500 Follower GIVEAWAY!!
I should have put this up a while ago with the Thank you but oh well XP

1st Prize

- A digital full colour pic with a basic background (if you want :T) or A hand done drawing with intence shading :P (See to the first 3 drawings)

2nd Prize
- The clipart poster thing :T (see pic 4) or like a shield type thing :P
2nd/3rd Prize

- A digital sketch
- A small hand drawn pic :P
(look to all the other pics

- A choice of any 3 prizes!! :D

- Reblog as much as you fucking want, just don’t spam your followers with it :T
- Likes count!
- You don’t have to be following me to enter but if you are following me you have a chance of winning the ‘special’ prize!
- Will be done in a random number generator expect the special one.
- No porn but I will do ships!
- I will ask for references if you are asking for an OC
- Please don’t request more then two people to be in the pic unless it’s something like pics 3 and 4 :P
- The Prizes and places will be determined by the position that the number was put in, like you were drawn first –> 1st Prize!
- It will end when I get off school which is the 29th of November (Australian Eastern Standard Time :P)


Cuddles walked up and swung the door open “Uh, Greeny it’s for you!” He yelled, eyeing the limo that had appeared outside his house “How the heck did you get a limo here?” He mumbled, shrugging and sighing.

“Okay I’m here and I’m ready, gunna go on a date, gunna have fun.” He said, nervously threading his hand through his hair. “Do I look al-” “If you ask me again I’m going to throw you across the void.”

…..alright then. I’ll see you later Cudds, good luck today alright?” He sighed, hugging Cudds briefly before letting him go and stepping outside “You too Aldric, have fun and don’t pass out.” He said with a smile, closing the door with a small wave to the young man who had come to retrieve Greeny.

So uh…….where are you taking me?


The young man looked up beneath his cap, revealing his face and glasses "Hello Greeny!” Tech smiled, “Don’t worry, you will be alright, it’s a surprise.” He did a polite gesture to the limo and smiled, “Right this way.”

External image

He walked over and opened one of the large doors for Greeny, “Please make yourself comfy and feel free to any refreshments or snacks within the limo.”

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(Over the loud speaker) Hello Everyone, and Merry Christmas. Thank you for coming and I hope you all enjoy yourselves here tonight! There is food and drinks on the left of the room, feel free to eat as much as you like. It is a party and concert after all. So please have fun and enjoy yourselves~ So, look alive sunshine~