this is my baby his name is stitch and he still smells like disneyland

lilo and stitch was the most relatable movie to me as a kid, my mom a single parent and still practically a teenager (she had me at 17) and all the other kids thinking i was weird and never wanting to be around me. i always wished stitch would just fly down to california and show up at my house and i would never be alone and get to go on fun adventures with him and maybe he would bring my family together. i even dressed up like lilo everywhere i went.

i collected toys and plushies of stitch and all the other characters, and one time my psycho abusive step dad (thank gog that fucker died) threw them all out as a punishment or something.

then when i went to disneyland i put together all of my money to buy this guy, whenever im upset and feeling sick or worried i might have another anxiety attack i hug him and remember everythings ok