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Kumako-chan is a Japanese who speaks great english. She even gives some tutorials of Nihongo ^__^

I follow her (but she doesn’t - it’s fine).

One of the few people, really native in Japanese - and her command of English is really fluent and solid. 

We have secret Ask communications once in a while over trivia. She is great and very reliable.

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Hnnnnggg. ;D You know I love some ginger men!

Ginger men guhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.♥♥♥ *expires*

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Kaya pala trip mo si Ed Sheeran

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. YES. XDDD

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So how’s Corpse Party? Am thinking of downloading it via PSN to play on my trip to the States XD I didn’t want to look into it too much in fear of spoilers XD

I definitely recommend Corpse party to you and everyone else! when I first heard of it I thought “16 bit horror? how does that even work?” but trust me it works, and it works tremendously. The setting is genuinely creepy due to the music and the ever constant sense of danger and despair. Everywhere you turn you’ll find reasons to give up, to feel like you have no hope of escaping. The characters are full of personality and you’ll grow attached to them very quickly, and in no time you’ll want them to survive as much as they do. The story is captivating to the very end, and all in all it’s an excellent game. definitely get it!

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hmm maybe I should read that too. I think I picked up something waaay too dark for the holidays

You should definitely check it out, it’ll completely pull you into its world. what did you pick up to read?

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Love the Vash figurine!

Trigun is still one of my favorite animes :D

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My brother actually got that phone a few days ago too! I might as well since my Vibrant is slow as fuck and I’m up for renewal in a month or two~

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Noted! My folks are telling me to get this. Tell me more about this wonderful thing XD

you guys definitely have to get this phone!! the screen is 4.8 inches and it feels like it’s the perfect size, it’s big enough that you’ll love watching videos and reading e-books on it, but its not so big that youll feel like you’re putting a tablet to your ear to call people. If you have an older android phone, everything you do will feel like it’s happening at light speed compared to your old phone. simple things like checking messages or switching between apps is just so smooth. And the battery life is crazy, it can last up to 9 hours of straight video watching, and the screen is gorgeous and super clear and colorful so you’ll love looking at it. 

it’s just an all around wonderful phone, definitely check it out!

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If anything am kinda happy the term "nerd" is no longer a bad thing. But I think like all labels you gotta prove it. For me being a nerd is just another way of saying "I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS GAME AND THUS I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT" But I also feel you with the whole "nerd" thing, because I got labelled for that negatively a lot, and I felt pretty lame. T__T

I guess by the next generation my feelings will have no meaning since kids are going to actually embrace being a “nerd” but I personally can’t bring myself to call myself something that was used to make fun of me for the longest. I prefer “gamer” (even though I also hate the whole “real gamer” vs “fake gamer” bullshit) but I guess that’s just me

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If we met in real life I'd borrow your video games and ask you tech questions on where to get the best laptop, etc. Then I'd rant to you about all my video game woes or tell you about my video game achievements. XD

I love being the tech guy! but be prepared if one little question spawns an avalanche of excited rambling from me *o* and I’d make us nutella hot chocolate and find us comfy chairs for our video game talks :D