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Imagine superheroes championing causes while they’re not actively in war.

  • Imagine Captain America explaining to the world what being “skinny!Steve” was like, and trying to create safe spaces for people with invisible disabilities. Imagine him creating funds for orphans so that they can be housed in settings that won’t be psychologically damaging. Imagine Steve giving talks to discourage bullying, setting up programs that allow people to explore talents like art that aren’t funded as well in schools, working with the new technology available to better care for people and make it affordable for those who are struggling to get by.

  • Imagine Iron Man using his outfit to create exoskeletons for people who can’t walk, from the elderly to the paralyzed. Imagine his green energy initiative taking down the oil industry. Imagine the factories and rockets and all sorts of tech that were too unwieldy or energy-consuming before that could be created with the help of alternative energies that he helped shoot to the forefront. Imagine Tony talking about PTSD and encouraging people to seek help for mental illnesses, and reminding them that it’s not their fault.

  • Imagine Bruce Banner championing medicine, pushing for safer and better research. Imagine him tearing down the financial boundaries put up that restrict access to journals so that the public could better understand the storehouse of knowledge that has been stuck in academia and never applied. Imagine Bruce making it a point to encourage women into the male-dominated science sphere because some of the cleverest people he knows are women and there should be more of them doing great things. Imagine him teaching people about alternative medicine that he learned in his time abroad in India, from spices to yoga.

  • Imagine Thor bringing the technology of Asgard to Earth and jumpstarting a new renaissance. Imagine him giving people a glimpse of interplanetary and interstellar travel that nobody dared dream of before. Imagine him working the opposite field and reducing the negative attitudes in Asgard against the ‘silly little Midgardians’ so there can be peaceful interaction and coexistence despite their short lifespans. Imagine Thor inspiring a generation of explorers who want to travel as far as humanly possible.

  • Imagine Black Widow, now exposed for her deeds on behalf of various groups and nations, pushing for transparency in all areas, especially megacorporations. Imagine her working to ensure fair reporting and international coverage in the media so that people are not allowed to turn a blind eye to things that happen either domestically or abroad. Imagine Natasha wanting to avoid the publicity of a politician but working behind the scenes to keep lobbyists in line. Imagine her taking a stance against human trafficking and child soldiers, and delving into dubious organizations all over the world to bring those practices to a halt.

  • Imagine Hawkeye becoming a pillar of support for people coming from abusive households. Imagine him opening shelters, running therapy dog programs, finding safe spaces and homes for people. Imagine him telling teens and young adults that it’s okay not to have their life figured out yet, and encouraging people to take on employees that don’t have typical education or training. Imagine Clint talking about deafness and reaching out to the community to help reduce discrimination and help those who are not deaf not just accommodate but integrate with them. Imagine him finding out about the Hawkeye Initiative and claiming it a thousand percent and bashing sexism and gender roles.

  • Imagine Falcon as the newest addition to the team, working to find all veterans proper care so that the trend of homelessness ends and they can be supported through grief and loss and any post-trauma issues they may have. Imagine him tackling racial issues and discrimination against people of color in politics, in the workplace, in the media, in any way he can. Imagine him being the first of the superheroes to come out at as bisexual and champion the movement for LGBT+ justice and equality, only to have others join in and help.

Imagine the world becoming a better place because of superheroes, and not just through fighting various threats from villains or aliens.

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Your worldbuilding: jotunheim tag is the most gorgeous thing in the world aahhh thank you so much for collecting these beautiful pictures!!! Do you have other worldbuilding tags?

I’m glad you like it!  I love that tag a lot, there’s so much cool stuff to draw inspiration from, which I just kind of want to roll around in sometimes.  The Jotunheim tag is definitely the best one and I admit that my tags are kind of a mess about this (I’m never quite sure how to organize them properly), but I do have a few that I’ve been using!

- worldbuilding: jotunheim is a mix of canon and inspriational posts, a lot of the ice hotel/caves stuff, but I’ve also been doing a lot of hq screencaps of Jotunheim to show it off as best I can.
- worldbuilding: alfheim is pretty sparse right now (just the handful), but as I play the other games and they go to Alfheim or find things I think would fit the light elves, I’ll build that one up more.  I need a better sense for what kind of world I want to headcanon it as first!
- worldbuilding: vanaheim is also pretty sparse right now, but I’ve been going through that 2011 ps3/xbox 360 game to get a sense of that version of Vanaheim and I’ll be posting about it soon.
- worldbuilding: asgard is mostly canon-based stuff, anything that’s really focused on looking at what we can glean from it.  It’s not a perfect tag, I’ve missed a fair amount, but it has some of the relevant TDW liveblogging posts and anything from the games that gives a better idea of Asgard.  I’m especially fond of looking at decor, architecture, and fashion!
- worldbuilding: nidavellir is also pretty small, but there’s this one really gorgeous photoset that hit exactly how I headcanon Nidavellir, so I wanted to share!!
- worldbuilding: niflheim is small, a mix of nature photos and game-related stuff (you’d probably be better off in the niflheim tag), but it’s interesting to me!

I have tags for all the nine realms that often have stuff from various canons that can be helpful to look through:  asgard, jotunheim, svartalfheim, nidavellir, vanaheim, alfheim, hel, niflheim

I have a couple of inspirational tags that I also like a lot, from some other sources that I like to use for worldbuilding/giving me an idea for how to write backgrounds.
- inspiration: final fantasy xii is fun because some of the cities really give off the old world style meets magic + advanced technology that I like with Asgard!
- inspiration: skyrim is actually my favorite, because that game is heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norse aesthetics!  There’s not a lot of advanced technology in the game, but there’s some really cool architecture and magic, so I could see this as a place in Jotunheim or this or this being in the Medina/lower part of the city of Asgard or this as one of the books from Asgard, whether in Odin’s library or one that Loki studies.

I also have a thor: god of thunder (game) tag, which is for my liveblogging of the game, which I’m not always great about putting those posts in the other worldbuilding tags (as mentioned, I’m pretty disorganized/I haven’t figured out my system yet), but has a lot of commentary and notes about the various locations Thor visits there. Which means a lot of screencaps showing off various places in Asgard and Nifleheim so far!  I’ve talked a fair amount about niflheim, actually, which may not wind up being true to the MCU version if they go there, but I don’t think they will, so this is a good source if you want to look through it.  It’s a surprisingly pretty place!

I also have a thor concept art tag, which is really good for a lot of art of the cities and landscapes and character designs!

It’s 1000 years in the future from now on, and Earth and Asgard have been on best terms ever since an alien named Thanos, also known as ’The Mad Titan’, had made an attempt at invading your home planet for no apparent reason whatsoever. The Aesir had come to the rescue, and have been regarded as heroes from that time on.

You are a researcher for the Department of Ancient IT Technologies at your local University, and one day you manage to open several files that had been hidden on an antique device known as a StarkPhone.

There are several obscure references to an individual called Loki, and an event referred to as The Battle of New York. How come nobody has ever heard of this? Has somebody tried a falsification of history? And why? And who was this Loki?

However, when you come home that night, you find somebody is already waiting for you…


Stargate SG-1 meme: four quotes (4/4)

“The SGC may be the single most important human endeavor for the future of mankind.”  Jack O’Neill (quoting Daniel Jackson), Forever In a Day

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I liked this moment all the more because it wasn’t a big moment.  It shows that Thor doesn’t just rush in to the battle, even though he would have been in the right to do so, because this was a clear prison break, but instead he offers them the chance to avoid getting their asses handed to them.

They decline, of course, so we get a fun battle scene and I enjoyed that a lot.  Despite that they’ve already seen Thor in action, they probably figure that he couldn’t fight them all at once, nevermind that Thor’s got them fairly well bottle-necked here, which is true enough because some do get out.

But I love that this is a moment that’s not meant to be a huge thing, it just is what it is, but shows that Thor has grown up a lot and gives them a chance.

Plus, I like looking at the prison here, even though it’s very dark (and let me tell you about my struggles to lighten things up a bit) it’s very detailed and decorated.  There are carvings pretty much everywhere, the cells themselves are very clean and bright, it’s that same mix of old world and high technology that Asgard favors everywhere.  I may have wtf’d a lot about the design outside (seriously, it’s ridiculous, but I love it so much, as I do everything these rich assholes with questionable taste have) but inside it’s interesting and pretty neat.

I also notice there really aren’t a lot of cells down there and most of them don’t seem built for long-term holding, only Loki’s cell has any kind of furniture that we can see.  Is this because it’s more of a temporary holding place, but the wards there are stronger, and so they have to keep Loki there, instead of moving him elsewhere?  Is it because they generally hand over their prisoners to other worlds, where they’ve committed the crimes?  Does Asgard not have a lot of crime?  Do they generally execute them instead?

I know the real answer is probably, “they couldn’t cgi in furniture very well, so they just left every cell but Loki’s empty” but I tend to think that it might be that Asgard just doesn’t hold a lot of criminals, because they generally don’t have a lot of criminals to put in the cells.  Nobody attacks them because they’d generally get their asses handed to them (and probably would have here as well, if Loki hadn’t helped them) and they brought the Marauders here because there’s nowhere else to take them, they don’t seem to have a home world of their own and Vanaheim isn’t equipped to handle them.

I would like to think this is more like Asgard’s equivalent of your local drunk tank than federal prison, honestly.  But given the location of it, where it’s way deep inside of Asgard and you have to go down all those steps, and how strong those barriers are, it probably makes more sense that their regular jails are full with all the Marauders they’ve captured (because I don’t think this is everyone we saw on Vanaheim? it’s hard to tell, though, so I’m not really sure) and this is their maximum security wing, which generally doesn’t get a lot of use.


I bought my 1st comic book ever today - Loki: Agent of Asgard (Issue #1), and on one of the last pages it said to download the Marvel Altered Reality app to unlock exclusive content. I scanned the page with the app, and this embedded video of Tom learning about this new comic appeared on my screen. Needless to say, IT WAS AWESOME. Yay technology!

This one may perhaps be obvious, and those of you who follow my personal will have seen something to indicate that this was coming.

Asgardians almost certainly do not conceptualise time like we do. Admittedly, we cannot say that ‘we don’t see clocks therefore they don’t exist,’ because there’s no reason that an Asgardian clock would be anything like a Midgardian clock. (Sidenote: imagine giant water clocks.)

They live longer, and a lot of what they do doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you time exactly. There’s a limited amount of predictability when you’re going everywhere on a horse, for example. Time, for them, is probably a lot less of an exact science; while some things may be time dependent, and they certainly have fast enough interrealm transport to ensure near-immediate diplomatic communications, they have long lives and no obvious system of fast internal transport, which in our world is a major reason why time became standardised.

This sort of thing might, in fact, be why monarchs can get away with going off to brood on balconies, a crown prince can get away with making the whole court wait for his appearance.

Besides, they could easily have a concept of time sensitivity - ie doing things as quickly as possible, as per the 'he should be flogged for taking so long’ line - without much interest in precise measurement. If you live five thousand years, does a day matter so much?

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Have you recieved an "Living with Thor as your boyfriend" ask?

No I haven’t, so I’ll do it now;

  • Thor making you breakfast in the morning
  • Waking you up with kisses (and breakfast)
  • Late night conversations about Asgard
  • Him probably taking you to Asgard when you need to get away from the real world
  • Teaching Thor about this world and its technology ‘this is your technology? pfft, asgard had this centuries ago’
  • Having to buy a whole load of new mugs because he’s developed a habit of ‘ANOTHER’ and now Tony does it too 
  • Him being fascinated by the world and always wanting to go explore it
  • Whenever you can’t sleep, he’ll tell you stories about Asgard and about the stars to make you fall asleep
  • Cuddling with him probably for most of the day
  • Gentle sex
  • Rough sex
  • Showering with Thor to ‘save water’
  • Having the Avengers round every week, it’s not a party without at least three things getting broken

In this post, I compared lighting between Thor 1 and Thor 2. I am now going to examine part of it in detail.

The glowing gold hanging things are everywhere. They light the snowy street; there is one in a courtyard we see briefly as we pan across Asgard in the beginning; one lights the library; I’m fairly sure there are more but the note I made says only ‘those lights are everywhere.’

Now, we don’t actually know how they are created, but I’m going to parallel them with the glowing gold image of the palace in Odin’s war conference. This did not appear to have any discernable source and could be walked through. Odin was able to wave it away. Its location does not appear to be the kind of location you would expect to have such a thing.

I wonder whether the lighting illusions are not created by small, relatively portable devices to make up for the lack of sub-floor-level lighting in Steinngard. Steinngard is otherwise lit by candles and natural light alone, which is less surprising when you consider it an older seat of power, but it must be frustrating for Asgardians fresh from Skinngard with its bright lighting. Small, portable illusion devices, possibly similar to already developed architectural imaging technology, would be a quick and relatively easy way to make up the lack; certainly this wouldn’t involve full scale refurbishment.

That XOver I’ve been promising...

Or at least, the first part of it.  AKA, In Which Lydia Martin Finds Out About Aliens.

Consider this a prologue.  And no, I am not saying anything at all about the Endgame Ship.  ;)

Dr. Martin took being read into the Stargate program pretty well, all things considered.  She didn’t interrupt Sam and Dr. Roberts with a million and one questions, or deny that any of it could possibly true, or have a panic attack when they toured the Ancient tech labs for the first time.  She got thin-lipped and silent when Sam explained the Goa’uld, but mostly she just paged through the lengthy briefing packet with intense calmness and the hint of a tiny, grimly knowing smile on her face.  The “oh, that explains it” look.

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Having now seen the Soul Forge, we can probably conclude that Odin’s shimmering bubble of gold light almost certainly has a precise function. That function could be medical, though I will say that the Soul Forge is slightly more orange-gold than yellow-gold. If that colour represents the Asgardian conception of life and life force and restorative properties though, it is probably helping to strengthen him. It also implies that Odin is subject to more taxing forces than your average Asgardian.

There is also the possibility that it is a seeing field; he is said to be able to see and hear what transpires around him, and we know that he sees Thor die because he sheds a tear. In terms of colour connections, there is a very tenuous one to Heimdall’s golden eyes. So it is possible that as well as near-literally recharging his batteries, it gives him the best view in the Nine as well.

A further option is that it is protective, that it prevents disruptive energies around him from affecting him, that it dampens the feedback from the Bifrost (a reminder that I’m fairly sure that the Bifrost and Asgard’s initial defences are linked and that the link is partly maintained by Odin’s mind) and so on. This would be consistent with the colour echo of the palace and cell defences in Thor 2, both of which are yellow-gold.

(I use the colour connections because Asgardian magic, colour, light and illusion are quite heavily associated.)