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I currently live for this guy.

I tried.

Have a bunch of time on my hands now that i’m back from school, so i’m digitally coloring some of my Heathers sketches :)

Heather Duke
Heather Chandler
Heather McNamara: Coming Soon
??? if you want anyone else drawn lmk :)

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Ur descrip says ur open to headcanons but can u imagine being aomine or kagami's or murasakibara's friend? It would be Pure.

AN: YAAAAAS the holy trinity of really awkward friendships if you’re a female tbh


  1. At first, he’s the friend that you aren’t sure if he considers you a friend. You’re around each other almost all of the time, but you didn’t start getting to know each other until a bit later. So it kinda looked like he just tolerated your presence at first.
  2. The more you got comfortable around him, the more he did the same. He teases you a lot and ruffles your hair because you’re shorter than he is.
  3. The friend that would casually watch porn in front of you.
  4. The friend that would put porn on your laptop’s browser so that the minute you open it, the website is in full view.
  5. He gets very protective of you. He doesn’t appreciate others flirting with you without his approval or referral first. If you’re talking with someone in the hallway, he’ll stare them down until they leave.
  6. Likes to use your shampoo.
  7. Makes you cook him dinner whenever he’s over.
  8. Will flirt with you once in a while because he likes to see the disgusted look on your face.
  9. Is never prepared for anything ever so your backpack is his backpack and he uses all of your things.
  10. You’re the only person he turns to when he’s upset. You were very surprised at first because you thought Momoi would be his go-to, but he never did that in the beginning of their friendship and didn’t want to bother starting. So he’ll call you, show up at your house randomly, or just straight up use your spare key that you hide in the bushes to sulk on your couch as you feed and comfort him.


  1. Kagami always takes his friendships very seriously, so he treats you with the upmost respect while at the same time showing you how much your friendship matters to him.
  2. He wears a friendship bracelet you made for him every single day. He only takes it off when he’s showering.
  3. Whenever he’s preparing his lunch for the next day, he’ll always bring you a little something in a separate container.
  4. You’re his guinea pig when he’s trying new recipes.
  5. Shoves food down your throat if you’re over at his place and refuses to let you leave on an empty stomach.
  6. Always asks you to help him with basketball; not with his technique, but more like he wants you there to support him and carry a bunch of water bottles and towels.
  7. Refuses to eat or cook anything penis-shaped in front of you because he gets embarrassed.
  8. Had to ask you how to put on a condom using a banana.
  9. Always sets time for you two on Fridays to go to Maji Burger. He lowkey looks forward to it every week.
  10. Will give you a complete care package when you’re sick; packs you a large thermos of homemade soup, various medicines, and rental movies that you both can watch.
  11. He gets nervous talking to anyone cute, so you have to be his wingperson while he’s a blushing mess behind you.
  12. Refuses to let Alex meet you because he’s afraid she’ll make out with you and he’s protective of your virginity in a weird, brotherly way….


  1. You call him over to your house to clear out your fridge because some of the food is reaching it’s expiration date and you can always rely on him to eat it all.
  2. Likes to sleep in your bed while you study at your desk.
  3. He is very comfortable around you and gets kind of clingy. He doesn’t like being away from you for too long, so if you stayed home from school one day, he’ll use bringing you our homework as an excuse to see you. He would definitely never admit that he missed you.
  4. He eats everything in your pantry and it annoys you every week because you spend so much money on groceries. Sometimes he feels bad, so he’ll make you lunch and an apology cupcake.
  5. Really looks forward to your birthday because it gives him an excuse to bake you a cake. On any normal day, he’d be too lazy to bake.
  6. When he’s upset, he becomes a big cuddle bug. He’ll barge into your home and will sit with you on your couch with a blanket wrapped around the both of you. He’ll become a big baby and lay his head on your shoulder and pout. He doesn’t mind if you both sit in silence watching tv - in fact, he prefers it that way most of the times - but if he’s so upset that he’s crying, he’ll want you to play with his hair and tell him everything will be ok.
  7. You’re the only one he allows to touch and play with his hair.
  8. He thinks it’s cute when you have to ask him to get something on the top shelf.
  9. He is also very protective of you and gets jealous easily when he sees you talking so casually with other people you don’t know. He doesn’t like the idea of people stealing his friends.
  10. He thinks it’s funny when you gag when he jokes about being hung like a horse.
  11. If you can’t make it to every single one of his home games, he pouts the entire day.
  12. His favorite pass time is annoying you in class by poking your cheeks, playing with your hair, flicking your ears, basically being a big child around you.
so let it begin like this:

i. we’re two broken pieces,
shattered from different corners of the earth,
and scattered in the wind.

ii. we find each other, and we find ourselves there too.

iii. we do not rebuild what was lost.
we build new, we build bigger, we build better.
we make the past envy the future.

iv. my body's a temple to you,
but yours is my sanctuary.
in you, i find all the faith i never had alone.

v. we are whole again.
we are no longer each other’s crutches;
we are what inspires our legs to walk -
to be together, and walk in stride.

vi. i still need you and you still need me,
but we are not victims anymore.
we are survivors. we are victors.

so let it end like this:

i. your footsteps aren’t there, but you’re with me.
your heartbeat has stopped, but you’re still alive.
your hand isn’t in mine, but i still know the way.

ii. we don’t need to be gods to be immortal.
—  wait for me, i’m coming home | m.a.w

So Kairi was playing in front of the Castle’s front doors a little bit when Aqua met her right? What if she usually played with Dilan and Aeleus and would pick flowers for them all the time? Is that cute or what


I had a couple people suggest that I should get some coloring books to help me de-stress. Instead, I decided to tackle @thetaiwanesedartjob’s awesome linework. So here’s my take on a younger Solas and two overly-affectionate derpy wolves.

Plus a close up because dammit you need to see all the freckles I put on his face.

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What art some of your self-teaching practices?

“What art?” Clever pun? ;)

Jokes aside, so far the way I’ve been approaching self-teaching is to create specific goals for myself to achieve in a timely manner, kind of as if I were giving myself homework assignments. So for example, in the Alice in Wonderland portfolio project I uploaded recently, I came up with the concept and gave myself the task of executing it within a couple of weeks, drawing whenever I had free time.  For coming up with assignments and projects for myself, I’ve been looking a lot at the portfolios of illustration and visdev majors and trying to dissect what it is that they do in school and what they choose to include in their portfolios. 

From my own observation, visdev majors usually have their portfolio consist of a single visdev project that shows the execution of a story idea from character design, prop design, to color scripting and illustration of scenes. Meanwhile, illustration majors will usually have a collection of illustrations on various topics, often organized into categories like “Business Editorial” or “Children’s Editorial” if they want to highlight their versatility with different publications. 

If you’re not looking to self-teach for professional purposes, then giving yourself assignments still works! But maybe they will be more technique driven, like practicing how to use color or working on your anatomy. In any case, the most important thing is to set specific goals for yourself to drive your improvement, because practice alone isn’t enough to improve in a short period of time- you need to practice with a certain intent and focus so that you don’t rely on your habits or your comfort zone.

I am unwelcome. An unsought guest in their wood.

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english language GCSE is making me realise exactly how much i hate essay based exams bc i find it so hard to concentrate on essay writing & you can't just know stuff, and i'm realising that all my choices (subjects i'm fascinated by) for IB are essay based and i'm stressing out because i know I'm going to do terribly at the things i love- do you have any tips for keeping focus for long tasks like essays?

Hi there,

This sounds so stressful! For me, I find that the ability to focus is a bit like a muscle sometimes, so I’m sorry to say that the best thing you can do might be to practice writing essays. It sucks, I know, but it gets less terrifying the more you do it.

Whenever I’ve needed to write essays too, I bullet point my points (and all the facts I memorised before going into the exam like dates and figures) as soon as I go in so I can refer to them and stay on track - you can always delete/score them out when you no longer need them, and in some cases if you run out of time, the exam board can look to your bullet points and give you some marks.

Finally, hopefully you should be able to get some help from your school if you find you need something like extra time, a laptop, or a scribe. I made use of a laptop, personally! I wish you all the best in your studies, I’m glad you are so passionate about your subjects!


I wanna be a lucio main

*watches videos about lucio mains and how they learned how to wall ride well*
‘it’s simple’
“oh ok”
*tries it and sucks so badly i get physically upset*

so anyway if anyone has tips for wall riding and more advanced techniques like scaling and comboing give them to me