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what are your favorite showtunes? I'm trying to get into musical theater and i'd love to hear your suggestions!

Ahh this is a hard question, but i’ve compiled a list of a bunch of showtunes that I really love for you :D 

just for reference:

  • obc means original broadway cast
  • orc means original revival cast
  • olc means original london cast
  •  * indicates that it’s a personal favorite
  • + indicates loud noise or flashing lights

some classics:

songs that give me shivers:

songs to belt when you’re on your own:

great ensemble songs:

literally the funniest songs in existence: 

other really great songs:

i’d highly suggest checking out the entire soundtracks of:

[blanket cw for death and murder in many of the musicals listed]

I know I gave you a lot to check out, as i said, the asterisked songs are my favorites, so i’d suggest checking those out first. let me know if you have 

if anyone has any they want to add, please feel free!

Blind Dating {S.M}

requested// imagine where your best friend’s boyfriend is on the hockey team with Shawn and you go to the game and they introduce you to Shawn

author’s note// this imagine has a lil twist like i’m kind of obsessed w/ it. 

masterlist || link to part two

Joey’s hand slipped into yours, his fingers lacing through yours, slightly putting your nerves at ease. His fingers pressed firmly against your knuckles. It made you feel a whole lot better, but it really didn’t expunge all of the tension of the situation. 

“Y/n, it’s completely okay, he’s hot.” Joey insists as he leans over a bit, whispering so no one can hear you. You turned your head and looked up at him, giving him a weak smile. 

“I sure hope so.” You huffed, giving Joey’s hand a squeeze. 

“Y/n you saw a picture, now you’re just trying to be difficult.” Joey nudged against you, causing you to bump into a couple of girls in front of you in line. You instantly received looks of antipathy from those girls. 

“No, I am not. Joseph. I am not getting my hopes up.” You straightened your spine, pulling your hand away from his. 

“First of all, stop calling me Joseph I am most certainly not the guy with the technicolor dream coat. Second of all, stop being so damn picky! I’m literally in line to buy you some fruit gushers and I got you into this game for free, so give me a break.” He insisted. You rolled your eyes at him a bit. 

“It is only because your boyfriend is on the team.” You nudge Joey just a bit. 

“And Shawn has been handpicked by my boyfriend for you, and if you haven’t noticed, Leo has impeccable taste.” Joey flipped some imaginary hair. You rolled your eyes yet again. Joey felt bad for you. It was obvious. Your boyfriend of two years (you started dating freshman year and it lasted two whole years, it was a serious relationship) dumped you for the new girl as soon as he laid eyes on her. It was very insolent and insensitive, and for two months you were completely broken. All of your friends, especially Joey, did everything they could to get you out of that self loathing funk. And just a couple weeks ago, they did, and you felt things start getting back to normal. So of course, Joey decides it’s perfect time to get you a new boyfriend. So of course, Joey asks his own boyfriend to pick a guy from his hockey team. So of course, Leo chooses Shawn. Shawn is great at hockey, but he is also a singer who is a little bit internet famous and went on a tour over the summer to meet some fans and he also is going to release an album pretty soon and a world tour isn’t far behind. Basically, this kid is completely unattainable. 

“Not really he chose you.” You teased, letting a stretching grin spread across your face as you looped your arm through his. 

“Okay, now that hurt. And now i’m not buying you fruit gushers.” Joey pulled his arm away, and started to walk off. 

“Joey!” You shrieked, grabbing his hand and pulling him back in line. “I’m sorry, Leo has amazing taste. You are such a catch, you’re a literal model, if you weren’t gay I would date you so fast. I’m literally in love with you.” You pulled at his arm, him giving you disapproving looks as he knew you were kidding. 

“Jesus, I didn’t realize you wanted those fruit gushers so bad. I might need to tell Leo to rethink, cause you’re so needy.” 

You an Joey sat down in the very front, since Leo had reserved the seats so you could get a good look at Shawn in action, and Joey could see Leo. It was awkward. You were surrounded by the parents of these boys and they occasional girlfriend. One of the girlfriend’s of one of the player came up to Joey and hugged him. It was really weird. It’s like they had a secret society for the lovers of the hockey players. 

“He is number fourteen.” Joey leaned over to you, pointing to a really tall guy that currently had control of the disk… or ball? Or whatever the hell you called those things. He was cute. Okay, cute was a tad bit of an understatement. He was absolutely adorable on about seventeen different levels. He was someone you legitimately wanted to date. Like actually date. You wanted to tell yourself that you should not be basing your feelings towards someone strictly off of appearance. But dang, he was freaking precious. 

“You approve?” Joey nudges you a little bit, his eyes still glued to his own boyfriend. 

“Oh yeah.” You huffed. 

You weren’t gonna lie, Leo did pretty good on this. 

The game was over. Joey said they won, which is good because he would be in a good mood, and it’d be a whole lot better than if they lost and he was all salty and whatnot. 

So naturally, you stood awkwardly by the locker room along with the girls you sat near during the game, as they all tried to one up each other in whose boyfriend was the hottest, or the best hockey player, or whatever. Shawn won all of them by a long shot. 

“Joey, you coming to the game next weekend? It’s away.” A girl with incredibly long jet black hair questions him, as all the heads of the girls turn. You’ve learned that Joey makes most of them slightly uncomfortable, but some are his close friends. 

“Yeah, y/n here may possibly be coming along.” Joey elbows you in the ribs a bit. 

“Why is she here?” Some girl with hair as curly as a labradoodle scoffed, shooting daggers at you. 

“Leo set her up with Shawn.” Joey shrugged nonchalantly. All of the girls’s mouths dropped, and you could tell they were about to say something. 

But then the boys walked out. And the squealing started. They all ran to their respecting boyfriends, pushing through the players without girlfriends to get to their man.

“Oh my god, you did amazing!”

“You were the best one out there!”

“I love you so much!”

You kinda stood there, with Joey, as you both waited for Shawn and Leo. Joey looked over at you, giving you a weak smile right before you saw them. Joey walked quickly over to Leo, embracing him hugely as Leo kissed him on the cheek. Some girls, and even some players, got quite a bit uncomfortable. That pissed you off, because you hated people like that. You wanted to scream at them. Leo and Joey were just like them. 

But your attention was drawn away when Shawn patted Leo on the back and started to walk towards you. His white teeth flashing at you, nearly blinding you. His long strides seemed to take forever, and you felt the gazes of all the girls land firmly on you. 

“You’re Y/n, right?” His hand went behind his neck, rubbing it a bit. The sweat was glistening on his forehead, and he looked as cute as anyone could possibly look in that oversized jersey thing. He was adorable. You found yourself at an utter loss for words. 

“Umhum.” Was all that you could manage to get out. 

“Leo told me about you. He said you were Joey’s best friend, and you were super into film making and stuff?” Your cheeks turned red. Some people thought film makers were crazy, at least at your school they did. They called you freaks and nerds. “I think that’s super cool.” Your shoulders slumped in a relaxed form, his words putting you at ease. 

“Thanks. What you do on the ice is super cool too.” Your hands entwine in front of you. His face turned a shade of pink, which could easily be mistaken for him being sweaty. 

“Thanks for coming.” He laughed a little. “To the game I mean. I saw you, and I got excited. From the second Leo showed me your picture I couldn’t wait to meet you. Of course, the photo didn’t do you any justice. You’re beautiful.” Your face begins to burn. 

“Thank you. You are pretty… um good looking yourself.” You look down at the floor, smiling, not being able to look him in the eyes. 

“Yanno, I know we were supposed to go on a double date with Joey and Leo.” He started, “But we could go somewhere. Just us.” He suggested. Almost instantaneously, you nodded. 

“I’d love that.” Shawn’s eyes lit up and he took your hand entwining his fingers with yours. 

And for some reason, his hands entwined with yours calmed you much more than Joey’s. 

author’s note// THIS IS TRASH YOU GuuuuUUUySS i’m so sorry this had so much potential and went strAIght to the gutter the next one will be better i promise. 

My final piece for…
An art show Daniel Krall is heading up located in the Julian Allen Gallery @ MICA!
Show opens March 28th, go check it out if your in the area!

I will have prints of the at Emerald City Comicon this weekend in Seattle.
Exhibitors table 1404! Come say hi :)

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"Ygh'thfthoth and his Technicolor Human Skin Coat: a moral story"

Wilbur Whateley, Keziah Mason and Herbert West are stuck together on a train, debating the value of their respective methods for the destruction of humanity- magic, religion, and science.  In the process they learn that the great old ones are accepting of all dark arts, and all humanity is part of the great technicolor pattern which grants glory to the eldritch forces.


Melissa Benoist

→ “I was eleven years old, and I loved Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, at that point. And my mom was so sweet and she made me my own technicolor dream coat. And I had a themed birthday party, you had to dress up as your favorite musical character. None of my friends knew who to dress up as because I was the only one that liked musicals.”

My mum phoned me to tell me she made me a bag to carry my notebook and art supplies, but warned me that she used “all sorts of colors at random” and that it looked “very weird, not sure you’ll like it”. Since my current bag is twelve years old and has been repaired five times already, I was like whatever, I’ll use the new one anyway, thank you very much!

So today she gave me the bag.


Oh my god.

Just look at it.

I have no words.

There’s one thing missing, though…


the signs as slant rhymes from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Aries: the dreams of our dear brother are the decade's biggest yawn/his talk of stars and golden sheaves is just a load of corn
  • Taurus: first the butler trembling took the floor/nervously he spoke of what he saw
  • Gemini: all these things you saw in your pajamas/are a long range forecast for your farmers
  • Cancer: we will starve if we hang around here/but in egypt there's food going spare
  • Leo: well the thin cows were as thin as they had ever ever ever been/well this dream has got me baffled, hey joseph wont you tell me what it means
  • Virgo: dont rely on all i said i saw/its just that i have not been wrong before
  • Libra: and his father couldn't see the danger/he could not imagine any danger
  • Scorpio: to the beginning/the light is dimming
  • Sagittarius: hey joseph help us if you can/weve had dreams that we dont understand
  • Capricorn: just give me a number instead of my name/forget all about me and let me decay
  • Aquarius: shalala joseph youre doing fine/you and your dreamcoat ahead of your time
  • Pisces: find a man to lead you through the famine/with a flare for economic planning
Holy Warriors (Dynasty Warriors Bible Edition) Musou Attacks

Adam: A Giant Tree Grows in front of him, he yanks it out of its roots and swings it in front of him.

Eve: A giant tree grows out of the ground, the fruit drop down and explode.

Cain: Grabs a guy, throws him onto the ground, then pulls up a giant rock and crushes him.

Noah: Ark appears and steamrolls everyone in front of him.

Abraham: Summons an army of spirit warriors since he’s the “father of many nations”

Issac: Since he was named “laughter” I was thinking a psychotic Joker-like dagger slash.

Jacob: Since he wrestled with God at night, he should grab his opponent and lay down an epic submission move similar to Greninja’s Final Smash

Joseph: Summons the sun and moon and eleven stars, all the while his technicolor coat is whooshing around.

Moses: He parts everyone with a red health bar in front him.

Joshua: Summons a giant wall which he then smashes scattering the debris.

Deborah: Plays a song which destroys everything around her.

Gideon: Pulls dew from the earth and water ends it to attack enemies.

Samson: Flicks his hair and punches a giant shockwave (moveset is donkey jawbone)

Samuel: throws oil around and sets it on fire.

David: 1000mph sling.

Solomon: 600 wife stampede.

Elijah: Giant pillar of fire shoots down.

Esther: F**k it. give her a laser cannon.

Job: Shoots out a pestilence cloud.

Isiah: Light falls down from heaven and smites everything.

Daniel: Dream statue appears and attacks.

Joel: Locust swarm.

Jonah: Giant fish comes out and eats people, like Fizz’s ult in League of Legends.

Mary: (no idea but imagine her having to fight enemies while trying to get to Bethlehem)

Jesus: Automatic win.


So I am delighted to be able to introduce FrogMaster Raymond, wearing his amazing technicolor coat of the Dark Arts!

The idea of him actually being a frog came very early - I knew I could never find a doll that would resemble Master Raymond, and so thinking laterally, a soft toy frog seemed logical! 😀 But then I had to find one.

Obviously I have had to simplify the coat, and in fact have made it a waistcoat, mostly because of his large arms! 😆 And each panel picture has been somewhat simplified too, the bottom left one particularly : I’ve only embroidered one wing, but I didn’t want to overpower the panel with too much needlework (or my fingers, tbh)

And of course, he had to have a wig! 😆

outlanderedandoverhere xxx