technological aspects

Okay but for real though

I wanna see more headcanons/fics about Hazel adjusting to the 21st century. Not so much in the technology aspect but in the social aspect. Keep in mind she lived in the 1940s. BEFORE THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Like we know she had to go to a segregated school and everything, but we never get to see her reaction to how times have changed. For example:

  • Hazel asking where the bathrooms for colored people are and Nico having to explain that they aren’t segregated anymore
  • Hazel being surprised at how nice Percy and Jason are to her because in her time white boys generally didn’t acknowledge black girls. Especially not politely. 
  • The Seven stopping at a restaurant to get something to eat and Hazel being reluctant to go through the front door. At first, everyone is confused but then Annabeth catches on and assures Hazel that the restaurant won’t refuse to serve her
  • Hazel finding out about America’s first African American President and FLIPPING OUT
  • Frank showing her MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and Hazel tearing up at it

Controversial New Theory Suggests Life Wasn't a Fluke of Biology—It Was Physics


(  The biophysicist Jeremy England made waves in 2013 with a new theory that cast the origin of life as an inevitable outcome of thermodynamics. His equations suggested that under certain conditions, groups of atoms will naturally restructure themselves so as to burn more and more energy, facilitating the incessant dispersal of energy and the rise of “entropy” or disorder in the universe. England said this restructuring effect, which he calls dissipation-driven adaptation, fosters the growth of complex structures, including living things. The existence of life is no mystery or lucky break, he told Quanta in 2014, but rather follows from general physical principles and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill.”

Since then, England, a 35-year-old associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been testing aspects of his idea in computer simulations. The two most significant of these studies were published this month—the more striking result in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the other in Physical Review Letters. The outcomes of both computer experiments appear to back England’s general thesis about dissipation-driven adaptation, though the implications for real life remain speculative.

“This is obviously a pioneering study,” Michael Lässig, a statistical physicist and quantitative biologist at the University of Cologne in Germany, said of the PNAS paper written by England and an MIT postdoctoral fellow, Jordan Horowitz. It’s “a case study about a given set of rules on a relatively small system, so it’s maybe a bit early to say whether it generalizes,” Lässig said. “But the obvious interest is to ask what this means for life.”

(Excerpt please click link for the full article)

One of my coworkers mentioned Zootopia to another coworker today. I had to play it cool with a casual, “Yeah, it’s a pretty good movie,” because I’m not comfortable with people knowing just how much I love this movie.

It’s not even for any specific reason, either. Yes, I appreciate the message, the story, and just how hard everyone worked on it (I find the technological aspect of creating the different types of fur fascinating), but I honestly can’t put a finger on why I love this movie so much.

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What is fools gold?

Hi, fool’s gold is one of the two fics I’m working on and I’m co-writing this one with @myinnerfangilr :)

It’s roughly 15k now and will be 50 max (who am I kidding? myself probably, ok let’s say 60 max). It’ll be posted as a wip I think, starting idk when but not too long from now either.

Here’s the teaser:

Leaflet for Over again Inc.

In relationships, there are three types of people:

- those who are happy

- those who are unhappy but accept it and deal

- those who are unhappy and in denial

Dealing with this last category is our job: we are professional couplebreakers.

The people we help come from all backgrounds. They can be your parents, your siblings, your friends or your work colleagues.

We are hired to save them from greed, stupidity, selfishness or infidelity. We exist to help them.

Our profession: break up their relationship.

Our goal: open their eyes.

Our method: seduction.

We abide by a moral code. We break people up, not their hearts. We never do it for religious or racial reasons nor do we sleep with our targets. More importantly, we only do it if the person you want us to save is truly and unmistakably unhappy.

Our team consists of:

- Casey, a highly competent engineer in charge of all the technological aspects of the missions,

- Niall, well respected professional who handles human and material resources,

- and last but not least, a true gentleman and incredible actor: Louis Tomlinson, who will treat your loved one with the utmost respect.

And to reach our goal, we use all means necessary.

In which Harry and Liam are scheduled to get married in 10 days and Louis is hired to break them up.

The Last Jedi: New details on Benicio Del Toro's devious character

Part 6 of EW’s ‘Star Wars’ cover story.

It’s hard to know where Benicio Del Toro’s new character stands in The Last Jedi — even when he tells us. 

Before the movie began shooting, the actor hinted in a radio interview that he was playing “a villain” in the film, but in subsequent conversations, like this sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “I don’t know if he’s a villain. People are saying that, but it’s like they read a different script than I read.”

Seems like the Oscar-winner is an unreliable narrator here, but maybe he’s just staying true to his character.

All we know for sure is that Del Toro plays a man who goes by the name “DJ.” And his shabby appearance suggests someone familiar with the underbelly of the galaxy.

As part of EW’s cover story about The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm has revealed a little more.

Here’s the official one-liner on him: “DJ is an enigmatic figure whose tattered, threadbare clothes and lackadaisical attitude conceal a sharp mind and expert skills.”

We also know that DJ is part of the mission that John Boyega’s Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose undertake to the wealthy, gambling resort city of Canto Bight. But … do they bring him there? 

Do they capture him there? Do they free him there?That’s something the film itself will have to reveal. But as part of our cover story, we also got a closer look at the structure Lucasfilm identities as the exterior of the central casino we’ve seen in other images.

With so much money and jewelry on display, and so many powerful figures gathered from throughout the various star systems, the casino is surrounded by law enforcement. There are landing pads for spike-winged police speeders, with armored security officers patrolling the perimeter. 

It’s a perfect place for an unscrupulous figure like DJ to practice his craft, and Del Toro’s co-stars did reveal a bit more about his “expert skills.”

“We just need a codebreaker and he’s the best in the galaxy. Unfortunately, he’s very dodgy and only in it for financial gain. He doesn’t fight for any side,” Boyega says.

In Star Wars parlance, a hacker is known as a “slicer,” and this is a side of the lore that the movies haven’t typically explored. Most of the saga has been devoted to the mystical side of things — the Jedi, the Sith, the Force — rather than the technological aspects George Lucas placed within his sci-fi/fantasy.

The saga also usually has clear lines between good and evil, but the uncertainty over where DJ stands has a simple explanation: he’s neither. To him, the heroes and the villains aren’t enemies — they’re opponents.

Until there’s something in it for him.

“He has distinct opinions,” Boyega says. “The Resistance bombs the First Order one day, the First Order bombs the Resistance on another. It’s an ongoing war that will never end. For him, he’s trying to benefit off of that — which doesn’t make him the person you want to trust.”

Tran describes Del Toro’s performance as coiled and disturbing. “When I was onset with that character, I felt like there was a tiger in the room, and I always had to be watching,” she says. “Like an animal, at any moment he could do something, and I didn’t know what.”

With DJ, the unexpected is the best we can expect. (x)

Some headcanons for when Team Voltron returns to Earth (cause they have to go back right… right?)

  • Coran and Allura get human clothing from a thrift shop cause it’s cheap and the place practically gave it away but it’s all stuff from the 80s
    • Lance complains that they’ll stick out like sore thumbs
    • Coran and Allura actually get a lot of compliments on their outfits– though that might have more to do with how gosh darn pretty they both are
  • Allura get’s addicted to coffee… like shaky hands always has a mug in her hand addicted.
    • There is an intervention. Hunk makes a banner for the occasion. Coran cries. 
  • Even if they have super important paladin things to do Lance makes everyone take a night off to enjoy human things for the first time in forever.
    • Hunk agrees to it pretty much immediately and Shiro was surprisingly easy to convince (he figures they all deserve a break).
    • Pidge is a bit more ambivalent but Lance guilts her by reminding her of all the times they didn’t hang out at the garrison. 
    • Keith has to be dragged out. He sulks for a long time.
  • They get pizza first, then go to the arcade, then while wandering around get tickets to a concert for a band they’ve never heard of. 
    • it’s an outdoor concert so there is PLENTY of room to dance and the whole team shows off. 
    • Keith even joins in. He’s not a very good dancer but he admits later the music was good. 
    • The musical probably wasn’t all that good they just haven’t heard good music in forever.
  • They find a hill and watch the sunrise the next morning, reflecting on the night and everything that’s happened to them since finding the blue lion, yad yadda, sappy sappy.
  • Shiro and Allura get set up on a date by Hunk and Pidge but neither of them realize it’s a date till three hours in when they’re getting ice cream and Allura wipes some soft-serve off Shiro’s face and he’s like “wait…”
    • Allura never figures it out. Alteans don’t really date and it’s not at all like human dates.
  • Coran isn’t all that impressed with human technology save for movie theaters. Though it’s not so much the technological aspect but the cultural aspects he loves.
    • “What is this… crunchy salty thing
    • “Um, popcorn.”
    • “I love it. I see why humans buy it by the bucket.”
  • Pidge showing Coran and Allura all the constellations of Earth and all the stories that go with them
    • The rest of the team chiming in with their own cultural stories like Shiro talks about the bunny on the moon and Hunk talks about Maui’s fish hook

I’ve looking stuff up recently on other countries lately, and I noticed that Japan is pretty weird. And no, I don’t mean “oh, those Japanese are so crazy, with this j-pop and their animu and their mangos!!”

No, I’m talking about how Japan is strange as a society and as a culture. In that, in terms of certain technological achievements, they are an advanced country, and they have become a driving force in the world’s economy, while also managing to preserve centuries of their own rich history and culture.

On the other hand, however, on the humanitarian side of things and in speaking in terms of human rights, while several countries in the world are worse offenders, Japan isn’t the most “progressive” nation when it comes to things like the acceptance of LBGTA people, the understanding and acceptance of other cultures foreign to them (or even the acceptance of minority groups native to their own country), or even when it comes to giving employees decent wages and hours. And even though there are quite a few things to admire about Japan’s various traditions, those traditions also very, very often come with the price of having to be extremely conservative and sacrificing certain individual freedoms, which also relates to things like Japan’s LGBTA and xenophobia issues. Not to mention the recent issues with the population decline, and how there are still people who deny stuff like the Rape of Nanking, as well as the issues with the Yakuza.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Japan is a weird mixture of both being pretty ahead of our time in relating to certain aspects like technology, while also being a pretty puritanical nation with many issues regarding human rights (again, not as many human rights issues as, say, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or one of the many countries in the Middle East, but they still have many issues with their society).

Pidge Gunderson is the AFAB GNC character we all need

Even if Voltron: Legendary Defender was a mediocre show (which it wasn’t, it was pretty good overall in my opinion, but this isn’t an analysis on the show in its entirety), it still had Pidge, and Pidge is important.

This post is going to be full of spoilers, so I hope you’ve either watched the show or don’t mind the spoilers (though in my opinion the “big reveal” was pretty obvious and I actually spoiled it for myself because I had to know if what they were hinting at was actually what was going to happen). I also want to apologize ahead of time for my ramblings and parenthetical commentary throughout this post. I just have a lot of feelings and I wanted to write something out about them and I’ve been out of school for two years and haven’t written anything analytical in a long time and I’m just really excited and passionate and kind of rambly, so please bear with me! (I’m also going to be vaguely referencing things because I’m too lazy and frankly don’t have to time to go through and cite every example. Just watch or re-watch the show if you’re curious)

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New Members Submission

Hello! My name is Heiko and I am a photographer. You may call me photographer, amateur or internet photographer. It all suits me quite well.
I have been surrounded by picture taking people all my life, starting with my Dad, who had an analog SLR (which is mine now). I had a small analog pocket camera all throughout the 90ies till the early days of the new millennium. Then I put it away and overslept the beginning of the digital age. This new age I embraced to the fullest maybe four years ago, right around the time I started this platform with one agenda only: To make photography great again. And there is evidence that I was successful, or shall I call it facts? But I am missing the point a bit here…

Photography for me can be about a lot of things: technological aspects, structural aspects, colors, feelings, etc. That’s also why I refuse to only take pictures of one subject or theme. I do whatever I like in photography, period.

I not only like to take photographs, I also like looking at them to see the beauty of the world. Not sure this qualifies me to be here now but I will give it a try. After all, I was willing to join PWS after I had some beers. I have a feeling this all was some kind of set-up… But since I know some of the guys here for some time, this might work out. Maybe.

Welcome on board, Heiko! We are more than happy that you now are part of the crazy little PWS family. And we are sure that it will work out. Even though your sense of humor totally clashes with our very serious approach ;) And even though we bribe with beer.
For those of you, who aren’t familiar with Heiko’s work, check out his blog @heterotopian, on which he not only shares his intriguing photographic journeys through his hometown Cologne, but of course a lot more as well. No spoilers from our side

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

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Species swap au (galra or altean or any of the other's we've seen)


give me ! some fuckin’ altean holts

    -okay so technically this is like … a roleswap au for everyone on the show but the original post doesn’t actually say much about matt and pidge ? so i’ll fill in What I Want. matt and pidge are the prince n princess of altea ! neither of them were very politically-centered growing up, only learning the required manners for appearing in courts and at specific ceremonies and such. pidge was obviously more focused on the technological aspects of the society, no doubt learning about and adapting altean technology to suit any and all of her needs and interests. matt works as closely with the royal scientists as their father will let him, always interested in learning more about other species as they’re discovered and those that are already known to the kingdom

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Studio II

Final Statement on Movement:

As I’ve come to learn these last few weeks, movement is so much more than just physical motion. It also includes embodiment, social change, and of course technology. Each aspect of movement is very crucial to the overall definition and concept. 

Physical Movement

Motion and physics was the first thing I thought of when presented with the theme of movement. In terms of physics, the most important thing to look at is Newton’s laws of motion. These are good to understand how movement occurs, and to understand the math behind it all. With these concepts, we can code programs which use the math to simulate the types of motion we expect in the real world too. 
Motion can also be captured in a still frame. As I explored, images can show movement without having to move at all. This can involve something which was moving but has been captured in a picture, showing it’s direction of movement and how fast it was going, or an optical illusion which tricks the mind into seeing movement that isn’t actually there.
Physical movement can be used to portray a lot of things, it can tell a story or evoke emotions. From playing with our paper cubes, I learnt that shapes and movement of a simple object can be used to communicate a lot.
This only covers a small amount of this particular part of movement, I think a lot more could be explored, for example, breaking the laws of physics in a virtual simulation .


Learning about embodiment brought up a lot of concepts around movement which I wouldn’t have thought of myself.
Our senses are a huge part of how we move and the way we move through space. The sense of sight, touch, and hearing are the main senses which guide us around, magnetoreception and proprioception are also big when it comes to understanding where we are and the awareness of where our body is in space. It would be interesting to see how we could exploit the senses into believing there is movement, such as an optical illusion does with sight. 
Traces also fit into the my idea of “static movement”, where movement is presented in a motionless way. These marks on our world left by humans and other objects show movement without there being a physical movement to observe as well.

Social Movement

This is all about pushing or bringing awareness to an agenda which allows society to move into a different way of living. It can be enforced on in a violent manner or just through spreading word and peaceful protest. The idea around this is to have a purpose with all projects, whether it is just to make life fun, or to push an ideology onto society. This is an important part of movement to look into, which would bring purpose into what we are doing.

Movement and Technology

Technology is always a big part in everything. With regards to movement, it can capture it, and with a program, can be used to create interaction between the real world and the computer. This can create a feedback loop where the computer reacts to the human to create changes and the human reacts to those changes and so on. There’s a lot to explore within this itself, like in what ways could the computer react to what movement it sees and how should the human react to the computers movements. 
This also links back to using technology to simulate and exploit real world mechanics and movement. I think a good example of this would be VR, where this technology could be used to test out the impossible in movement and motion. 

To conclude

Movement has so many aspects to it, and many more that I could explore which I did not in these last few weeks. There’s a lot I want to look into which involve “breaking” what we know about movement or exploiting what we already know. Each aspect of movement discussed in this post is important to the overall definition of it, and looking into the future of our project, I feel like I would want to incorporate each part into it. 


What do you think of this song called Slap It by Fluke? You think you might hear this playing in a sort of “Jack and the Rave”-like episode (Aku and the Rave?), or in bars and night clubs Aku visits?

It doesn’t feel overtly dark and crazy like the original series’s rave music, but I feel it might fit the nature of the Samurai’s subjugated “paradise”/“utopia” of light. It’s hypnotizing, but also calm and subdued to give a sense of the Samurai’s order (aka- control), his established sense of “peace,” and his supernatural forces being the foundation for both. That and giving a mystifying feeling of transcendence due to the Samurai’s use of magic by means of his sword, along with the technological aspect. 

Aww yeah. This is better than what I had in mind.

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A character of mine is a teenage girl from medieval times training to become a hunter. Her weapon of choice is a bow. What kind of bow would she use and what would be some examples of training she would undergo?

For reference, I’m just going to point out that a teenager in the Middle Ages is an adult. This is especially true for a peasant who would have transitioned to womanhood the day she got her monthlies. It was not uncommon for women as young as fourteen to be married off and having babies by the time your talking about your character receiving her “training”.

This is a basic misunderstanding that a lot of people suffer from: the idea that the world has always been like it is now. I recently saw a pitch about the daughter of a Pirate Queen being kidnapped by her mother and taken from her home to be trained to take over her position. (Ignoring that the position of Captain on pirate ships being non-hereditary, for a second.) The biggest issue with her pitch was that the Pirate Queen returns for her daughter when she’s nineteen. Traditionally, sailors of the time period began their careers at the age of nine or ten. If the Pirate Queen wanted a successor, she’d already have been training one from within her crew. Nineteen is too late, by this point her daughter is a “landsman” and has missed a critical window for her future profession.

In modern day America, the idea of child labor is abhorrent to us. In the Middle Ages, the major reason to have children was to provide free labor on the farm. Whether wealthy noble or poor peasant, kids were expected to work and learn the trades of their parents. A wife wasn’t just a homemaker, she was an extra hand in the field and, in some cases, little more than slave labor. A peasant in the Middle Ages was lucky to make it to forty. If you’re waiting half their life to start training them, then you’re waiting too long. The concept of childhood only dates back to the 18th Century in European cultures. Your character isn’t benefiting from it and it’s best if you stop thinking of them as being “like me”.

Gender roles aside. What I’m saying is that your character isn’t training to become a hunter, she already is one. By the time she was eight or nine, she was already assisting her father or mother in the field as part of her training. She’d have been given small jobs, helping to make and set the traps, learning the best spots, building the hutches, learning to track, being taught what plants are edible, etc. How to cook the game they catch, skin and prepare the game they catch, and where the best places to sell it to the locals. Before the bow, she’d learn the sling, and before all those she’d learn the different types of game and the means used to catch it. (Shooting is not always preferable or even logical.) It’s also worth remembering that when you shoot an animal it doesn’t just keel over and die like it does in Skyrim or the movies. Sometimes, your character is going to have to track it to where it expires. This can be an arduous process depending on how wounded the animal is.

Hunting is as much a matter of patience as it is skill. It relies on “getting lucky” because, even if the hunter knows the forest like the back of their hand, animals are not automatons. They don’t show up 100% of the time, even when they’re in a place that’s usually a sure thing. A peasant hunter may have one dog, but they won’t have access to the pack used by the nobles and the family horse is better off on the plow. You kill what you can carry. Depending on how amenable their local lord is, they’ll mostly be hunting small game like rabbits and birds (small to large). They may go after rats too. If they’re a hunter by profession (as opposed to hunting for food or for recreation like a noble), they might make most of their money by helping their parent set traps and hunt game on their neighbors’ farms to trap, kill, and drive off the animals eating the crops. While your character might be able to subsist on their gains from foraging and hunting alone, there’s very little reason for them to and they’re more likely to starve come winter. If they’re keeping an animal to assist them with the tracking and hunting then they have to be able to feed it. (You’d be surprised how many fictional pets never seem to need to eat.)

Of course, this is all me avoiding the most major piece of historical trivia. In the High Middle Ages, hunting was no longer a primary means of sustenance and transitioned into a noble’s only activity. By nobles only, I mean more and more nobles prohibited hunting on their lands and those lands that didn’t belong to the nobles belonged to the king. This where the concept of the King’s deer from Robin Hood comes from. The penalty for an individual caught poaching on a noble’s lands was death and since the King owned all the lands that meant all the deer belonged to him. (For any incensed History buffs: it’s obviously much more complicated than that.)

Nobles, especially in England, during the Middle Ages was more than just a recreational activity. They used hunting as a means of training their youths for warfare. Hunting allowed them to learn the skills they would need like tracking, horsemanship, and the use of weapons. Most of the information you’ll be able to find about hunting in the Middle Ages will relate to the ruling class as it’s the best documented.

Because hunting was dominated by the nobility as a sport, Forest Laws during the Middle Ages became increasingly strict. Peasants were only allowed to hunt on common land and not on any land owned by a noble or a monarch (which was most of it). While this didn’t stop peasants from poaching, the penalties were very severe. According to the site Medieval Life and Times, they included “hanging, castration, blinding, or being sown into a deerskin and hunted down by ferocious dogs”.

If you thought your character was going to be like Katniss, just remember: she never had to worry about being caught by men and women on horseback who’d be only too happy to use her as the day’s special hunting lesson or just unleash the hounds and ride her down. It’s a case of low-risk versus high-risk. Poaching on the local lord’s lands is high-risk.


Possibly Helpful Research:

The good news is that hunting, wilderness survival, and foraging are skills that haven’t changed much and transition easily (so long as you remember to cut out the technology aspects). Here’s a list of several useful tools you can dig into that may help you with your setting building.

The Boy Scout Handbook - Starke is the one who has read this in detail, but the Boy Scout Handbook is chock full of useful information about foraging, camping, wilderness survival, and other stuff that you will need to know when writing your character. I put this one first on the list and at the highest priority for you to pick up and learn from.

The Dark Wind (Navajo Mysteries #5) by Tony Hillerman (And all Hillerman’s novels). If you’re interested in Navajo culture, Hillerman’s books are well known their accuracy. For the author who wants to write a hunter, Hillerman’s POV character Jim Che spends a lot of time discussing tracking and will give you some good ideas on how to track and how to fit those descriptions into your story so they feel natural to your character.

When Christ and His Saint’s Slept by Sharon Kay Penman. Penman’s novels dealing with the Plantagents are a very accurate snapshot for life among the nobility (and the peasantry) at the time and may be helpful to you for starting to get an accurate sense for the social and political aspects of your setting. They’re also really good, really in depth, and have awesome footnotes that will help you further your research.

Whitley Birke’s Hunger Games sporks over on her blog Reading With A Vengeance have a lot of good information buried in them on world building, bushcraft, and how to survive when you’re starving. Her critique of the first novel may help you avoid some critical errors and First World Problems which may end up in your novel. You can check out Farla’s too.

Scholagladiatoria’s Youtube channel is full of a ton of information dealing with swords and HEMA, but the key thing is that he also spends a lot of time talking about the Middle Ages, life during the Middle Ages, and developing technology plus dealing with a lot of misconceptions.

There are a variety of treatises from the time period dealing with hunting available online.


Design Thoughts:
Overall I like Rashid’s design,  I wasn’t too fond of him when he was revealed but he grew on me, partially because of his moveset and animation.  One thing that I would question though is the implementation of his gear into his design. Rashid’s design is an amalgamation of traditional and modern/futuristic (scouter, sandals, wristbands, arm wraps, and backpack) however I feel that Capcom could have taken his design a bit further and push the technology aspect in his design, as well as making his silhouette a bit more interesting.

When reinterpreting Rashid, I decided to keep a similar silhouette but push the modern elements a bit more, through Tron-esque bracelets and boots.  In addition, the turban and triangular buttons reflect the tornadoes that he generates just to give the design shape consistency.  I guess I put a sheet to cover one side of his face to give a sense of mystique as well as hiding his scouter.

“With computers and information technology forming a bigger and bigger part of the world economy these days, and with children born today set to be alive well into the 22nd century, we feel that the right approach to education is to ban anything more modern than inkwells.” said Doreen Galactus, education expert, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment today.

“There may be some complaining at first, but when we burn a few pupils as witches for owning thin glass slates that contain moving pictures and quite possibly the souls of the victims of their dark magicks, the rest will soon fall in line. Then we will be free to start on the important work of equipping British pupils for long, fulfilling careers in the 19th century.”

The Most Power Muggle Invention


The name of the game today was just convincing Eduade that there are aspects of technology that he didn’t detest. The irony that I have to attempt to bridge this gap with a fellow “IT guy” is not lost on me.

Basically Emily and I went down the list of anything we could think of that is universally popular. YouTube was lost on him. Facebook had no appeal. Just for a laugh Emily played him some dubstep to see his reaction. Then we made the breakthrough-

Tetris. The unholy Russian hypnotic grand unifier! Now most of us got our fix of it years ago but think back to the first time you ever played it. To the uninitiated that game has the ability to make hours simply disappear without a trace. So thanks to 80s tile puzzle games it’s been a pretty uneventful day. Let’s see what happens when we transition him from that straight into Dark Souls III.


- bitesizedwizard request


That’s what the lab’s clock read.

So that meant that you and Banner had been up discussing genetics and mutation for four hours now (and everyone else had already turned in for the night.) It wasn’t like you minded though, in fact it was quite the opposite: you loved talking to Banner about all things science and had found a mutual interest in mutation genetics especially.

“-and particularly, if we were to isolate the DNA code from mutants with previous mutatious generations, then we would be able manipulate the gene and programme technology to register certain aspects in the genes and predict future mutants,” Banner babbled excitedly as he continued with his experiment on the lab table.

Nodding, you replied, with similar glee, “Exactly! And if we were to continue that, we could identify mutants in the past and see where they originated from. I think Switzerland has already began trying the process but if the US Government were to agree to the funding of the labs, we’d be able to trace back early members before Switzerland had even identified the vital codes in the genes.”

“Precisely,” Banner agreed, shooting you a grin as he tore off his plastic gloves and washed his hands in the sink. “You know, I can’t even talk about mutation to Tony. He’s more of an enginerical man himself, and certainly isn’t fussed about discussing genetics, let alone mutation.”

You smiled -urgh, and felt a warm blush creep across your cheeks- and averted your gaze to the floor before you lost yourself in his eyes again. But looked up again when you felt his warm hand on your waist and realised that he was mere inches away from you now.

“It is awfully late,” he mumbled, his voice oddly husky. “You should’ve gone to bed ages ago…”

“Wasn’t tired,” you whispered, eyes locked on his now and you couldn’t shift your eyes from his lips when he sucked his lower through his teeth.

Quirking an eyebrow, he huffed and muttered, “Typical scientist,” before he was leaning down and pressing his lips to yours.

Momentarily stunned, you quickly recovered and threaded your hand into his hair, letting your eyes fall close and parting your lips to receive his. He brushed his tongue against your bottom lip for confirmation before he plunged it into your mouth and curled it around your own. You grazed your teeth across his tongue and lips and felt a rush of heat when he gasped quietly into your mouth.

Curling a warm palm around your waist, he pulled you flush against his body and you felt his cock, hard - and fucking massive, by the feel of it- pressing into your crotch and stomach. He rocked against you and pushed you back until you felt you back hit a wall and he just continued to push you into it until it was almost painful.

He lifted you up, with surprising strength- but which you assumed had something to do with the other guy-, and you instinctively wrapped your thighs around his hips and ground down on his crotch had he pressed you into the wall harder with each kiss.

Breaking apart from your lips, he planted heated kisses all the way down to your neck where he latched lips and teeth on the dip in your throat and sucked bruises into the soft skin there. A long, loud groan escaped your lips and you let your head fall back in bliss.

Gods, you wished all scientists could be as good as this.

I Chose You... - 10 (James T. Reader)

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Kirk let his fingers flex as they moved into a large room. Didn’t matter what planet you went to, if you had to talk to the people in charge they always sat in front of you on a panel of some sort. This panel was made of the same material the rest of everything else was. The deep blue plant like material with the green fluorescent veins.

He could already see some agitation from the Essabe present. He got bad feeling about all of this as Chekov began to speak, “Sir…vhy aren’t you talking to ze heads of  zis planet. You are ze captain.”

It was a fair question, “Well Chekov…They need Dr. L/N. Their planet is dying and she knows more about planet systems then we do. This is what she does for the colonies, she’s the expert. I can only negotiate and let’s be honest I’m not that great at it.”

“You can say that again.” Bones said as he looked around.

“Thanks Bones…really…” Kirk looked at him rolling his eyes, “you’re very supportive.”

“I’m just being realistic Jim.” He looked at him smirking.

“Right…” He looked back to where you stopped with the translator. The room fell silent a he watched you stop in front of the panel.

The Essabe in the middle stood up looking down at you beginning to speak in a deep tone. He wasn’t yelling, but he didn’t seem happy at all. He wished the translator would speak up so he could hear.

You kept glancing between the translator and the man speaking until you were able to speak, “You…came to us and sent no one to ask for help. You just assumed I was expendable and you were wrong. These men are here to help me get home, yes. But I’ve explained the situation and they will help you too.”

“ Do sabees’ nocklay naydorobo. Do sabelay ishnock sabenocklay do vasolay nay vasoes ro doish!” He shouted getting a few nods from others.

Kirk felt himself shift on the balls of his feet when he saw your fist ball up, “No, I haven’t gotten any results because you won’t give me anything to work with. I have had limited resources and you won’t let me see any of the sources that allow you civilization to actually grow. How can I find a way to help when you won’t let me?”

There was a murmur across the crowd when you fell silent. This panel began whispering to one another.  Kirk got the feeling that they weren’t actually looking for help, rather a scapegoat.

“Please…” You stepped forward, “I want to help you, but I need to know everything. I need to know how your world works…entirely. I need access to everything, along with my team. Otherwise…send us home.”

The room stayed quiet after you finished. Finally one of the Essabe at the end stood up and spoke softly, “ Lay sabe ronay gano. Vasolay ga vasosabe sabe nay.”

With that the man walked down walking away as the translator relayed everything to you. You swallowed nodding walking back toward Kirk as Bones spoke, “I’d say that didn’t go well…”

“It could’ve been better, but they’re giving us what I asked for…Everything. I think that man has a lot of power here.” You glanced over as he shuffled away still.

Kirk looked at you as you held a hand over your stomach, “Are you okay?”

You looked at him and nodded, “I’m fine, a little tired is all.”

“Y/N…” Kirk stepped forward to speak but was interrupted.

“Y/N!” Suri ran forward, “They wanted me to give you access to everything right away. If you’ll…”

“I have to object. I should look you and Jim over. You both look like hell.” Bones stepped forward, “Neither of you will be any help if you’re broken.”

You looked at him then leaned, “Dear Pavel…”

“Yes ma’am.” He smiled at you eager to help, “I’d be happy to get ze information and bring it back to you.”

“Excellent. I think on any of the technological aspects of this you’ll be very beneficial.” You smiled at him, “Suri, this is Pavel Chekov. You may have read about him, he’ll take my place while Dr. McCoy gives me a check up.”

She nodded, “I’ll be happy to escort you sir.”

“Vonderful.” He smiled walking next to her. 

“Is there  a place we can go? I could do it right here, but…” Bones looked at you again making Kirk feel more concern then before. Something was wrong.

“Yes, I some quarters that they provided.” They followed you out, Kirk pulling Bones back a little.

“Is everything okay?” He asked him.

Bones sighed, “It shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll let you know after I examine her.”

“Bones…” He stopped him a moment longer his fear beginning to well up.

“Jim…” He frowned looking at his friend, “I can’t talk about it with you until it really starts effect people and it shouldn’t. So, don’t worry.”

He stood there for a moment longer not feeling any better. The walk back to where you were staying was quick enough and once inside Bones had you in a separate area examining you alone.

Kirk didn’t know why he felt so nervous. Bones was rarely wrong. If he said you would be fine, you would be fine. But there was that word… “shouldn’t”… It was used often when someone wasn’t so sure of everything…

He stopped pacing when bones came out with his bag of ‘tricks’, “Is she okay?”

Bones looked at him hesitating, “She should be fine, but she should rest. I’ve given her, her medication.”

“Medication?” Kirk frowned, “I didn’t…what’s it for?”

“Jim…I can’t tell you. You’ll need to ask her, after…” He stopped him from moving around him, “I take a look at you. Now sit. She tells me you have some broken ribs.”

After being poked and prodded for a while, he was patched up better then before. He had to admit that he felt like he could breath better now.

He looked at Bones, “Can I see her now?”

“Yes…but she needs rest. I’m ordering it until Chekov comes back. Then we can all decide what to do from there.” He told him as he packed everything up.

Kirk nodded as he walked into the other room. He saw you laying on the bed hand to your face, “Hey…”

You took a deep breath through your nose as you looked over to him with a smile, “Hey, get all fixed up?”

“Yeah…you know we have the best doctor in Star Fleet.” He smiled walking over to you as you started to sit up, “Don’t…Bones says you have to rest.”

You sighed, “I don’t think we’re going to have time to…”

He nodded slowly sitting on the edge of the bed, “I’ll order you too if I have to.”

“Like you could stop me.” Your eyes narrowed on him.

He laughed a little, “No probably not.”

After a moment of comfortable silence he reached over taking your hand. You smiled giving it a good squeeze, “I’m okay.”

“Are you?” He raised his eyebrows not believing it.

“I…will be.” You told him sighing, “Out of all the medical advancements we still haven’t conquered hemophilia. Rare for women to get, but…I drew the lucky straw I guess…”

“Hemophilia…is that serious?” He turned giving you his full attention.

You couldn’t help but smile at how much concern he showed for you, “No, not really. It can be, but it’s very manageable. It’s a bleeding disorder that doesn’t  allow my blood to clot like most people. So when I get hurt it takes longer to heal. We have medications now that help with clotting, but I haven’t taken it since four days ago…and I had rough landing like yourself.”

“So you’re…you’re not okay…” He teared up a little, “Can I do anything?”

“I’m fine…” You told him, “Bones gave me my meds and checked me over. I have some internal…”

“Internal!” His mouth fell open.

“Bruising…” You finished, “It could have been much worse and he’s right…I need rest…it’s…not good, but it really does look worse then it is.”

He watched you lift your shirt up showing your black and blue side stretching around to your back, “Oh my god…Y/N…”

“I just need you to do the heavy lifting for me…okay?” You reached over to him touching his face. You made him look at you, “I’m going to be okay, we’re going to be okay.”

He shut his eyes for a moment taking a deep breath, “Why didn’t tell me?”

“It’s a manageable disease. I didn’t want to scare you.” You told him letting your hand fall, “Not everyone is as caring as you.”

“Caring?” He smiled a little looking off to the wall, “That’s a first…”

“James T. Kirk…most caring and compassionate captain in Star Fleet.” You smiled at him, “Knows his crew by name…participates in activities with them…hard ass still, but they know it’s because he wants to get them home safe. At least that’s what everyone told me in the mess.”

“Really?” He looked a back to you.

You laid your head back, “Babe you’ve gotta start believing in yourself more as a person and not a captain.”

“It’s not the same thing?” He smirked when he got a chuckle from you, “I’ll let you rest and wake you when Chekov gets back.”

“Ok…” You sighed shutting your eyes, “I love you, James.”

“I love you too.” He leaned down kissing your hair before he walked out seeing Bones stare at him, “What?”

“I love you James.” He mimicked you before making a gagging noise, which turned into a smile, “I’m happy for you Jim.”

“Thanks Bones.”  Kirk smiled a little as he sat down.

“Just hope we don’t die down on this rock before you get to see kiddies running around.” The doctor told him as he checked out more supplies in his bag.

He shook his head his tone changing, “Thanks…Bones…”  

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