technik museum speyer


Maybe some of you were wondering how I spend Christmas and New Years break and here you are. After celebrating Christmas with my family here in Bavaria I went to Berlin for a Birthday Party and from there two friends and me drove in some kind of road trip to the Odenwald and spend some days there. And at one day we visited the Technik Museum in Speyer and I got to see the Kelly houseboat and their old Bus. You can also see the black Nightliner Tourbus they used later in the 90’s for touring but I couldn’t get a proper pic. Unfortunately you can’t have a look at the inside of the Buses or even the boat but I managed to take a few pics peeking through the little windows. It was really cool to have a look at these things with that much music and personal history written all over it. I mean they really lived on that boat and wrote their music there and stuff. Bit touching though but a really cool experience.