My friend Aaron of the Radioactive Chicken Heads was part of this kids show. Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo) of GWAR designed the monsters. Go check it out!

Ideas for the AU

-LV replaced with EVL (Extreme Violence Likelyhood). Final sans pacifist speech: “You didn’t gain any EVL, but your riffs were totally Evil.

-Frisk comes to the underground after a rumor that the way to become the most metal of guitarists is to brave the trials of the underground. Looks like a hair metal star in pre-teen form (see- judas priest). Doesn’t trip, epic jumps their way down there.

-Undyne battle is a GWAR Homage. Undyne is a rhythm guitarist. After frisk outduels her to the song of The private pain of techno destructo, she grows in size and attempts to crush frisk (thus starting the runaway sequence) to the song of Gor Gor. When frisk confronts her back at her house, Undyne attempts to destroy frisk again in a rhythm guitar battle, but frisk simply plays a riff above it. After seeing how good they play together, she agrees to help frisk bring the music of monsters to the surface.

-Sans is a Bassist, technically, but is too lazy to ever practice, much to Papyrus’ dismay. Is actually incredibly talented, however.

-Papyrus battle involves frisk dodging a onslaught of bones while riding the sound waves (literally) of the music made by papyrus. Papyrus is a drummer. The song this is put to is Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest. Also- everyone eats pap’s food because they’re starving artists. Initially dismayed to have been beaten by Frisk, Frisk then tells papyrus to join them in their quest to bring the music of monsters back to the surface, which he does with great happiness.

-Toriel battle is a standard 1v1 guitar battle. Toriel is an ex. lead guitarist, who played in the same band as Asgore, but broke up after asgore couldn't bring himself to kill the 6 souls himself, and had the royal guard members do it. She initially lets frisk crash at her place, but once frisk says they need to get back for practice at home, she does the whole "I’m going to destroy the exit” speal. Once she sees that frisk’s soul is black enough to break the barrier alone, she lets him pass, stating that if frisk ever needs a ride anywhere, she’ll get him there. (she attempts to drive frisk to snowdin, but is telekinetically stopped by sans. At the time she’s like “Fuck this shit I’m out”.) Music of this battle is “the mob rules” by black Sabbath.

-Mettaton is a lead singer created by alphys, more on this later.

-Asgore battle is once again a standard lead guitar battle, but a whole lot more intense, to the song of Symphony of the Night by Dragonforce. Plays out as usual.

-Flowey, upon entering the underground, is dismissed as being a “slimy pathetic creature not worthy of the title of monster” by frisk, but after absorbing the human souls, becomes omega flowey. Frisk defeats them by transforming their “axe” into an axe, chopping off the peripherals containing the 6 souls, with the help of everyone he helped along the way. He then absorbs everyone’s soul except for frisk’s, and becomes asriel. Asriel gives frisk one last chance to beat them in a battle, but due to the fact that he is able to control the lost souls into playing for him, to the tune of Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden, frisk seems to stand no chance. At their last hour, frisk unleashes the power of their black soul, stealing back the souls of their friends, and defeats asriel with the power of the song “cry thunder” by dragonforce.

-Every battle to be an animation? Might get others to help. Perhaps a different person each time, making it a collab project?

When Scroda Moon and Techno Destructo mugged Phestus and took his last cosmic control tape. Things sure were diffetent when Odie was here… #gwar #skwyrm (at Skw¥rm HQ)