techno tribal

spiritedastray  asked:

What would each sign be if they were a genre of music? :)

aries - punk rock
taurus - reggae
gemini - rap
cancer - blues
leo - cabaret
virgo - folk
libra - jazz
scorpio - techno industrial
sagittarius - tribal
capricorn - hardcore/emo
aquarius - acid house
pisces - ambient


Techno Tribal meets Chic Blazer

Hello ladies! 

ModCloth offers those secret little deals! Just type “modfriend” in at the checkout for a 10% discount! Check the cute dress & blazer I found! SO cute, and best of all, they’re both under $100!

Mesoamerica Dress $73

A Stud-y in Chic Blazer $55

The combination of the two is genius! Tribal Print is totally in and its a great summer dress. Adding this Studded blazer will turn this dress into a night time outfit! Just add some pumps and you’re ready to go! Not to mention that the blazer is totally appropriate for going to work or better yet…an interview! Hope you love it! i know I do!

Stay Fab,


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