technology tattoo

soulmate au thoughts:

- love the idea of a kid born in the late 40s whose tattoo says “just use that bathroom, gender binary is a social construct”, and nobody has any fucking idea what it means till a few years before the person meets their soulmate in like the 60s/70s
- person who’s born pre invention of the dvd or something and has “hey i saw that dvd first!” and spends their whole childhood like ???
- the classic book/movie spoiler issue
- what about “omg they’ve shot him! did you see? president Kennedy is dead!” like What Do You Do?? history altering stuff guys
- exam note tattoo? “did you know that in 1837…” - son ur gonna have to cover that up before we let you into your history exam
- “un café au lait s'il vous plaît” sHit it’s in french??? guess i better learn french and also move to france and get a waitressing job i guess?? like. self fulfilling soulmate tattoos? only met because of the tattoo tattoos??
- “please don’t call the police…” ….
- so many possibilities guys
- soultmate aus are my marmalade
The Next Phase of Wearable Tech: Tattoos (VIDEO)

Click the above link to see video

The video introduces DuoSkin, a new piece of wearable tech co-developed by MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research. It’s a fantastic idea: a paint-on temporary tattoo with circuitry that makes it an on-skin interface with three practical applications. 

It’s a trackpad, it’s a display, and it can hold data.

The tattoos use near-field communication to connect with other devices. This is the same protocol your phone uses for cashless payments at stores and gas stations. The tattoos are made from gold leaf, a benign-for-your-body material you may have even eaten as a decoration on a fancy chocolate.

The tattoos work as displays capable of changing in response to body temperature or feelings—mood tattoos, essentially. They also hold data, so it’s easy to imagine something like DuoSkin replacing, for instance, boarding passes and movie tickets on your phone.

That said, this would all mean nothing if this particular type of wearable tech didn’t look like something someone would want to wear. With metallic gold and silver geometric patterns, though, they’re just flashy enough to potentially be on trend. They’d make quite the personal statement even before you switched them on.

Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor:
  • Hobbys: basketball,grilling,bowling,comics,videogames,watch Tv,cosmetics,bargain,celebrity,wellness,friends
  • Characteristics: Bravery,Nerve,Chivalry,Courage,Daring,Strength of Will,Just,Honour,Courteous
  • Historic people: Elvis Presley,John F. Kennedy,Frank Sinatra,Walt Disney,Charlie Chaplin,Winston Churchill,Mark Twain,Alexandrina Victoria (United Kingdom),Abraham Lincoln
  • Colours: red,gold,alizarin crimson,barn red,burnt orange,deep maroon
  • Clothe: long striking dress,pullover,sweatpants,sneaker,short jeans,cappy,long necklace,fanshirts
  • Slytherin:
  • Hobbys: cars,electronics,fashion,music,royals, dance,tattoo,technology,partys,history,battle
  • Characteristics: Resourcefulness,Cunning,Ambition,Leadership, qualities,SelfPreservation,Determination,Cleverness,Fraternity,Power
  • Historic people: Che Guevara,Marilyn Monroe,Louis Armstrong,Friedrich Nietzsche,Queen of austria Elisabeth,Heinrich Heine,Wilhelm I.,Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Colours: green,silver,black,amazon,android green,antique bronze,apple green,army green,avocado
  • Clothe: dark short dress,high heels,expensive jewelry,watches,Suits,leather shoes,skinny jeans,black pants and colorful top
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Hobbys: bake,tinker,camping,decorate, photography,garden,cook,collect,shopping,nature,diary,hike
  • Characteristics: Dedication,HardWork,Fairplay,Patience,Kindness,Tolerance,Unafraid of Toil,Loyalty
  • Historic people: Anne Frank,Martin Luther King,Mother Teresa,Giuseppe Verdi,Wilhelm Grimm
  • Colours: yellow,black,bronze,amber,arylide yellow,deep lemon
  • Clothe: short colorful dress,flowers in hairs,short pants,knotted tshirt,sneakers,knee socks
  • Ravenclaw:
  • Hobbys: antiques,astrology,astronomy,Castles and Palaces,esoteric,culture,art,literature,lyrik,theater,animals
  • Characteristics: Intelligence,Wit,Wisdom,Creativity,Originality,Individuality,Acceptance
  • Historic people: Bob Marley,Nelson Mandela,Astrid Lindgren,Ernest Hemingway,Pablo Picasso,Albert Einstein,Mahatma Gandhi,Marie Curie,Vincent van Gogh,Ludwig van Beethoven,Leonardo da Vinci
  • Colours: aero,blue,silver,air blue,white,aqua,arsenic,azure
  • Clothe: jeans shirt, long slight dress,shirts,elegant trousers,leather shoes,school uniform

Meet Malware / Mal

  • He is from a verse long abandoned. He was one of many Sans being manufactured to be used in a war going on in that verse.
  • Malware or Unit No. X0710 was actually a defective clone. He was thrown out with the others that don’t work, but he actually came online shortly after being trashed. He managed to escape and fix himself. 
  • He was made to be an intel Sans. Made for collecting data and breaking into complex devices. 
  • He isn’t a skeleton, but he isn’t fully machine either. You could call him a Cyborg Skeleton. 
  • Even if he can’t grow he has been alive 27 years. He is 6′4″ 
  • He lives in an abandoned building and he has a secret “nerd room” in the basement he stays in most of the time. The building looks like shit, which is why nobody would expect it to have an advanced security system. 
  • He hacks bank accounts to get money and enjoys hacking into games and stuff to see what he can find. 
  • He’s wanted by multiple police but nobody knows what he looks like. His face mask messes with camera’s sensors and makes his face un traceable.  
  • His body has those technologic “tattoos” all over it