Augmenting Human Intellect: - 1962 - Doug Engelbart

“By "augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension…Increased capability in this respect is taken to mean a mixture of the following: more-rapid comprehension, better comprehension, the possibility of gaining a useful degree of comprehension in a situation that previously was too complex, speedier solutions, better solutions, and the possibility of finding solutions to problems that before seemed insoluble.“ RIP Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse and hypertext.

Internet Piracy — Worth It?

Internet Piracy’s Origins and Ethics

Taking a look back through time, it’s hard to find an era during which a scam or scheme of some kind wasn’t taking place. Even from the invention of the first telephone, those with any sort of knowledge in technology and a desire to, shall we say, stick it to the man, took steps to circumvent the required fees and save a buck or two. Additionally, we cannot possibly consider the facts and numbers surrounding Internet piracy without first considering the ethical thoughts behind it all.

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