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How easy and lame is it to “post” some Basic Channel, right ? Well, I don’t write often here and there’s really nothing more encouraging me to write these lines than the sheer sharing pleasure. This record sums up lots of feelings and inspirations of these past few weeks. And I hear some similarities with Polar Inertia and “02F30”… Even the title ! Is it fate ?

If you’re a DJ, you know that feeling I’m describing : you listen to a track over again, and you realize you just wished you had re-acknowledged it a bit earlier, and played over and over again at each gig you had recently. My mind is actually making up a fake souvenir of me playing in front of the crowd last friday night, late in the evening… Know what I mean ?

I’m glad after all these years, I still have that raw motivation, to say :“I’ll play that vinyl until its used to the bone"
t e c h n o l i t a.

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✗ DJ Deep & Heartbeat
✗ Mondkopf & RHC

Fast forward from the future through the past.
Cute little Funktion One.
Clean little Post-modern Industrial Location.
Anything to give her some cheap thrills.


:: De 23h00 à 7h00 
:: Participation de l'association “Afrique Conseil” (Soutien à la scolarisation des enfants au Mali) 

Afrique Conseil ?
————————– —————- 
Afrique Conseil est une association caritative menée main dans la main par ses membres français et locaux au Mali.
L'association sera présente en début de soirée afin de contribuer à une levée de fonds d'urgence : la plupart des ONG ayant déserté leur terrain d'action depuis des mois, la situation devient critique. 
L'action d'Afrique Conseil au Mali consiste à soutenir et financer la scolarisation des enfants du quartier de Niamakoro à Bamako, à aider l'accès au soins médicaux de base, et à accompagner les mères dans leur insertion socioprofessionnelle (notamment par le biais de micro crédit). Nous comptons sur votre participation ! 

Cette serre du futur située sous le préau de la Grande Halle de la Villette depuis la Fontaine aux Lions « fait joue contre joue » avec une terrasse en bois exotique qui l’été ravira les adeptes du farniente. Ne badinant pas avec la qualité du son, ce lieu atypique deviendra espace de vie à part entière pour “Clubbers & Clubbeuse” qui taperont du pieds mais aussi pour ceux désirant se sustenter au café restaurant ouvert la journée. Historiquement musicale et cérébrale, La villette est aujourd’hui « enchantée », de recevoir les djs, producteurs les plus attractifs du moment.

LA VILLETTE ENCHANTÉE – Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette –
211 avenue Jean Jaurès – 75019 – Paris – M° Porte de Pantin (Ligne 5)

Infos & Resas Tables :
01 40 35 96 49 ou

+ d’infos ici :

That party on friday night was truly off the hook … Dave Sumner aka Function was invited to come and play classic house records at this party called Technolita, curated by Heartbeat and Redhotcar. Lo- managed to get some friends coming with him and they had the time of their lives (Except for Thomas who is already old and bored).

Long story short, when Lo- came back to his place, the sun was up and birds were singing. So he made a little Spotify playlist of tracks he heard that night, just to make sure the memory would live.

Next 15th of june, Dave and I will be sharing technolita, along with RHC. 

We’re all really looking forward, and behind this invitation to Paris there’s a nice story to tell. 

It may sound a little bit too much like bragging and “gossip techno”, but hey, the party is called technolita, and we’re dealing with a guy that has been part of the heart and soul of NYC nitelife in the 90’s. So basically we’ll be happy to “xoxo” your *ss if you have something to say.

Dave and I have met only half a dozen times,  not much actually, but it always felt something like The Great Gatsby and Peter Pan having an afterhours party together.  It all began, I guess, when I met Jerôme Sydenham in NYC at Body and Soul.  Maybe Dave was here as well, I’ve been wondering. But anyway, Jerôme inspired me in a little talk to a lot of things at the time, as he was starting to release techno-oriented records on Ibadan. We stayed vaguely in contact and then a few years later, ran across him in 2007 at Club der Visionäre.  As you may know, Dave and Jerôme have been friends since a long long time, so it was no surprise that Jerôme told me about his « old friend that used to sign on Synewave that is releasing an amazing record called « Isolation »

So that’s how I discovered Sandwell District and Function.  And been buying all their records since. 

Then, in the end of 2010, fresh from having invited Moritz Von Oswald at Social Club in Paris, we (DEMENT3D crew) wanted to keep on putting all of our energy to have our favorite artists come over in Paris. Hopefully, well, by that time, Silent Servant, Regis and Function had conquered our hearts and minds. We managed to organize the party, and it was a blast. One of my best memories in Paris. On the picture up there, I’m preparing the 909 for Dave to play :)

Then, later on, there was this party at Berghain. You can guess a couple of things by checking out this previous post “A few chosen moments….” The captain of the pirate ship, Limelight with Jeff Mills, Peter Gatien, the eyepatch… well, I’ll let you figure out what was said. Nevertheless, Dave finished his set by playing Altered States by Ron Trent, and I can probably say it was one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced at Berghain. 

I began to wonder seriously about how much classics he was playing, about this Red Zone Promo Mix he did a couple of years ago. And then came his last EP on Sandwell District. Almost giving the last touch to this instant-legend record label. I have been totally enthralled by "Inter" and made this little review 

Dave saw it, just lurking on the internet, not knowing “Heartbeat” was me ; but with “the captain of the pirate ship”, he acknowledged my little wink and there we were, planning this only-classics-technolita in june. 

We both put a lot of energy into making this party happen. It’s been a long time since I haven’t had so much to deal with just to be able to just have a booking work. But he has been so enthusiastic about it… I’m thankful that we’ll have the chance to make this last technolita of the season something really special.


Gossip Techno

15th june 2012 - 23h00/6h00
entrance fee : 8€ // 5€ tickets on Resident Advisor :

t e c h n o l i t a …

Function (Sandwell District, Synewave) 
RHC (In Paradisum)
Heartbeat (DEMENT3D)

Fast forward straight towards the future.
From the bottom of our hearts.
Anything to give her some cheap thrills.

Oh technolita.