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i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

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Your prompts are open! Yay! Can we have more Iron-Pather drabble please. I'd love to see Protective! T'Challa who be like ' yes, mhm. Okay. I hear you. Now step away from Tony Stark or I will cut you. I demand it as King of Wakanda.'

This one is a bit over 1.6k words, so watch out for the cut.

Tony wasn’t very comfortable with running around in Wakanda like he belonged there.

It was still hard to believe some days that T’Challa really wanted him to be there, and he knew that he was bothering the Dora Milaje more than he should, so he really didn’t want to impose no the people in Wakanda as well.

So he stayed in the palace most of his time, always close to T’Challa, because he still wasn’t sure about his place there.

The revised Accords still weren’t through, mostly because a lot of people were unhappy with the changes made to them and so the emotions were high strung on that topic.

Rhodey was doing better, almost walking without another aid than the braces, and being away from everything, relaxing in Wakanda did wonders for him too.

Bucky was still somewhere in cryo in the palace, but Tony didn’t know where and he really didn’t want to anyway. Steve and the rest of the team were long gone again; T’Challa’s hospitality only covered so much, and so there was no danger for Tony to run into any of them.

Which was just fine with Tony, given that he still woke up with nightmares about the shield coming down more nights than not.

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An absolute pleasure looking after Chris Barrie this afternoon, keeping him in tea, biscuits and grapes!

We had some lovely chats in between attendee signings to keep up the happy momentum. I *might* have teased him that he never wears ANYTHING informal. Chris laughed saying that the only time he wears jeans is when held by gunpoint. By his wife.

He enjoyed my biscuit incentives as it was a LONG haul for autographs. We kept trying to outdo one another with posh pet names - “Tea for you, darling.” “Ah, thank you, dearest.”

When it was time for me to go off shift to get ready to help with the Costume Competition, he genuinely pouted! “But…you were looking after me!” So I asked him for a quick selfie (we both agreed that neither of us are any good with technology!) which he kindly obliged me.

Finally! A photo with Chris! Only after 5 years on the Fan Club Team! 😂

A lot of science-centred stories out there are read as “humankind shouldn’t overstep boundaries in pursuit of science” like the prototypical Icarus story: we flew too close to the sun (what is the sun in this metaphor? God? Nature? The Earth itself?) and we discovered something horrifying we shouldn’t have, and we burn for it. 

But I find the reality of these stories aren’t actually about the science itself, but how we use the science or technology, and that’s the real theme here. Man is always a wolf to man, no matter what we fight with. 

Take Frankenstein, basically The Example of stories that are read as a cautionary tale against overstepping nature. We shouldn’t cheat death! Etc. etc. But like that’s not actually what Frankenstein is about? The monster isn’t actually all that monstrous: he’s pretty well read (he’s really into Paradise Lost, actually), he’s very articulate, he’s almost normal looking, even. The reason the book ends in tragedy isn’t because Victor Frankenstein cheated nature and created a monstrosity; the monster only turns on him because he’s rejected. Essentially, Victor was the worst dad and told his newborn giant scary son to fuck-off because Victor thought he was ugly. 

Victor’s fatal flaw isn’t hubris. It’s a failure to take responsibility for his own creations. The monster isn’t inherently evil. 

Anyways all this is to articulate what I really enjoyed about Limetown was that this message is basically the prevailing theme at the end. 

The technology was never the problem. The tragedy at the centre of Limetown isn’t that the science went too far. Human nature is the horrific centre of the mystery. In the end, what destroyed the town was factionalism, radicalism, the anger we feel at people not like us. The stuff of the fall of empires held in one tiny town. 

You can reach for transcendence through science, but man is always a wolf to man, and we burn for it. 

Love Sick- Jim Kirk

A/N: So I’ve gotten a ton of requests for some Jim Kirk love and decided to finally give it a shot! This is my first time writing his character and the Star Trek world in general. TBH I don’t much about the Trekkie universe so I made up some things and used google for others. Hopefully I’ll get a little better with Jim’s character asI continue to practice. But I LOVED writing this! So much fun! Hope you enjoy!

Pairings: Jim Kirk/OC

Warnings: None! Just major fluff and kisses! <3


“You’re pushing it, Vi. Another minute and you’d be late.”

I rolled my eyes playfully as I brushed past the dark haired doctor and into the ship’s clinic. “Oh come on, Bones. As you just stated, I’m not even late yet. And you’re already giving me a hard time. Is that anyway to welcome a girl aboard?” I joked.

“Welcome aboard. Don’t be late. How’s that?” He said sarcastically.

I hid my smile, knowing full well that Bones’ gruffness was just a cover up for the softer side of his personality. He was one of the kindest people I’d ever met, yet for some reason always seemed to get embarrassed whenever I brought this up. I suspected it had a lot to do with his past. Specifically his ex-wife who had royally damaged him.

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People are always quick to point out the ways in which technology divides us, alienates us, harms us, that they overlook the overwhelming ways it connects us, heals us, improves us, and transforms us. This is nothing that hasn’t been said before, but technology is not inherently good or evil. It is the way in which it is employed that marks it as one or the other. In the end though, it is merely a tool.

A hammer is as much a instrument of death as it is of creation; as many skulls as it has caved in over the millennia, it has helped raise just as many homes. All that matters is the intent and the hand that guides it.

Legends Of Tomorrow: Pilot 1
  • "Well, I'm cynical, and it's difficult for me to trust anyone, but that has kept me alive"
  • "Why did we become criminals?"
  • "Give me one good reason why we shouldn't kill you"
  • "Imagine all the wondrous applications of this technology"
  • "This feels good, being back in the field"
  • "You always warned me that if I ran into you in your next life, you might have forgotten me"
  • "My night's about to get a whole lot worse, isn't it?"
  • "I understand, given the circumstances, if you wish to return home"
  • "I have come quite a long way to meet you"
  • "Maybe you didn't understand my request, bitch"
  • "You, my love, almost got us killed"
  • "If you'd like to go to the MedBay, I'd be happy to prescribe you a sedative"
  • "While you were incapacitated, I may have tampered with your weapons"
  • "We've barely begun, and already this is the worst, unmitigated disaster of my career"
  • "Hero ain't on my resume"
  • "That's a deal breaker for me, so I'm gonna pass"
  • "I certainly hope that you won't let me, and the world, down"
  • "It's fun to watch you kick and punch and skewer bad guys, but I need a minute of your time"
  • "I have no desire to save the world"
You’re Sure It’s Not Spelt Hucks?

So for the @verymerrykylux shindig that I’m totally late for, I got to write for @gingerbitch-hux. I’m so sorry it’s late. I have no excuses. I’m a lame dude. Anyways! I hope you like it. Thanks to @sithofren and @kyloren-sithlord for reading through this and giving it the polishing it needed!

There is something to this newfangled Facebook thing that Han is simply unable to wrap his mind around. Leia insists – in that endlessly annoying Leia way of hers – that he needs to get it in order to stay current with ‘this generation.’ Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Han’s never met a computer he couldn’t work his way around, but this god damned, imbecilic blue-and-white website of death is testing him in new and inspired ways.

He hates it.

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  • Killian: Swan showed me how to make portraits with my talking phone!
  • David: That took you a while...
  • Emma: Yeah, he's good at buckling swashes and, like, hoisting the mast and all that, but not so good with technology.
  • Killian: Excuse me I am great at technology, I can even make the magic box do the Net Flicks now.
  • Emma: It's called the internet.
  • Killian: Well one typically hoists sails, not masts, love.
  • Emma: Hush or I'll make you swag the deck.
  • Killian: SWAB the deck, and the joke's on you because I'll just borrow the noisy dust-eater that lives in Snow's closet and be done in no time.
  • David:
  • David: yeah I can see you two are great at this.

was just out at the corner store, had the weirdest conversation with the cashier

walked up to the register with my junk foodand the first thing she said to me is “hey… are you a gamer??? a geek? good with technology?”

and i’m like “what the fuck” internally, because who asks that? why are you asking me if I’m good with technology or if I’m a gamer? I am both of these things, but why do you ask and how could you tell? is it my clothes? I’m not wearing any gaming clothing. I’m wearing my Wednesday “I need to wear clothes to go to the store” Ensemble, my Friday the 13th shirt, khaki shorts, and some cheapo walmart slip-ons. Not exactly a classy outfit sure, but not exceptionally geeky. Why are you asking this anyway? Do you need advice? Is a computer broken and you need me to fix it? Why, strange person? Why must you make this business transaction personal? 

After I get done with my inner turmoil I say “Yeah, why do you ask?” and she says “You remind me of my best friend and he was that way. You two walk the same.”

We walk the same??? 

What the fuck does THAT mean??? 

She continues talking about how she wouldn’t still be in this town if she had kept hanging out with her geek friends, I’m only sorta half-listening. I’m too busy trying to figure out if there’s such a thing as a “geek walk” and if I was guilty of it. I was just kinda walking. I have a hurt hand and was trying to carry three containers of soft drinks (there was a sale), so I’m slouching a little bit. Is that it? Is my slouched gorilla posture the gamer walk???? 

I finish my transaction making mild agreement noises every time she comments about how she should have done better in school instead of getting a job at a dollar store, I hurry myself out, and I’m wracking my brain. Every adrenaline-saturated anxiety-infested neuron in my brain is firing at full cylinders trying to figure out what just happened. Am I obviously a geek because of the way I walk? Do my khaki shorts scream “I am full of many small computers” to people??? Do I unintentionally communicate that I know a thing or two about computers from my appearance? Is it my face??? Do my glasses, short hair, large head, and five o’ clock shadow communicate “techie” to people??? What is this bizarre world I’ve stepped in to where I am guilty of the geek walk?

I sit down at home with my unhealthy soda and my bowl full of bagel bites. I write this post. I listen to the Lil B Caillou Based Freestyle Suck My Dick Bitch song. I’m so lost. My thumb hurts. 

Completing a request for my buddeh @p-aurisan who i still can’t tag because technology hates my face but HERE IT IS ANYWAY BECAUSE I CAN DO THINGS NOW!