families” and “a hundred siblings” that they’re always on the look out for. They are human beings - often already marginalized. They are queer, trans, Black, etc. and they have the right to know all parts of them without it being a taboo subject.

I direct this at specifically queer folx because this is a chance to engage in a type of “queer world making” where we augment the definition of “sibling” and we treat assistive reproductive technologies as inherently queer things that are not laced with shame, but are useful, necessary things that we should we honest about.

It’s unfortunate that many queers play into homonationalism and heteronormativity by concealing aspects of their kid’s own creation from them. You should not engage in hiding any aspect of your child’s existence because you “don’t want the donor involved in any capacity - and that includes something as simple as a photo” simply because you want to be a “normal” family unit.

This is our chance to change something queerly, meaningfully, and finally centre the voices of donor conceived people.


i’ll explain it again, real slow. i want to broadcast your subconscious into the decker usernet. then you’ll be able to interact with the avatars of users and corrupt the abstract representations of data that are the cornerstone of their online operation…

Going Shopping With The Avengers Would Include...

• er, it would be disastrous
• like, Steve would go and pay for something and just to mess with everyone you demand a senior discount
• “You guys it’s fine,”
• “HES 100 YEARS OLD!”
• Bucky too
• sometimes going in disguise
• even though we all know they never work
• completely ignoring technology stores because if y'all got near one Tony would start ranting
• “Tony, that’s an iPhone 7,”
• Clint buying too many snacks even though you, Steve, and Natasha explicitly tell him not to
• but in the end all of you eat them anyways (guiltily)
• Bruce buys a science kit to prove that it’s too dangerous for little kids
• Steve is a gentleman, so he ends up carrying everyone’s bags- even Tony’s
• Tony and Clint follow you and Natasha into Victoria’s Secret for no good reason
• Wanda likes scented candles, something you learned after she bought like twelve of them
• Pietro “tests” running shoes by putting them on and running around the mall- coming back before anyone notices he technically shoplifted
• Peter being really excited every time he sees action figures of you guys
• he has a collection.
• Tony once bought out half a liquor store, so that happened
• Sam and Clint have dance offs on those wii display things
• always having to be the one to buys things that you guys actually need (with Steve) like toothbrushes and coffee and towels
• because everyone just buys the weirdest stuff and forgets to buy anything useful
• Clint bought a cat toy once
• he doesn’t even have a cat
• he bought animal footprint shoes too. He was very proud of them. No one else was.
• introducing Thor to all kinds of things
• “You have a machine simply to to pump moisture into the air?”
• always getting carried away bc money is basically not and issue so you, Nat, and Wanda always go all out on clothes and makeup
• you love shopping
• but you probably should just stick to online shopping because it hardly ends well

anonymous asked:

I'm an INTP, and I would just like to know what are some of the INTP's less stereotypical traits?

Hi, sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this but I couldn’t really think of anything right off the bat so I took some time to list the things I caught myself doing that I thought wasn’t very stereotypical of INTPs at all! These are just a collection of things I think aren’t very stereotypical of me, and could very well not pertain to any other INTPs, but ya never know lol.

1. Stubborn in thinking- Now, this isn’t what you may be thinking. Like all INTPs, I’m a very open minded individual and can see all sides of a situation easily. However, once I make my mind up about something, that’s it! I’m sticking to it! Nothing you can say can convince me otherwise. For example, the concept of aliens. I 100% believe there are aliens in this universe, and I will not budge on this thinking. I find it appalling and hard to relate to people who don’t also believe in aliens, and quite frankly, judge them for it! Because of this tendency of mine, I can be very close minded to certain ways of thinking, which isn’t very INTP-like at all!

2. VERY CUDDLY- Yes, I am in fact, quite the cuddly individual. Despite the notion that INTPs are revolted by human touch, I am not! But don’t think of this the wrong way. I do NOT want to cuddle every person I see! Strangers can stand a good ten feet away from me at all times. I only feel this way about close friends!

3. Not good at math AT ALL- Probably the most stereotypical thing I’ve seen about INTPs is that we’re math geniuses but man, that’s just not true for me. Math is just not my thing. And honestly, I loath it with a passion. Kudos to all the INTPs that are math whizzes but unfortunately, I’m not one of them :/

4. LOVES ANIMALS- I’ve seen multiple posts about INTPs being “eh” about animals but that cannot be further from the truth about me! I love them!!! So much!!! My goal in life is to become a veterinarian!! Like!!!!!! I can’t be the only INTP that loves animals, that would be a sad, sad world to live in!!!! Just because we’re neutral about a lot of shit doesn’t mean animals are included!!!!!

5. Not computer savvy- There’s this stereotype that INTPs are good with technology but lemme tell y'all, I’m a fucking disgrace with it comes to computers and the like. I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to that stuff.

6. Gets up on time- I understand the stereotype with INTPs being lazy bums and not getting up on time, and I’m definitely a lazy good-for-nothing, but when I gotta be somewhere in the morning I get my ass up and go. Once that alarm goes off, I’m up! No problem! Which leads to my next unstereotypical thing-

7. Being on time- INTPs are known for being late but I’m not one of them. I make sure to get to places on time, and even give myself time to spare in case I may be late.

Okay well, that’s pretty much it! There’s probably more but this is what I consciously caught myself doing that wasn’t very INTP-like! Hope this answered your question! And maybe it’s not just me that does these very un-stereotypical things?