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Technology lecture on Tuesday

“Soon 4K TV broadcast will be a standard. Imagine it. So many news ladies will get fired. Because it was different back then when your TV was low res small box - you were happy when you saw that smudge on the screen was a person. Now? With ultra HD resolution on a screen size of the wall? It’s like one of those magnifying cosmetic mirrors except their face is half a meter wide. And then they get fired because they are not pretty enough. Guys at FX department should render news ladies. I am not joking, we will need this soon, CGI news ladies because with these huge ass resolutions no lady will be good enough to appear on TV.”


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She is coming.

Tech Tuesday: Keith Sonnier uses welded steel, neon, argon, transformer, aluminum excel, reflectors and hardware in this alluring work, Gran Twister (2012). Using light as the key component to his works, Sonnier’s neon sculptures and installations play with space, color and light, enabling them to interact on various architectural planes. 

© Keith Sonnier/Artist Rights Society. Photograph by Genevieve Hanson, courtesy Pace Gallery.