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This week on NPR’s Code Switch podcast, we follow the strange trend of white dance-music DJs who pass themselves off as black artists. Co-host Gene Demby talks to legendary House music DJ Ron Trent. The European producer Guy Tavares chimes in from The Netherlands on what he sees as overhyped controversy. Piotr Orlov, who covers dance music for NPR weighs in on what this all means for music fans.

NPR Code Switch Podcast: ‘Give It Up For DJ Blackface!’

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

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I was with Batman when that alien threat came on every screen in the world. He had just captured Riddler when the aliens started monologuing, "We are a techno based race. All your technology is ours. There is no way for you to take back your machines. The Earth is now ours." Batman looks at Riddler for a second, smiles a tiny smile, points to a computer, & says, "sic 'em." It took only 2 minutes for Riddler to cut through their defenses, upload a nasty virus, and save the world. #OnlyInGotham

Elite Specs

So after rolling around in the sand during the first beta weekend, the one thing that stuck out to me was how this new team weaved the new elite specs with the culture and tech of the people of Elona.

In Heart of Thorns the elite specs just Showed Up without any explanation (the only piece of an  “explanation” we get is Rytlock mumbling about how being a Revenant its weird and all the stances talking over one another like a middle school lunchroom).

With Path of Fire, however, I thought that was really charming that it was explained how these elite specializations are not only regional but come out of necessity:

  • The Mirage profession, we find out, is an Elonian take on mesmer magic by using the sand as millions of little tiny mirrors to create these devastating and mystical forms of mesmer magic.
  • The Holosmith is actually the result of Elonian tech/know-how blended with Zephyrite crystal magic from LS2 (the crystals you find in the Dry Top), and it totally works! They also seem really proud of the profession too (and I keep imagining asura being all “WHAT? A HUMAN DEVELOPED THIS TECHNOLOGY!?” so it’s nice to see Asura aren’t exclusively the techno-magic race)
  • From the expac video we find out that the Scourge and Spellbreaker classes are Elonian Necromancers, Warriors, and Sunspears giving a big middle finger to Palawa Joko and probably Kralkatorrik’s chaos magic. I’m all for creating a new class out of pure spite to an evil overlord.

I’m super curious to see how the Fireborne, Weaver, Deadeye, Spiritwalker, and Renegade play out. I can guess that the Renegade might be spurred by Rytlock considering Kalla is the newest avatar, but we shall see!


Porsche Classic Restores Porsche 911 2.5 S/T

To mark the opening of Techno Classica in Essen, Porsche Classic presents a restored 911 2.5 S/T with an eventful motorsport history. The class winner at Le Mans in 1972 has been restored by the Porsche Classic experts over the past two years and will now be presented for the first time at the fair.

Alexander Fabig, head of Porsche Classic at Porsche AG, recalls the state that the car was originally in: “The 911 2.5 S/T was rediscovered a few years ago by a collector in the USA – and it was in a rally dilapidated condition. Our experts have done an excellent job at restoring the sports car to the highest standards.” The find is a real rarity: only 24 of this racing car, based on the 911 2.4 S Coupé, were ever built. “We are thrilled about the confidence this customer placed in us with this restoration job. This project is unparalleled and of great historical significance”, Fabig continues.

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