The wind, which was strong, or perhaps the force of our own thrusting against it, absolutely weighed my eyelids down… When I closed my eyes this sensation of flying was quite delightful, and strange beyond description.
—  On this day in 1830, the young British actress Fanny Kemble wrote an astonishing first-hand account of what it was like to ride on the world’s first passenger train, articulating how the invention of the railroads would go on to change human consciousness. 

Schatzii Bullet 2.0 | True Wireless Headphones With Charging Case

Wireless headphones have been making a dent in the market, but we can almost guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like the Schatzii Bullet 2.0 Stereo Headphones. True wireless, excellent sound quality and its own charging carrying case.


The Wii U revisited: Looking back on a forward-thinking console

We’re re-reviewing the current generation of game consoles, each of which has benefited from firmware updates, price drops and an improved selection of games. We’ve already revisited the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Now, at last, it’s Nintendo’s turn. Though we’ve raised our Wii U score to 74 from 70, you can still find our original review here, if you’re curious to read what we said at launch.
Remind - any pointers??

Just got a email from our tech director that we are using Remind this year. I was already planning on checking it out, so now I guess I don’t have to make a decision about whether or not I’ll use it. Anyone have any suggestions about what they use it for or great ideas to make it even more helpful?

(I also so do not envy him his job right now. I can just imagine the 700 emails he’s gotten since he sent it out from all the technophobes I work with. 😬)

Apollo Mission 15-17’s Lunar Topographic Orthophotomaps (1973)

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (a self describing “research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community, and conducts planetary science research under the leadership of staff scientists, visiting researchers, and postdoctoral fellows“) has…

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Back in our Blog a very helpful and informative article, published by Splice a couple of months ago:
Studio Ergonomics: A Healthy Production Space

“We have all seen a ton of blogs covering topics on studio acoustics, proper room treatment, choosing the right monitors, and DAW software, but one thing we tend to overlook is how healthy or ergonomic our production space is.”

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FARMBOT GENESIS: This robot is changing farming as we know it

And the best part about this technology is that it’s open source, meaning you can build one yourself from the blueprints that are available for anyone to download. 

Check out the full video to find out more about Farmbot Genesis.


Super Adorable 3D Printed Pokémon Planters

Artysaurus’ owner Tony is a collector of toys and Toy-To-Life figures who is a model maker, passionate fan of Marvel & DC Super Heroes, as well as all things Star Wars. The self-professed “nerd” loves all geeky things!

When Pokémon Go took the world by storm he opened his store in early July. Created in Autodesk programs and processed with a 3D printer, each iconic figure comes in a range of quirky and soothing colors. He promises that more Pokémon characters will be featured soon, as well as sidekicks from Super Mario Bros. Find each figure in his Etsy shop.

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