American Gods. Screenshot study. TechnoBoy 1/10 Bilquis 2/10 . Recently I started to study some screenshots of movies/TVshow to study the lighting and compositing .
So here’s the two first ones of my session : Bilquis and TechnoBoy from American Gods . I Love that show soooooo much :)
I hope this will make me a better artist 🙏🏻

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  1. 24k – DVBBS
  2. Admiral Shark – Autodrive
  3. Akira – Ekali, KRANE
  4. Akira - Original – Space Race
  5. Anymore – Breakage
  6. Back To Fuck – Shade k
  7. Bad Trip – CoolTasty
  8. Black Horse - NGHTMRE Remix – NGHTMRE, JumoDaddy
  9. Blame - Dirtyphonics Remix – Zeds Dead, Diplo, Dirtyphonics, Elliphant
  10. Born To Bounce – Dusty Bits
  11. Break It - Original Mix – Axel Boy
  12. Broken Chains – PhaseOne
  13. Burn It Down – Kraddy
  14. Can’t Get Enough (Jupe Remix) – Lookas
  15. Celestial – Chime, LoneMoon
  16. Cha – Karma
  17. Change – Malo
  18. Choices – PatrickReza
  19. Close the Door - Common Underground Remix – Mafia Kiss, Common Underground
  20. Constellations (feat. Jessi Mason) – Grant, Jessi Mason
  21. Cut Me Out – Flux Pavilion, Turin Brakes
  22. Digital Lotus Flower – Quarta 330
  23. Dopeness - VIP – Tha Trickaz, Creaky Jackals
  24. Droppers – BROHUG
  25. Droppin’ Low – Stonebank
  26. Dropping The Heat – Jarvis
  27. Easier - Electric Mantis Remix – Mansionair, Electric Mantis
  28. Eat My Dust – Eptic
  29. Electric - Far Too Loud Remix – The Prototypes, Far Too Loud
  30. Everything (feat. Ashdown) – WRLD, Ashdown
  31. Fantasy – Joker
  32. Fast Food – Fjaak
  33. Feel Like This – Darren Styles, Gammer
  34. Feel Your Love (Dommix Remix) – Flux Pavilion, NGHTMRE, Dommix, Jamie Lewis
  35. Fire – Ahee
  36. Flame Grilled – Roska, Champion
  37. FLY – Jaguar Skills, WiDE AWAKE
  38. Future Proof – Helicopter Showdown
  39. The Game – Bear Grillz, Figure
  40. Game Over – Nomine
  41. Gang – Boy Kid Cloud, Skeez and Stackz
  42. Get It All - Getter & Ray Volpe Remix – GTA, Wax Motif, Getter, Ray Volpe
  43. Good Day – Yellow Claw, DJ Snake, Elliphant
  44. Gunman – Raito
  45. Habit - Dack Janiels & Wenzday Remix – Rain Man, Krysta Youngs, Dack Janiels, Wenzday
  46. Hard Parting - Hestia Remix – Punx Soundcheck, Debbie D, Hestia
  47. Harder – Borgore
  48. Harley Quinn’s Dance – Tim Ismag
  49. Harmony – CloZee
  50. Hate Me (feat. Slippe) - Original – Sluggo, Slippe
  51. Haunted – Slips & Slurs
  52. High And Low - Slander Remix – Empire of the Sun, Slander
  53. Hype – Tokyo Machine
  54. Hypnotic Eyez – Freestylers
  55. I Believe – Popeska
  56. Irkalla – Fytch
  57. Its Been Real – Axel Boy
  58. Keep Calm - Original Mix – Jay Karama
  59. Kickin’ In (feat. Chloe Stamp) – Barely Alive, Chloe Stamp
  60. Kidnappers – Phonat, Holly
  61. The Krok – Terravita, Bare
  62. Let The Flame Burn – Gillepsy
  63. Light - Grant Remix – San Holo, Grant
  64. Light - Loosid Remix – San Holo, Loosid
  65. Like A Bitch - Kill The Noise Remix – Kill The Noise, Zomboy
  66. Lingua – Sub Focus, Stylo G
  67. LITM (feat. Kat Nestel) - Arius Remix – Arius, LUMBERJVCK, Kat Nestel
  68. Living For The Weekend – Modestep
  69. Lost In Your Love – Dirtyphonics, Example
  70. Lotus - Original Mix – Purporangejuice
  71. Made of Light - Klax Remix – Emperor, Klax
  72. Melatonin – soupandreas
  73. Mellow - YDG Remix – Showtek, Technoboy, Tuneboy, YDG
  74. Midnight Wax – Pushloop
  75. Need You – ARMNHMR, YDG
  76. No Dramas – Buku
  77. Noise – LAXX
  78. Not A Real Thing – Far Too Loud, Beardyman, JFB
  79. Oxygen (Borgeous Remix) – Dirty Heads, Borgeous
  80. Peaches – Parker
  81. Raise Up (feat. Petey Pablo) - VIP – ETC!ETC!, Corporate Slackrs, Petey Pablo
  82. Reality - Dion Timmer Remix – Bro Safari, Sarah Hudson, Dion Timmer
  83. Resistance – Aero Chord
  84. Right Here – Keys N Krates, KRANE
  85. Ronin – Stabby
  86. Shotgun Mouthwash - Jungle Remix – High Contrast
  87. Side Effects – Arko
  88. Stealthbuild - Broken Haze Remix – DJ DVD RIP, Broken Haze
  89. Still Need You – Anki
  90. Stranger - Blanke Remix – Peking Duk, Blanke, Elliphant
  91. Sugar Free – Milkshake
  92. Undertow – CUT_
  93. Virtual Reality – Doctor P
  94. Vision – Kai Wachi
  95. Voodoo – Pegboard Nerds, Tony Junior
  96. Vortex – Tom Crusher
  97. Wanna Feel Love (Klax Remix) – Dr Meaker, Klax, Yolanda
  98. Wanted – Mercer, Say My Name
  99. Who – Liquid Stranger
  100. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Madeaux Remix – Moby, Madeaux
Anan Season Two Speculation

In light of the Second Season announcement, here are some comments from some of the Osomatsu-San cast and crew (made prior to the announcement) regarding what they’d like to see taken from interviews in the recent Anan special.

Endo Aya (Totoko)

Question: If you had another chance to play Totoko…

Answer: I’m kind of curious about how she spent her childhood with the sextuplets, so I’d like to do Osomatsu-kun or something from that era. I’m really curious as to when they started to have that kind of relationship.

Hashimoto Yukari (Background music composer)

Question: If there were another season, what kind of songs would you like to write for the sextuplets?

Answer: I want to do a musical! Having the sextuplets sing and dance would be good too, but a story where they go see a musical also sounds fun… Doing it as a joke would be ok, but it might be even funnier to do it super seriously. I’m getting excited just thinking about what the story might be like. Just going ahead with a whole musical for 30 minutes? Wow, that’d be tough, lol. Honestly, it’s more like I want to watch it than make it. I think it would probably be very entertaining.

Technoboys (Produced the ending songs)

Note: Earlier in the interview they talked about how they were inspired by popular dance music when making the original ending themes and also about the Osomatsu-kun ending songs - the first anime having a jazzy ending and the second a traditional Japanese festival like song.

Question: If there were another season, what kind of sound would you like to create?

Fujimura: …Hmm, if it’s what’s hot right now then something like acid jazz?

Matsui: That could work. That would be like coming back around again. Well, in terms of the roots of dance music.

Fujimura: If that’s the case, then why not go back even further and do a Japanese folk dance song? That’s Japanese dance music!

Matsui: So we end up there, lol.

Honma Michiyuki (CEO of Pierrot)

Question: Even while the first season was still airing, lots of people were anticipating a second season. As CEO, do you have any plans in relation to this?

Answer: Of course, I heard people talking about that and I’m very grateful. This is only a what-if, but I think it might be good to just go ahead and do it without hesitation. This is not just the case for Osomatsu-san and could be said about any hit series, but people tend to get worked up when it comes to a part two. They can think that they have to do something different, or if it fails, they can come under fire from people saying “You should have ended it after the first part.” So I want them to start it as if nothing had happened, not changing anything and with the same level of energy as before, without getting too worked up. But saying that, the production staff of Osomatsu-san probably aren’t the type of people to feel much pressure. I think they possess the ability to even enjoy that pressure.  

Tercer vídeo promocional de la película Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow

La película se estrenará el 26 de agosto del 2017 en cines de Japón

La web oficial de la próxima película de Anime de Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, se ha actualizado el domingo con su tercer vídeo promocional. La película titulada Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Yukishita no Chikai), se estrenará el 26 de agosto del 2017 en cines de Japón.

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