technicolor visions

They were solitary little girls whose loneliness was so profound it intoxicated them and sent them stumbling into Technicolored visions that always included a presence, a someone, who, quite like the dreamer, shared the delight of the dream.
—  Sula by Toni Morrison
The Most Important Label

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Pairing: Veronica x Reader
Word Count: 2,224
Warnings: The reader struggles with their sexual identity. I swear.
Summary: Veronica Lodge is an out and proud bisexual and Reader hasn’t figured it out. All she knows is that she wants to keep kissing Veronica Lodge.
A/N: Dedicating this to anyone out there who is confused about their sexual identity. I am An Old. I still don’t have it figured out and that’s okay. You’re okay if you don’t know. All in our own time, right? Also I didn’t proofread and it’s 3:00 am here.

Kevin Keller coming out was the first time you realized that not all relationships involve a man and a woman. You asked him a lot of questions: How did you know? When did you know? Do your parents know? How did they react? What kind of guy are you attracted to? Can you tell if another person is gay? How did you know what to call yourself? What will you do about kids? Was it hard for you? Are you okay?

Suffice it to say, Kevin isn’t your biggest fan. But the idea that he knew he liked men was baffling to you. His answers didn’t help clear anything up for you: I just do. I’ve always known. Yes, they do. It wasn’t easy for them to hear. The good looking ones. You don’t get a Gaydar app on your phone when you become gay. What do you mean how did I know what to call myself? My name’s been Kevin my whole life. I’m not concerned about kids right now. Is being gay hard? Being a person is hard. Of course I’m okay, are you okay? Jesus.

After that, you learned more about the different orientations: homosexual, bisexual, asexual, demisexual, aromantic… so many that you started to get overwhelmed. You cleared your browser history and forced yourself to stop thinking about it. The dictionary, as your English teacher liked to say, wasn’t written in a day.

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You Bring me Good in my Lonely Life

Summary: Michael Jones was nothing but trouble. Rumours spread about him like a wildfire, a virus, a plague. They say everything he touches burns.
Gavin Free is the new kid, the perfect student, the golden boy. Pure.
But nothing is pure in Los Santos for long.
And maybe Gavin Free wants to burn.
Pairing: Mavin
Word Count: 8,223 words
Warnings: unhealthy relationships, implied/referenced alcohol abuse (see AO3 for more)
A/N:Lowkey(highkey) inspired by this. (I love this fic so much, I credit most of the philosophical talk to that fic honestly). A lot of talk and lines were heavily inspired and borrowed from that fic (it’s all that lovely author’s) but I tried my best to give it my own flair and fit this idea into pre-fahc.Not my views at all, I just wanted to write something like this. I hope this makes sense~ Feel free to ask me questions about what happened. Also, they’re probably OOC, but I tried to make their prominent personality traits stay the same, as with other fics.

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Gavin is the golden boy. The new foreign student slipped into their lives seamlessly; parents fawned over him, students flocked around him. Perfect student, perfect clothes, perfect looks, perfect values, perfect son, perfect charm. Perhaps, the most attractive feature in him, one of the blinding things about him, was that he was pure.

In a city like Los Santos, nothing is pure.

He has no bite to his tongue, no malice behind his actions. Smiles were genuine, laughs weren’t forced. People crave that.

He was pure, until he wasn’t. Tainted in the form of golden curls, freckles, and bursts of oranges reflecting against skin. As the old adage goes: curiosity killed the cat.

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Neon Sign of a Girl

THIS IS A FIC WITH MY CARRY ON OC’s, Natasha Snow-Pitch’s love story! You can get to know my OC’s here, and check out Natasha’s moodboard and Owen’s moodboard! I really hope you like it!

Simon and Baz had hated each other their entire childhood. They fell in love all at once.

They eschewed puppy love for bruised knuckles and singed kisses. The first time their lips touched, they swore they are going to die that way. Bloody fantasies and suicidal crushes. 

Their daughter never saw any of that. Adolescent kisses with fists, fighting in place, that all faded when Simon and Baz grew up. Their love after Watford became more sugar than salt. By the time they adopted Natasha Snow-Pitch, it was all pumpkin mocha breves and decorative throw pillows.

Natasha’s dads liked to tell her she would find love in the most unexpected of places. They’d tell her that, looking at each other with blushing cheeks like they were 18 and the world was on fire all over again. They’d tell her that she’d fall in love with the one person she never thought she would.

But Natasha never found unexpected love.

She knew the moment she met him, so when love came, she knew right where she’d find it.

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Life in Technicolor: 11 trippy visions of the future by student architects
From Game of Thrones-inspired castle estates to spiraling pink robo-slides, this year’s graduate architecture shows offer a window to escapist fantasy lands.
By Oliver Wainwright

Architects might be known for wearing black, as if in permanent mourning for the lives they once had, and for spending months searching for the perfect shade of grey. But judging by this year’s student shows, that monochromatic hegemony is under threat: the next generation appears to be plotting a psychedelic revolution. 


How Many Colors Can We See?

Quick Questions cracks the code of color vision, color blindness, and even newly discovered sort of technicolor vision!