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Talon: Clawing to the Top

Alright, everyone, craziness went down today, but one of the things I’m most HYPED about is the confirmation that Talon is run by a council of leaders.

Most importantly, these leaders disagree with each other.

This is a big deal.  We know so little about Talon’s structure that it’s great to finally get some news on the internal hierarchy of the organization.  Some of the things I’ve pulled together are statements or implications made by Blizzard, some of it is just putting the pieces together, and a lot of it is pure speculation.  I’ll try to keep it clear what’s what.

To start off with, I’m going to be dropping my main hypothesis:

[Main Hypothesis]: the “global conflict” that Doomfist’s faction within Talon has been trying to spread is the Second Omnic Crisis.

[Subset Hypothesis]: the group within Talon that is trying to prevent this is none other than Sombra and Reaper.

As a sort of guide, when I say [Factual Lore] these are things you can double-check in Overwatch dev interviews, Chu’s GDC talk, heroes’ biographies, etc.  When I say [Implications], I’m talking about trying to read in between the lines, to assess what certain things are trying to hint at or indicate.  When I say [Hypothesis] I’m just speculating and constructing a discussion point.

We’re gonna go way, way far back, all the way to the beginning:

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If you accept the principle of an army - a collection of military technologies and people to run them - all gathered together for the purpose of fighting, overpowering, killing and winning, then it is obvious that the supervisors of armies will be the sort of people who desire to fight, overpower, kill and win, and who are also good at these assignments: generals. The fact of generals, then, is predictable by the creation of armies. The kinds of generals are also predetermined. Humanistic, loving, pacifistic generals, though they may exist from time to time, are extremely rare in armies. It is useless to advocate that we have more of them.

If you accept the existence of automobiles, you also accept the existence of roads laid upon the landscape, oil to run the cars, and huge institutions to find the oil, pump it and distribute it. In addition, you accept a sped-up style of life, and the movement of humans through the terrain at speeds that make it impossible to pay attention to whatever is growing there. Humans who use cars sit in fixed positions for long hours following a narrow strip of gray pavement, with eyes fixed forward, engaged in the task of driving. As long as they are driving, they are living within what we might call “roadform.” Slowly, they evolve into car-people. McLuhan told us that cars “extended” the human feet, but he put it the wrong way. Cars replaced human feet.

If you accept nuclear power plants, you also accept a techno-scientific-industrial-military elite. Without these people in charge, you could not have nuclear power. You and I getting together with a few friends could not make use of nuclear power. We could not build such a plant, nor could we make personal use of its output, nor handle or store the radioactive waste products which remain dangerous to life for thousands of years. The wastes, in turn, determine that future societies will have to maintain a technological capacity to deal with the problem, and the military capacity to protect the wastes. So the existence of the technology determines many aspects of the society.

If you accept mass production, you accept that a small number of people will supervise the daily existence of a much larger number of people. You accept that human beings will spend long hours, every day, engaged in repetitive work, while suppressing any desires for experience or activity beyond this work. The workers’ behavior becomes subject to the machine. With mass production, you also accept that huge numbers of identical items will need to be efficiently distributed to huge numbers of people, and that institutions (such as advertising) will arise to do this. One technological process cannot exist without the other, creating symbiotic relationships among technologies themselves.

If you accept the existence of advertising, you accept a system designed to persuade and to dominate minds by interfering in people’s thinking patterns. You also accept that the system will be used by the sorts of people who like to influence people, and are good at it. No person who did not wish to dominate others would choose to use advertising, or choosing it, succeed in it. So the basic nature of advertising, and all technologies created to serve it, will be consistent with this purpose, will encourage this behavior in society, and will tend to push social evolution in this direction.

And so it is with television.

Far from being “neutral,” television itself predetermines who shall use it, how they will use it, what effects it will have on individual lives, and, if it continues to be widely used, what sorts of political forms will inevitably emerge.

—  Jerry Mander, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Olloclip Studio for IPhone 6 Plus And IPhone 6s Plus

We came across an Olloclip lens a couple of years ago and we were amazed at the difference that a single detachable lens could produce via the iPhone’s camera. So, when this came out, we were obviously excited to share it with you. Presenting the Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.


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We present you the Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System.Besides 6 drivers, this Bluetooth speaker also features a built-in equalizer that increases the overall sound quality. The 6 speakers on this Bluetooth music system by Fluence include two 8-inch subwoofers, two 5-inch woven glass fiber composite midrange drivers and two 1-inch Neodymium Ferrofluid treble speakers.

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Hello. Sorry if you're asked this question before. But, why do developers still insist on using DirectX as renderer on PC versions of their games even tho Vulkan is proven to be more viable and better performing solution?

There’s a lot of reasons. Vulkan doesn’t support older versions of Windows like XP when there are an awful lot of players with min spec or low spec PCs who still want to play. Microsoft has a vested interest in promoting DirectX and a lot of publishers that want to publish on XBone will want to keep a healthy relationship with Microsoft. However, the primary reason is because it just takes a while to adopt a new standard, especially when a huge amount of technology was already written on top of the old stuff. Vulkan might be the hot new thing, but it was only released a year ago. It’s going to take a little time before big budget games start showing up using Vulkan en masse.

Almost all current and in-development PC titles were built on a DirectX foundation, and they’ve been doing so for years and years. DirectX is tried and true; even if it isn’t the best performing solution now, engineers have spent years getting to know its strengths and weaknesses very well. That means that the code they wrote and the systems they created were built around assumptions on the platform they’d be using. Most publishers build a common set of core technologies that get used by each of their studios, and these publishers usually aren’t willing to risk tens of millions of dollars on barely-tested new technology. Just because Vulkan performs better doesn’t mean the switching process is trivial. All that technology that the studios have been using still needs to be rewritten to take the benefits, drawbacks, and idiosyncrasies of Vulkan instead of DirectX into account. Even though Vulkan is stable and has been out for a year, the technology built on top of Vulkan still needs its own development time, testing, and deployment to the studios to use. And then those studios will need to decide whether they are going to take the time to integrate the Vulkan changes in their currently in-development project, or take the safe route and ship on DirectX before switching the Vulkan for their next project.

Remember that AAA games often take two to three years from inception to ship. Bethesda gave Vulkan a test run with Doom 2016, and it performed well. It was because of this successful trial that Bethesda announced it would continue to support Vulkan in its other upcoming games. But I wouldn’t look for Vulkan in anything for a while - the worst case scenario is that a studio is in full production mode on a title and then something goes wrong with either Vulkan or the engine tech built on Vulkan, causing hundreds of man-hours of productivity to be lost while the issues are identified and fixed. Remember, it isn’t just the engineers who have to deal with any issues that arise Vulkan - it could be everybody working on the game. That’s a difficult ask when you have a deadline that’s approaching fast. It’s dangerous to swap important parts of your car while you’re driving it. It’s much safer to wait until you stop.

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Unconventional design is not the only advantage of the Cube. It is packed with functionality. It is shockproof and water resistant, very rugged and durable, but it also provides you with 1080p HD video, 6MP photo quality with 124° wide angle lens.


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The Crosley CR6020A Revolution is nothing like its big brothers because of several things. First of all, it’s very compact, measuring only 10.9 x 3 x 4.1 inchesand weighing only a pound and a half. This and the addition of a carrying handle at the back side of the turntable allows you to take it with you without difficulty. However, such a small size comes with a price because this turntable is not equipped with a built-in speaker like most of other Crosley turntables are