Blood Test spots Cancer a year early using ctDNA analysis:
Researchers have taken an important step toward better lung cancer treatment by using blood tests to track genetic changes in tumors as they progress from their very earliest stages.
With experimental tests that detect bits of DNA that tumors shed into the blood, they were able to detect some recurrences of cancer up to a year before imaging scans could, giving a chance to try new therapy sooner.
It’s the latest development for tests called liquid biopsies, which analyze cancer using blood rather than tissue samples. Some doctors use these tests now to guide care for patients with advanced cancers, mostly in research settings. The new work is the first time tests like this have been used to monitor the evolution of lung tumors at an early stage, when there’s a much better chance of cure.

Slack shows even start-ups that focus on diversity early are not diverse

In 2014 Slack Technologies launched its workplace collaboration tool and began to grow quickly to meet demand just as the technology industry was taking a very public and hard look at its lack of diversity.

The 30-person company jumpstarted a conversation that chief executive Stewart Butterfield sums up as: “Let’s talk about what kind of company we want to be down the road.” What Slack hoped to avoid: Growing the way technology companies typically do by hiring a lot of white and Asian men. One of the executives penned a manifesto that pledged Slack would hire as many people from diverse experiences and backgrounds as it could.

For all its good intentions, three years later this privately held company used by five million people and valued by investors at nearly $4 billion is not much more diverse than many of its peers. Of its hundreds of employees, relatively few are people of color and, while it has a very strong showing for women in technical and management roles, few women hold leadership roles, according to the company’s latest diversity report card that it released Wednesday. Nearly 60% of Slack workers in the U.S. are white and 25.2% are Asian. More than seven out of 10 company leaders are men.

Artificial Womb gives birth to lamb 

I expected to live long enough for my personal tragedy to be made impossible by technology. I was not expecting the bittersweet feelings. I imagine this is what the previous generation of Polio survivors felt after they lived long enough to see it wiped out. For me, it is a simultanious joy that soon no one will go through what I did, wishful thinking that had it happened just 20 years later…it would not have happened. Weird to think that I would have a teenage son now. Weirder still to know the unforgettable Day, and yet 16 years of time, note its passing after the fact.
An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next
Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop — much like they would have inside their mothers.
By Rachel Becker

I’m a mixed bag of emotions… I wanted to write down what I thought, but it has gotten so deep that maybe it’s best to hear what you guys think instead.


Can your mid-flight phone game bring the plane down?

Science Fiction Technology vs Reality

Jet Packs ====> Toasted buns

Flying Cars ====> People already kill thousands with non-flying cars

Nanobots ====> Where do they get all that energy from?

Force Field Barrier  ====> Unlike a wall, requires power source

Wormholes ====> Unstable to perturbations

Plasma Cannon ====> Why not just use a laser/railgun/coilgun?

Warp Drive ====> Causality

Cybernetic arms/legs ====> Only as strong as attachment to organic parts

Organic Fleshy Spacecraft ====> Why?…Just, why? 

Robots with Human-like Personality Flaws  ====> Why not just use a human?

Humans Piloting Tiny Space-fighters ====> Why not just use an AI?

Light Saber ====> Pretty much can’t avoid burning yourself

Teleportation ====> Nobody wants to be the first guy to try it

Escape Pods ====> Nearest solar system is 5 light years away

Hurricane Destruction ====> HAHAHAHAHA NO

Antimatter ====> Pretty much need to mine pulsar flares or build O-type star powered accelerators for large scale production

Earthquake Machine ====> What is the point, exactly?

Star Killing   ====> Much simpler to just destroy the planets around the star

Genetically engineered supermen ====> Genes can’t give you superpowers

Black Hole Gun =====> RECOIL!!!

ID #80915

Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: The Netherlands

Hello hello everyone,
my name is as you already know Rose but i actually prefer my second name, Elisabeth (like the queen of England).
I plan to study ‘live science and technology’ in a few years, i say a few years because i want to take a gap year with my family in Italy (i’m not italian tho, they migrated).
if i have to describe myself i would say that i am a very bubbly person with way to much interests.
i like… movies, drawing, holahooping, reading, drinking tea, cats (espicialy my own, they are called Finnian and Cake (yes, like the dessert)), walks, nature, mathematics, physics and many more. I also love music, my taste goes from metal to musical songs (mostly, les miserables) my favorite band is MUSE. I play the cello, base guitare and the double cello.

Preferences: i am looking for someone who loves to talk about absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.
i want to talk about conspiracy theories, how weird clouds are, series and shows, our lives and maybey my feelings also (that one is optional).
i prefer someone older than 16, who is open minded.
any type of communication is fine (snail mail, e-mail, portals, blood magic, teleportation, etc.)

ID #55827

Name: Kei
Age: 20
Country: USA

My intentions for entering a submission:

1. To connect with and learn from people outside of my home country because language, culture, and perspectives interests and inspire me to travel.

2. I wish and hope to develop and maintain strong and healthy long lasting relationships.

Interesting labels:

1. My MBTI personality is INFJ.

2. My astrological sun sign is in Scorpio while my moon sign is in Libra.

What type of person am I?

1. Someone who loves a good laugh, and laughing in general. It makes me feel alive. Can’t live without it or I’m definitely out of balance.

2. A friend who is loyal, supportive, loving, generous, considerate, gentle, kind, affectionate and thoughtful.

3. Somewhat of an ambivert who really enjoys my solitude, peace and tranquility but craves deep and meaningful bonds as well as making memories with others.

4. Never bored, there’s always something to do. I have a lot of interests and hobbies.

Music. Culture. Food. Fashion. Language. Art. Philosophy. Psychology. Poetry. Photography Spirituality. Fictional content. Travel. Technology.

Main Hobbies:

1. Cosplaying

2. Drawing. (Digital and Traditional)

3. Absorbing fictional content.

Fictional Content of choice?

Books & Novels: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery. (Haven’t ready a decent book in along time though. Developed a poor attention span. Now I mainly read articles of random things I look up on Google or the occasional fan fiction.)

Games: Nintendo & Sony Console games. Mainly a single player type of person. I prefer story heavy games, but the classics are fun to play with family and friends at gatherings.

Favorites include:
The Wolf Among Us. The last of Us. The walking Dead. Bioshock Infinite. Resident Evil. Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy.

Other: DDR. Taiko Drums.
Spyro. Sonic. Mario. Pokemon. Katamari Hamtaro. Animal Crossing. Cooking Mama. Zero Escape Series.

Anime: Usually series that deviate from the tons of recycled stories and plots floating around.

Faves include:
(Shoujo) Kurage Hime, Kimi ni todoke, Kare Kano, Mai Hime & Mai Otome.

(Shounen) Eureka Seven, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Other: GTO

I’m pretty open. I’ve dabbled through many genres over the years.
Language doesn’t matter me. If it sounds good to my ears it’s as simple as that.

Preferences: 18-24.
As most people usually state, preferably people who are good natured and lack discrimnative mindsets or values.