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3D printing gets its green thumb with the printGREEN grass printer

We’ve seen plastic, metals, biomaterials and even food be printed with 3D printers now its time to print with grass. Students at the University of Maribor in Slovenia have developed a 3D printer which uses a mixture of soil, water and grass seeds as the “filament" taking gardening to a whole new level. 

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Gifts for Gardeners

#24: A Bird Box with a Live Feed Camera

We actually have one of these in our garden, and I can occasionally flip the TV input to “the bird channel” and see if anyone new has taken up residence. Ours is older, so has a long cord running along the fence.

Now, these cameras come in wireless, with night vision and sound. You can install a camera in an existing bird box, get the whole kit and caboodle together. Either way, it allows a fascinating peek into the lives of your local feathered friends.

Images: Spy Camera CCTV


Lessons of the Loess Plateau  

“In 2005, the Chinese government, in cooperation with the World Bank, completed the world’s largest watershed restoration on the upper banks of the Yellow River. Woefully under-publicized, the $500 million enterprise transformed an area of 35,000 square kilometers on the Loess Plateau — roughly the area of Belgium — from dusty wasteland to a verdant agricultural center.“

A few of my personal Whoa, Technology! moments from YanSim

-Gardening club bird noises, fountain noises, Midori noises
-Kokona’s body remains covered in water if you kill her after dumping it on her
-Outfits are visible in locker and change as you switch clothes
-Bloody footprints vary depending on the outfit (if it doesn’t have shoes, prints look like feet, if it does, they look like shoe soles)
-Little splashes when you step in pools of blood
-Spray from buckets when tosses change color depending on what’s in it
-Kokona, Midori, Oka, and Musume (and probably others, I just haven’t seen all of them) have panties that match their clothes
-Little animations if you’re by Info-Chan’s window after buying a drop

Idk, these all seemed pretty cool when I saw them


NEW! Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

Newest Landroid robotic lawn mower is definitely the future of automated yard work. It is fully automatic, cordless and unlike other similar devices, has sensors and an AI in it, which give it an edge over the competition.