(with clothes from season 4 because they are just beautiful)

so i already did blake a long time ago, and i want to do all members of RWBY, so here is little ruby!

her clothes are so complicated i already got sick from coloring them…and i love coloring!

i used a new techniqe to color BTW, so it takes even more time then usually.

the background and rim light was really fun though!


Speaking in Three Dimensions

Our department has been dabbling in 3D animation more and more lately. Of course, we need to keep it in line with Tumblr’s established visual style, so we stick to a few guiding principles that keep our 3D graphics as approachable and light as the 2D stuff:

  • The 3D “camera” should use parallel projection view. This means, basically, that there’s no vanishing point distorting the lines in the scene, which happens in perspective view.
  • All shading should be flat color with clean edges. We also try to use outlines whenever we can. Together, the flat colors and outlines achieve a sort of 2D look.
  • Geometry should be smooth and evoke basic shapes, rendered with minimal complexity to match the simplicity of our house illustration style.

As an example, above are a few rare, behind-the-scenes shots from our recent Super Bowl gif.

peridotthecrystalgem  asked:

How are you planning on approaching stuff like race-specific weapon types in terms of weapon proficiencies? I know classes have access to stuff like simple or martial weapons, but there's also a race's own specific versions of these- like Lynel Weapons or Zora spears that are primarily kept within their own cultures and race, with a few exceptions. Would a Zora with spear proficiencies be capable of using a Gerudo spear, despite the Gerudo spear explicitly weighted differently in the weapon bio?

tl;dr: Yes. A spear is a spear despite aesthetic differences between tribes. Longer answer under the cut. Unless it specifically falls under a different weapons proficiency a Zora with spear proficiencies will be able to  wield any type of spear.

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anonymous asked:

Have you got any fem!IwaOi, fem!KuroKen and fem!BokuAka headcanons? You are a queen :3

thank youu? and yes I love fem!headcanons aaaa I’m so so weak for them otp lesbians.


  • Fem!Oikawa would definitely be the queen of the school
  • she’s the captain of the Volleyball team, also very beautiful, athletic, kind and popular
  • everyone adores her and at least half of the school has got a crush on her (not matter if boys or girls)
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa are in the same class, but hardly ever talk to each other 
  • Iwaizumi is the captain of the soccer team and has the reputation of being blunt and rude, so she doesn’t have much friends
  • she likes to hang out with boys during lunch and loves to talk about her favorite action movies
  • they both have a crush on each other since an encounter in their first year in high school, when Iwaizumi lent an umbrella to Oikawa
  • but since Iwaizumi never talked to her again after that, Oikawa always thought Iwaizumi hated her
  • yet at the end of their 3rd year, Oikawa decided to ask her out for the prom and beams when Iwaizumi accepts
  • they find out they share the same taste in movies, like Godzilla and Pacific Rim
  • Iwaizumi realizes Oikawa isn’t one of those flawless typical cute girls at all, but has a thing for aliens and tend to overwork herself a lot
  • Oikawa learns that Iwaizumi is one of the kindest people on earth, that she has a thing for romantic dates and tends to blush really hard when Oikawa leans in to kiss her


  • just like Oikawa, Kuroo is a really popular girl at school, yet sometimes she’s more feared than actually adored (at least when it comes to the boys at school)
  • she has this awe-inspiring aura and likes to tease by wearing her skirt extra short and tight shirts
  • since she’s openly lesbian though, she doesn’t get bothered too much by the boys on her school 
  • kenma, on the contrary, get’s harrassed a lot, which is why Kuroo almost never leaves her side when they’re not in class (she often claims that Kenma is too cute for her own good)
  • they try to keep their relationship a secret, but everyone knows anyways since Kuroo is doing a shitty job at hiding her feelings 
  • Kenma loves wearing boys underwear and sports bras and baggy clothes in her spare time (also she loves videogames obviously)
  • Kuroo on the other hand loves to dress feminine and to wear make up and do her hair
  • she also loves to drag Kenma to the mall and put her in dresses and skirts Kenma tags along because she knows how much Kuroo adores her in cute clothing, but she still prefers wearing rather boyish clothes and she’s glad Kuroo accepts that
  • it doesn’t stop her from putting on lace underwear from time to time though to make her girlfriend happy (Kuroo literally jumps her every single time when she does - who wouldn’t)


  • similar to the headcanons above, Bokuto is really poular at school, at least in her class and among her teammembers
  • her and Akaashi met in Bokuto’s 2nd year, when Akaashi joins the girl’s volleyball team as the new 1st year setter
  • they don’t get along at all at first though, since as the ace, Bokuto adores their current setter a lot and doesn’t want anyone to interfere in the dynamic of their team
  • it takes some time until Bokuto trusts her as a teammate, but the moment Akaashi comes up with the idea of changing her techniqe to a straight spike, Bokuto is head over heels for her
  • yet Akaashi is everything Bokuto is not: she’s reserved, always wears this considerate look on her face, has a calming aura and a natural beauty that makes Bokuto more than frustrated
  • Bokuto never leaves the house without doing her hair or putting on lots of make up, since she doesn’t consider herself naturally beautiful at all
  • she’s also afraid of showing her body to Akaashi when they finally get together, since a lot of scars are visible on her skin (especially on her thights, that’s why she always wears long kneepads at practice and leggins under her skirt)
  • it takes al lot of time and even more of Akaashi’s love for her to get rid of these insecurities and anxious thoughts
  • the mood swings remain, but Akaashi has learnt to deal with them and definitely grew fond of her girlfriends antics

fatima-khan-blog  asked:

What kind of studying techniqes do you use when you are studying for revision?

Though it differs from subject to subject, generally I:

1. Read The Information

I usually learn best using textbooks so I’ll read them out loud to myself until they make sense and I understand.

2. Make Rough Notes Teaching Myself And Making Sure I Understand

I won’t revise from these notes, it’s just a way for me to teach myself the information/processes.

3. Make Cue Cards To Revise From Later On

Condense the information and then use this as my main source of information.

4. Try To Memorise The Information

Or at the very least understand it. Try to create triggers that will help to remember everything in the exams.

5. Put Everything I’ve Learnt Down Onto A Mind Map

A great way of visualizing everything in my head.

6. Fill In The Gaps

From the mind map, I can go back to my textbook/notes and see what I have and haven’t learnt. From there, I can learn the stuff that didn’t stick first time round.

7. Complete Questions

I usually do this along the way to make sure I’ve understood continuously. It’s also good to answer questions at the end to make sure you’ve learnt everything thoroughly, not just at each stage of studying.

8. Complete Past Paper

Great way to see if you’re on track! My second week of Easter break will be almost completely dedicated to completing past papers to see how I’m doing.

9. Fill In Any More Gaps

From past papers, you can see what stuff really didn’t stick and do your best to get it sorted by exams.

10. Repeat

Do this continuously to keep on track as it doesn’t just help short term, but long term, too, I’ve found.

I hope this has helped! Let me know if you need anything else :)

Pyro!Eren and Firefighter!Levi. I have no excuse for this. I just wanted pyro!Eren and firefighter!Levi feels.

— — — — —

“Hey,” Eren heard a soft voice, one slowly coaxing him out of sleep, “hey kid.”

“M'not a kid.” Eren managed to growl before hacking up a lung.

“I’ve seen your ID, I know you’re not a kid. Take it easy,” the now-deeper sounding voice instructed.

“Eh…?” Eren groaned, eyes protesting as he slowly opened them. “Where…?”

The smell of smoke lingering in the area and the familiar feeling of the seat on the outside of the fire truck answered his question. He sat himself up slightly despite the ache he felt on the back of his head and confirmed his thoughts. The sight of the burned barn in the distance brought about a sigh. He had gotten carried away again.

“Are you okay?” Eren turned his head to find a pair of piercing, silver-grey eyes boring into his own.

He traced every fine detail of that pale face before managing to gather his wits enough to answer, “Uhh… yeah.”

“Good,” those thin, beautifully shaped lips turned down in a scowl, “mind telling me why I found you passed out in that barn with a book of matches in one hand and a container of lighter fluid in the other?”

“What? I just, uh… It wasn’t what it looked like?”

Long fingers came up to pinch the bridge of his nose, “For the love of –” he sighed before shaking his head and raising a dark brow at Eren, “listen, if you’re going to lie at least try to sound convincing.”

Eren looked up at him, eyes wide in fear, “Am I going to jail?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Oh, God, please, no! I’ll – ughhh, just gimme another chance. I swear this will be the last time –”

“Whoa, whoa,” the man interrupted him, “I’m going to ask you a few questions before I make up my mind on whether or not I hand you over to the police when they get here. Don’t freak out just yet.”

Eren nodded fervently.

“Now, it’s Eren is it?” he asked quietly.

The brunet simply nodded, a calm feeling resonated in his chest at the gentle way the firefighter had spoken his name.

“Eren,” he repeated with something akin to reverence. “I’m Levi.”

A smile tugged on Eren’s lips. That was a beautiful name.

“Now, Eren, why did you set the barn on fire?” Levi indicated the smouldering structure behind him with his thumb.

Eren shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The man seemed sincere enough. With a quick peek around the man to make sure they were isolated enough from the other firefighters, Eren decided to trust him.

“It’s been abandoned for years, and I…” shit, here came the part that freaked people out, “I really, really like fire.” When Levi’s dark brows shot up and disappeared beneath his bangs, Eren began waving his hands back and forth. “I made sure it was completely empty before I lit the place up, I swear! I don’t set fires to hurt people. I always make sure to be as safe as possible about it when the urge surfaces.”

“Urge?” Levi pursed his lips for a moment. “It sounds like you’re a pyromaniac,” he sighed.

“Hey! I’m not crazy!” Eren scowled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No, no, that’s not what maniac means in this context.” Levi assured him. “Pyromania is an impulse control disorder. People who suffer from it tend to set things on fire when they’re stressed or overrun with negative emotions.”

The way Eren’s face relaxed and his eyes took sudden interest in his feet told Levi he was onto something.

“Is everything okay in your life?”

Eren’s head shot up and his teal-green eyes flared, “That’s none of your business,” he bit out.

“I’m aware of that but if I don’t know what kind of stress you’re under, I can’t help you. I really don’t want to turn you over to the police.”

“I don’t want you to either but I’m still not telling you a damn thing,” he grumbled stubbornly.

“Do you not understand what happened here tonight?” Levi snipped. “Why your head hurts? Why your lungs feel like shit?”

Eren glared at him.

“Damn it! You tripped and hit your head on something after setting the barn on fire! You could have died!” Levi raged. Does this brat really not get it?

The concern in that steely gaze churned Eren’s stomach with guilt. “Yeah, I know.” The look on Levi’s face told him he expected an explanation, but Eren couldn’t seem to find it in himself to open his mouth and offer him one.

“Please, Eren, just let me help you.”

There it was again, that warm, soothing feeling in his chest that came with the way Levi said his name; blossoming and spreading an entirely different kind of fire all the way to his fingertips.

Eren pulled his knees up to his chest, a telltale sign of his resignation. “My mom’s been sick for a few years,” he began, “they say…” his throat grew tight and his voice strained as he buried his face into his knees. “They’re saying she doesn’t have long. 6 months maybe.”

Levi waited until Eren’s breathing levelled out and the tug on his own heartstrings calmed before speaking again. “I am really sorry to hear that. So, when your mother got sick, is that when you started to burn things?”

Eren poked his head up. He hummed. “No. I set fire to an old couch in the backyard once when I was young. I was grounded for two weeks.” He sighed and straightened himself out, leaning against his seat. “But when my mom got sick, that’s when I started burning things because I was upset. A week after I found out about the cancer, I set a dumpster on fire.” He shook his head. “It was… incredible. The rush, the euphoria. Watching it grow, knowing I helped create something so beautiful.”

“So fire fascinates you?”

Eren nodded. “It always has. It’s gorgeous… bright, constantly changing shape, the sounds, the smells, I love
It. All of it. And knowing it’s – it’s alive, that’s got to be the most fascinating part.”

“I understand. Fire is a beautiful thing,” Levi gave Eren his most stern look yet, “but it’s also very dangerous.”

Eren fidgeted uncomfortably, fingers twisting in his lap without rest.

“I know it probably isn’t what you want to hear, but you need help.”

Eren’s brow tensed and he shot a glare at Levi. “Why do you even care?”

Levi felt anger spark within him. He let out an exasperated growl before planting both arms on the side of the truck, one on either side of Eren’s head, trapping the teen in his seat.

“Because you’re endangering people when you set fires. Because I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to pyromania, and I don’t want that for the people who care about you. Because I know what it’s like to watch someone struggle not to give into every impulse to strike a match, drop it, and watch as things go up in flames. Just because I don’t know you, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to give a shit.”

“Lose a loved one…?” Eren repeated slowly.

Levi sighed and pushed himself off the truck. “My father was a pyromaniac, too. Shortly after my mother died, he got piss-drunk and set an abandoned warehouse on fire. He passed out before he could leave. Died of smoke inhalation before the fire could even spread far enough to char his body.”

“Holy shit.”

“Yeah. Holy shit.” Levi agreed. “Just because you try to make sure it’s as safe as possible, doesn’t mean something won’t go wrong, Eren. Something almost did tonight.”

Eren couldn’t look at him. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not asking you for an apology. What I’m asking is that you get help.”

“I can’t afford help.” Eren looked him dead in the eye. “I’m working 3 jobs and all of my money is going towards my mother’s medical bills.”

Levi had seen his share of victims, people who had lost everything, lost the people they loved. He had carried people out of burning houses, kicking and screaming at him to go back for someone they cared about while the smell of burnt flesh hung in the air.

But in that moment, his heart broke for Eren. For Eren who was working his ass off to keep his mother alive just a little longer. For Eren who was so torn up about it, but had no idea how to deal with his pain in a healthy manner.

Levi could see that young man’s word falling apart in those stunning eyes of his, and it rocked him to his very core that he didn’t have someone who could help him.

“Eren –”

“Ahh, Levi. There you are.”

Levi turned to find an old friend standing behind him. “Erwin,” he greeted pleasantly. He turned back to the brunet behind him. “Eren, this is Officer Smith.”

Nerves wouldn’t allow his mouth to open, only permitted a small wave of his hand.

“Is this the person responsible for the fire?” Erwin asked bluntly, giving Eren a quick once-over.

“No.” Levi answered quickly. “He went in to see if anyone was inside and hit his head. Poor guy passed out.” He threw a pointed look at Eren that told him to speak as little as possible. “He’s lucky we got here when we did.”

“I see,” Erwin said slowly, “and why did you not call 911 before going into a burning building, Eren?”

“My phone died.” Eren blurted.

Shit. He was a terrible liar. How guilty was his expression right now? The exasperated look on Levi’s face said very.

“Of course, of course. And what were you doing so far outside of town?” Erwin pressed.

“My friend lives around here. I was riding over on my bike when I saw the fire.” Another shit lie. Fuck. Fuck. He was going to jail.

Erwin stared at him, as if sizing him up. Whatever he saw seemed to satisfy him. “Well, that seems to check out. Levi, I’ll leave him to you.” He threw Levi a knowing look before walking away.

“Thanks, Erwin.” Levi said with a small smile.

“You didn’t rat me out.” Eren breathed.

“No. You don’t deserve to go to jail, Eren. You have a problem. You need help, not legal charges and time behind bars.” Eren couldn’t help but notice that ‘criminal record’ wasn’t on the list. How the hell did he know?

“But,” Levi interrupted his thoughts, “this comes with a fee.”

Eren swallowed. “What’s that?”

Levi grabbed his hand and yanked it toward him while pulling a pen out of his pocket. “You are to call me the next time you have an urge to ‘light something up.’” He whispered sternly as he scribbled what felt like numbers on the back of Eren’s hand. “I know some techniques and exercises to repress these urges you have. We will meet every two weeks so I can teach them to you and you can practice them.”

He released his hold on Eren’s hand and turned back to him. “Am I understood?”

“Y-Yes sir.”

“Good. Our first meeting will be next Friday. My sister has a cozy little restaurant we can meet at.”

“Hold on,” Eren grinned, “are you asking me out?”

“What?!” Levi gasped, cheeks tinting pink. “No!”

“This is an awful lot of trouble to go to. If you want my number so badly, you just have to ask.”

“That’s not what this is about, you brat!”

“So you wouldn’t go out with me?” Eren questioned softly.

Levi looked at him to find him with eyes so wide and so damn sad that his heart clenched in his chest. Why did this man keep doing that to him?

“Well, I didn’t say that either,” he grumbled petulantly.

“It’s settled then,” Eren beamed, “I’m taking you on a date as a thank you!”

Levi narrowed his eyes at him.

“And I’m going to learn a bunch of things from you?” he added quickly.

“You’d better. I have Erwin on speed dial.”

“Good. Maybe he can lend us some handc–”

Levi refused to let him finish that sentence, he was too busy smothering Eren with the blanket he had provided him with earlier.

This brat screamed trouble. But he also had something about him that gave off the glow of hope.

Levi decided hope was always worth the trouble it came with.

Random tips for vet school


  1. Pick clinics where you’ll be allowed to do the most. This’ll depend on where you are in your training. Start with clinics that have good techs who can show you the basics (blood draws, catheters, restraint techniqes) and go from there. If your school doesn’t have a place where students can review their placements, ask your seniors for recommendations.
  2. Some provinces (/states?) may not allow students to do surgery (desexings). Research where you’re allowed to and plan those for your later rotations (after you’ve had a chance to do some at school)
  3. (Small animal) dental experience is SUPER important. Clinics that let students desex animals typically let you polish and scale +/- simple extractions too
  4. Play around with different anaesthetic protocols. Now is the time to become familiar with as many drugs as possible while the prof is still there to watch and make sure everything goes well
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. Don’t voice your opinion in front of the client unless the vet asks. You don’t have a degree so cannot give medical advice yet. If you’re worried about something, bring it up in private
  7. Respect your techs/nurses. They will save your ass
  8. Treat it like a job. If you leave a good impression the vet will remember you long enough to act as a reference for when you apply for work

Pre-vet school volunteering:

  1. Start early
  2. Treat it like a job. Establish good work ethics. The vet will probably be your reference into vet school +/- reference once you’ve graduated and start looking for work.
  3. Volunteer at multiple clinics (eg GP, emergency, specialist, small animal, large animal, etc)

(Feel free to add more!)