I have been working on producing IBM’s first podcast series.

The Technologista series placing a spotlight on women’s experiences in engineering and technology from their own perspective.

Our debut podcast went live this week, and we have received 900+ listens in less than 4 days!

It was an incredibly rewarding and exciting process to talk to senior women in tech at IBM, and to work with Ogilvy’s production studio to produce this interview.

Inspired by her father and motivated by her daughter, Luba Cherbakov describes her inspirational journey toward winning IBM’s highest technical honor. She is the 13th woman to be named an IBM Fellow. Here is her story.

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If we told you our most prolific female inventor is barely out of her twenties, would you believe us? Master Inventor Lisa Seacat DeLuca has nearly 350 patents to her credit and is the only woman in IBM’s history to receive the 100th Plateau Achievement Award. All while raising twins. How does this Technologista and Mom do it? Here’s a small glimpse.

Bet you didn’t know that even computers celebrate Mother’s Day. They send their bouquets to an IBMer - aka the mother of the motherboard. She helped design the motherboard, an essential component of what would become IBM’s first personal computer. Weighing in at 50 lbs., the IBM 5100 was a far cry from the featherweight laptops we know today.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Back in the day, IBMers were known for their crisp suits, button-down white shirts and “sincere ties.” How quaint. Meet Lysa, one of our hard-riding, earring-wearing, DIY-loving, female shining stars.