JM and I both agree, this is one of our favorite songs on Scorpio Little Devil from our Revival Hour project ( We were channeling all of the Bacharach and Dusty Springfield we could muster. JM’s birthday is on Wednesday, and maybe he doesn’t know this, but I’d written this song to him while he was out about town one day when we were living in Rochester. He lives in Abilene Texas now, and I’m up here in Brooklyn, texting each other pictures of the dogs we meet. Our shared apartment was near the Genessee river, which runs north, fueled by the Alleghany Mountains in Pennsylvania and emptying out into Lake Ontario, and also near the Erie canal which had been rerouted from just north of us, to just south when the city was booming. Water and memory.


A little something I’ve always wanted to do- Special effects from the 1920’s to the 1940’s.

For the sake of sanity, I left off some details of the traveling matte processes…. them’s pretty complicated things!

(Hm I gotta work on my graphic design chops…. gettin kinda rusty)