technology can't save you


Each night,
I lift her up and present her
to the outdoors
in the darkness
with a chill
surrounded by night sounds
and lit by the moon
under the trees.

Each night,
we go out and leave behind
inner comfort
with its prolonged day
and central air
appliance hum
florescent lighting
and milled lumber.

I won’t leave her
a fortress
of seeming safety
and control.

I will crown her
a ruler
over uncertainty
and transformation.

I'm Not A Doctor, but I Play One on the Web

I don’t know what I’d name it, but I want to launch a website where non-medical and medical people alike can go and put their symptoms and their feelings about them in a search box, press [enter], and no matter what they’ve put in, the result would be:

It’s probably no big deal. I’m sure lots of people have the same thing. You can go back to ignoring it for now.

Because, why should the hypochondriacs have all the fun?