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🤞☂️🌷🌦 🌈🥄⚖️🗝💌

An Emoji Spell that everything will be alright.

No matter what, you will be safe, happy, and flourishing. Do not fear loss or pain, as nothing will come that you cannot overcome. This is just a process.

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An emoji spell for all empaths out there who are struggling with pain because they feel the change the world needs so deeply within them.

Empaths naturally go through a lot of emotional pain when tragedy strikes the world. You are loved and abundance will embrace you for the work you do.

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Why A Digital Grimoire Is Great

I am not at all saying that physical grimoires aren’t as good, if that’s what you like and prefer, go ahead!
📱Spelling mistakes/ mistakes in general aren’t a problem.
There have been many a times where I have accidentally done too many bumps in an ’m’ or figured out the spacing wrong and so my whole page was all wrong. By using a digital grimoire it doesn’t matter! You can just backspace it all.

📱Not distracting
Some would argue that it’s better for your craft cause you aren’t trying to make your pages look really pretty and worrying about aesthetic. You can just write down the information you need and ta-da! Of course you can pretty it up if you do choose to

📱No access to a printer? No problem
You can add as many photos as you like into your grimoire without ever needing paper. Personally, this is great because I can print stuff but it takes like 30 minutes to print something at home so I usually print at school but then it’s in black and white.

📱Better for the environment
You could have a 1,000 page grimoire and you wouldn’t be using any paper or harming any trees.

📱On hand all the time
By having it digitally, you can have it with you most anywhere. Most people carry their phones around everywhere so you’ll never forget it at home. (Well, except for the times you forget your phone at home but that’s less likely)

⚡️🐛 🦋🌱 🌿🍾🎯

An Emoji Spell for re-invention, renewal, and a fresh start, be it tomorrow, next year, or any time you feel it is time to begin again. Small steps are still steps.

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Dust off your old journal, open up that computer file - it’s time to fill your grimoire or book of shadows with things you’ll actually use and refer back to. We’re going to do a lot together this year! Don’t worry if you don’t get to participate every month - each month is designed to stand alone, meaning you can jump in whenever and not wonder what’s going on!

Each month, we’ll focus one or two different themes per month. There are six broad categories that don’t change from month to month, though they do get more specific. We will also have guest speakers each month who will speak to their areas of knowledge. 

This challenge thrives on participation, so if you find a great resource don’t be afraid to tag it with #2016 grimoire challenge! If you create something that you want to share with us - please do! 

I’m going to cautiously suggest that you have a “draft grimoire” - December will be the month in which we focus on compiling what we’ve gathered and making it look nice. I, personally, am going to be using a computer file to complete the challenge and then index cards to help me organize my thoughts before I begin writing in my journal. 

Interested? Follow this blog, track the tag, and check out our about page for more information! 

🚻‼️☮💟🎉 🎎🌺✌️🏳️‍🌈

Emoji Spell for protecting and helping our beautiful LGBTQ+ community, all of those who are persecuted for who they love or who they are. You are loved by the witch community.

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I hope that when Daft Punk dies or gets old, they just pass on the helmets to new artists and tell no one. Then Daft Punk becomes this immortal band and the only explanation is that they’re actually robots.