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Wings of Fire Modern AU

-The Dragonet’s Cave would have a few computers, with no Internet connection but some games.

-The INSTANT Starflight finds out the SkyWings have better tech and Internet via Peril he’s like ‘GET ME DOWN FROM THIS JAIL I NEED TO S U R F’

-The whole time while imprisoned in the Sea Kingdom he’s like ‘OH COME ON I AM A GUEST I DESERVE WI-FI.’

-By the time he got to the Rainforest Kingdom he was 100% done because it’s his FIRST TIME in the REAL WORLD and he HASN’T EVEN GONE ON GOOGLE YET and the Rainforest Kingdom only has flip phones and crocs.

-His first time in the NightWing Island he cries himself to sleep because FINALLY he’s SO CLOSE to SO MUCH TECH but they WON’T SHARE IT.

-When he goes blind he furiously thinks up of ways to be able to still efficiently use computers.

-As soon as the war’s over Glory strikes a trade deal with Thorn to give Starflight the resources needed to start on his project.

-He’s still working on it when he goes to JMA.

-Clay doesn’t get why Starflight wants to use a computer sO MUCH

-He’s the only one who manages to calm him down when Starflight’s angry over the fact that he isn’t clicking keys.

-Glory hides it but secretly shares Starflight’s desire to have technology

-She’s working hard to bring RainWings up to modern standards

-Moon never had much of it in the NightWing Village, though the others always grumbled about how they wished they could’ve taken the Island’s things to the Rainforest.

-So when she got to JMA she was SO impressed.

-The Ice Kingdom had far advanced tech. However, they were secluded so they never shared it.

-Winter feels JMA was actually a slight step down from the palace.


-He somehow managed to make a bot that spams Winter with cat pictures ten times a day.

-The richer parts of the Mud Kingdom actually have lots of advanced technology, contrary to popular belief.

-JMA has a class on understanding technology

-Though Qibli just trolls Winter the whole time

-The Deep Palace’s technology, while far less advanced than others, has waterproofing that none of the other Kingdoms have figured out how to replicate.

-So literally all the SeaWings were impressed

-Tsunami was really smug about it

-Scarlet’s arena fights were televised

-The Dragonets of Destiny special was really hyped up and everyone was disappointed. The low ratings rubbed salt into Scarlet’s melted face.

-When Ruby took over she replaced that with an animated series for young dragonets. 

-It centers around eight dragonets: One from each tribe and a Sky/Mud hybrid.

-Ruby really wanted to include a hybrid, and decided on Sky/Mud because multiple of those had popped up after the war, and she wanted to stop discrimination.

-The show centers around equality.

-It’s shown in ALL the kingdoms.

-There are ten over an hour long specials.

-One about each tribe, one on hybrids, one on scavengers (Directed and scripted by Winter, after pulling a favor from Peril), and one on Jade Mountain Academy.

-The DoD would give every student a flip phone to communicate with their winglet

-Winter tried to throw his away

-Qibli somehow hacked into Winter’s actual phone  and made the group chat there

-Winter can’t prove it but he knows it’s Qibli’s fault 

-When Qibli introduced Kinkajou to memes she was shocked

-She showed them to Peril, and now she’s secretly helping Kinkajou select the spiciest to sent to the others

-I’ll probably add more in the future

15 Oft Forgotten Facts About Homestuck's Trolls

- Trolls are nocturnal. Due to their sun’s intense brightness and heat, trolls rarely go out at night. Some however, such as Kanaya, can stand sunlight and will operate somewhat diurnally.

- Troll society is, in human terms, matriarchal. The females of the species, mother grubs, are revered and protected by the humanoid males, and castes that are in human terms feminine hold the most important roles of leading society and caring for the aforementioned mother grubs.

- Trolls have no concept of gender affecting sexuality, making them all, again in human terms, bi/pan. However, Beforans (if not all trolls) do have concepts of asexuality and aromanticism, separated out by quadrant.

- Most technology in troll culture is based in organic networks, using specialised grubs and other creatures in place of circuits.

- Most trolls have sharp teeth, and their diets consist mostly of various types of grubs and insectoid creatures, judging from their food terms.

- Recuperacoons are Alternia exclusive, and were created to protect trolls from the nightmares that plague their species ehile they sleep. This is not normal and Doc Scratch is to blame. Possible explanations for the nightmares are Gl'bgolyb (any emissary to the horrorterrors), Purpleblood chucklevoodoos, or species-wide trauma; nothing was confirmed by canon.

- Yellowgreen blooded trolls are oppressed on both worlds. On Beforus, they were treated as lesser peoples and insulted with the “Lime” slur, and on Alternia they were eventually wiped out. What powers they possessed is still unknown, but whatever they were posed a threat to purple bloods.

- Troll horns are not made of bone, and extend from holes in the top of the skull, allowing for the wide variation in horn shapes we have seen. Their hair grows around their horns with no problem.

- All troll skin is silvery grey, regardless of blood color. Color only shows when blushing. Additionally, all of their bodily fluids seem to be tinted their blood color.

- Trolls have 48 zodiac signs, and likely divide sweeps up into 48 sections. This is about 16.5 Earth days per division.

- Trolls’ fingernails are colored like their horns. This suggests it may be made of the same material.

- Most trolls have black lips naturally. Some, such as the Megidos, do end up with blood colored lips naturally (without makeup), but this is presumably rare.

- Another rare occurrance is blood colored hair, such as with Eridan’s tuft and thr Megidos’ eyelashes. It is unknown if this can affect a troll’s entire head of hair.

- Until adulthood, all trolls have slate-gray to black irises. Upon maturing (estimate 10 sweeps), they fill in with blood color.

- Alternia’s trolls are a warrior race. Most adults were out among the stars invading other worlds when they were suddenly killed by Gl'bgolyb’s psychic screams.

And there’s a lot more, but I might make another post sometime. Let me know if there are any other obscure things I missed!

aaaaa i wanna watch the A Game Of Trolls Musical!!! >:0

For ten years, Reddit had been unbreakable. It has just kept growing. The founders feuded with each other. It kept growing. The CEO quit. The new CEO quit. The web went mobile, and Reddit did not. But it kept growing. Nude celebrity selfies starting popping up, while Reddit’s employees played whack-a-mole with the trolls and tried to refute its worsening reputation. Even then, it limped along. Now, on this July day, Reddit was broken. And for the first time ever, Huffman worried that it was unfixable. “I thought, this time Reddit might not survive,” he says.

MORE: Inside Reddit’s Plan to Recover From Its Epic Meltdown

Infiltrating ‘The Dark Net’, Where Criminals, Trolls And Extremists Reign

There’s a side to the Internet most people have never visited. Tor Hidden Services, or the Tor Network, is an encrypted, hidden network of about 50,000 websites that can’t be accessed with a traditional browser like Chrome or Firefox. Its users include criminals, trolls and extremists.

Author Jamie Bartlett, who chronicles the secret corners of the Internet in his book The Dark Net, likens it to the “wild West.”

How Dark Net marketplaces work:

“When you go onto this site, you use your encrypted browser — the tor browser — you have your Bitcoin, which is a crypto-currency that allows you to transact with people; it’s sort of a form of digital cash that keeps your identity secret. So you have this clever encryption system but it’s so familiar when you arrive. You get online, you log onto the site, and you are presented with what essentially looks like an eBay for drugs — so thousands of products from hundreds of different vendors based all around the world, and all those trappings of an e-commerce site. You have your special offers. You have your product descriptions. You have your — crucially your — user reviews of each product that’s on offer… You scroll through the different options available to you. You contact the vendor, if you so wish. You place an order. You pay with your crypto-currency. You put your address in, and you wait for your product to arrive in the post. It really is that simple.”

geekgirles  asked:

How is Troll'kan technology? Is it more advanced than ours in everything or, it surpasses ours in specific aeras and not so much in others?

They have spaceships they’re pretty fuckin advanced.

They don’t have guns though. Peaceful planet.

anonymous asked:

Nah, but Erron having trouble with technology like, "why isn't this mobile phone working?" while he presses all the buttons and it's not doing anything and Kung Jin's just says, "the power is off."

XD And I’m sure Erron would respond like this:

… before doing this:

Modern Earthrealm technology, Erron Black is done with you.

Today on Fresh Air we’re talking about the Twitter paradox: How a platform designed for free speech and connection has also created an ideal platform for trolls – online bullies. David French will tell us about being targeted by trolls. He’s a writer for the conservative publication National Review.  After he criticized Ann Coulter, the alt-right and Donald Trump, he was bombarded with hateful tweets.

“It was unbelievable. I began to see images, for example, of my youngest daughter, who we adopted from Ethiopia… images of her in a gas chamber, images of her photoshopped in slave fields… and then it just got worse.” 

Then we’ll hear from Charlie Warzel, who covers technology for BuzzFeed and has written a series of articles about what Twitter is and isn’t doing about trolling. “Twitter has a very rigid set of community guidelines, unfortunately these rules seem to be enforced haphazardly.” 

A Brief History of ‘What Time Is the Superbowl?’

Perusing the metaphorical tomes of modern civilization, we can already speak to some of the Great Questions—the ones that might define our era. “How do we balance security and liberty?” captivates our public discussions. Scientists struggle to resolve “Is light a wave or a particle?” 

Yet one question mesmerizes us above all the rest. It can never truly be solved, we must admit. Our best epistemological hope is to resolve it from year-to-year. It is, of course:

What time is the Super Bowl?

But how did this enigma come to dominate our era? The history—only now becoming visible—is as follows.

Read more. [Image: Reuters/The Atlantic]

Around this time, I began to ask female friends if they experienced this same phenomenon. And not only were they close to unanimous in avowing that they did—many also cited a weariness at gendered online abuse to explain why they either shuttered their personal blogs and stopped writing for the public, or shifted their journalistic efforts to a traditional format rather than the more personalized blog format. This is the very time that people like Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein were building the personal blogs from which they would become successful national pundits. One wonders how many equally talented women we missed out on reading due to misogynists hurling vile invective at rising female journalists.

I just realized that alt calliope probably never found out about trolls during her lifetime, due to not having troll technology (unless she read about trolls in rose’s book or something) 

do you think she’s confused about jade suddenly having grey skin and horns? do you think she knows who the strange white haired person wearing her clothes is?? is she gonna be like:

“welcome back, jade. come toward me.”

“now tell me, child. where did those strange growths on your head come from?” 

“they look infected. they’re bright orange. jade, please apply some aloe vera.”