songs that will make you feel like you aren’t on this planet any more (especially if you’re high)

something about you (odesza remix) hayden james

bloom odesza

make you feel (hotel garuda remix) alina baraz & galimitias

illusion coyote kisses

raindrops ft. kerli (prince fox remix) snbrn

placid acid tourist 

limit to your love (cazzette bootleg) james blake

keep her close odesza

techno destructo

Now that the cosmic control tape is in my grasp, this band will play
Anything I want perfectly the first time through…
And you know While I was sitting on the toilet the other day I wrote
This ditty and I though you guys, like, might like to play it for me,
Cause I am Techno Destructo and I can out-fight, out-fuck, and out-fart
Any of you lame-ass motherfuckin’ rock stars… Cause I am Techno
Destructo, and I come from beyond Venus, beyond Jupiter, and that’s
Way past Uranus, buddy. And I come from here with a mission…
Give up the decadent rock and roll lifestyle and join me and the Master
In a holy crusade to rid the universe of his deadly enemies.

Gwar will serve the Master… Or gwar will die!


My friend Aaron of the Radioactive Chicken Heads was part of this kids show. Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo) of GWAR designed the monsters. Go check it out!