technicolor skull

a-human-between-two-scorpions  asked:

I want to join in on the band names thing. Made up band names from a group chat: Rusty Hot Garbage, Metal Fish Mobile, Octigenarian Barbarians, Zombies in the Cornfield, Moleman Joe and his Technicolor Ferriday Cage, Monkey Skull Chili Bowl, Non-Euclidean Haircuts, Jailtime for Orphans, Deadlift Flamingo, Maggie and the Beasts, Rabbit and Costello, Bunny and Clyde, Arcane Cosmetics, and many more which I can't find right now.

Rusty Hot Garbage: A crust punk band with a steampunk motif that plays on never-before-seen instruments they made out of things they found at the junkyard.

Metal Fish Mobile: A marching band that covers songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Octigenarian Barbarians: Viking metal grandpas that perform at Renaissance Faires.

Zombies in the Cornfield: A bluegrass Misfits cover band.

Moleman Joe and His Technicolor Ferriday Cage: An Aquabats-style band that writes educational comedy songs about science fiction mining safety.

Monkey Skull Chili Bowl: There’s only one instrument in this here band, and that’s bongos. There are fifteen members and it’s bongos all the way down, my man. The vocals are just a text-to-speech program reading out chili recipes written by one of those predictive text programs.

Non-Euclidean Haircuts: A cybergoth nerdcore rap duo.

Jailtime for Orphans: Neo-Victorian harpsichord pop songs about Oliver Twist.

Deadlift Flamingo: Dropkick Murphys songs covered in the style of Jimmy Buffet.

Maggie and the Beasts: A bunch of cats on stage while my friend Maggie sings public domain songs with absolutely no backing track whatsoever.

Rabbit and Costello: High-energy electro-swing that’s engineered specifically to get amateur magicians pumped for their next birthday party.

Bunny and Clyde: An old school hip-hop group that raps exclusively in 20s slang.

Arcane Cosmetics: An experimental music project where I try to “cover” The Adventure Zone soundtrack using only mouth noises while I also do a makeup tutorial.