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Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Day 4 | Love

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”
Lisa Weedn

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“Gohan, take care of your mother for me. She needs you.”

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“Goten, you gonna take care of Mom for me?”

At first, this is just like normal stuff you’d expect him to say, but after my latest chapter I was thinking…

Chi-Chi was kinda left alone for a year when Goku dies the first time - she didn’t have Gohan b/c Piccolo took him, and none of Goku’s friends were particularly close or nice enough to really check in on her (except Krillin but he was only doing it b/c he needed to tell her that Goku was dead and Gohan was w/ Piccolo, tho technically that’s not in the manga but I’m not one of those people so I had to mention how Krillin popped in at least once). I mean, yeah, she had her dad, but that can only go so far for so long, especially considering how he’s kinda got a kingdom to run and whatnot. SO. ANYWAY.

After that and how upset Chi-Chi clearly was over the whole ordeal cause she was SO PISSED at him - Goku makes sure to tell his sons to watch over Chi-Chi, first when he sacrifices himself against Cell, and then when they all think Gohan is dead in Buu and he tells Goten to watch over her for him, and like…

Even during the Namek/Frieza stuff she’s kinda shown hanging out with the others at Capsule Corp and whatnot so I get the impression that they were asked to watch over her, too, but I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not - that’s just a suspicion/headcanon. (I mean, she did want to rush after her husband and son and was on Dr. Brief’s ass all the time about getting a spaceship to send her up there after them)  


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Tbf though since you can casually have 5 headed dragons and shape shifting teenagers would furies even be a thing? I feel like the community would be more like 'lol casual' than kink shaming

mmm…i mean, they still have a distinction between actual animal and people don’t they? like khoshekh is still considered a cat, the beagle puppy is still called a dog (though it’s probably just possessing a dog), and other animals are just…animals. in the case of hiram mcdaniels, he has sentience, can talk, and he’s also a fantasy creature. he’s technically not an animal. same with josh crayton (who’s original form is human/humanoid anyways)

so i’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that there are furries in night vale due to that. 

IMAGINE Maul and Ahsoka becoming platonic flatmates and disagreeing with how to deal with their annoying Inquisitors neighbors...

Ahsoka: Maul! How many times have I told you, bisecting your neighbors is wrong! Haven’t your read the houserules I told you about when you moved in with me? Thou shall not bisect thy neighbor?

Maul: He started cutting through my rosebushes again with those stupid spinny lightsabers

Eighth Brother: *offscreen* ARGGGGH THE PAIN!

Ahsoka: Whatever, anyway, I’m inviting my friend Kanan and his apprentice Ezra for dinner. But don’t try pulling anything. Kanan is still pissed at you after that incident with the red lightsaber and the fact you tried to steal his apprentice.

Maul: Hey now, I really wanted an apprentice.

Ahsoka: Also, I’m inviting Darth Vader. I mean, he’s on the Dark Side, but he technically is still Anakin and has his memories so we can catch up on old times.

Maul: What? No, but that guy stole my place…

Ahsoka: Also, Darth Vader wants to bring Darth Sidious with him too. Better start cookin’.

Maul: BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR? *hyperventilates*


Ahsoka: What you usually do, like bare your torso and slap a bow tie over it.

wooo!! Ryan got me the Natural Love palette (well I mean technically I did as he owed me the money anyway) I’m so excited like on one hand I obviously have a problem but on the other it is perfect and beautiful so


Chapter: Prologue, 1

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

AU: Arabian Past Life

Rating: T (for language and some sensitive material)

Word Count: 8,226

Summary: “Well,” Plagg started as he began to think of a devious idea. “This princess you’re supposed to be meeting is technically a guest, right?”

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long. After I posted the prologue I had finals and then surgery after that and then recovery put me in all kinds of moods……. ANYWAY!!!!!! Here’s an update!!!! Hopefully the next one won’t take so long. And sorry if there’s some errors or confusion in this….. I didn’t use a beta reader this time…. Also, if you try to chat with @new-life-means-new-chances about this or anything else, she wanted me to let y’all now that she lost the blog and can’t get in anymore. :(




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the apple strudel of my eye series is... i mean technically it is rob getting hurt but it's sport getting REALLY ANXIOUS bc he's hurt so i guess it counts? it's more funny than tragic until the third installment but it's a great series anyway.

ye i really like that series!! thanks both @ u and @celepom for reminding me of it!

So this past week

1. Someone left me because I’m to depressed and stressed and they are too stressed, but I think more reasons to that we’re because he has feelings for someone and his friends are people I don’t like so he probably didn’t like hanging out with them with me in the back of his mind or something and chose them even though I said they’re his friends and it’s whatever, he never loved me, I think he thought he did but he didn’t, and this okai he doesn’t even know what love is yet. He said he wanted to be friends and all this other stuff so I left? I mean technically he left first and he was already gone and it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. I’m relieved. Because we’ll never have another conversation again…he left and I can’t accept that because of how he handled it, I can’t let him back in my life ever and I’m relieved, that it’s over for good this time.
Although him leaving for the reasons he did made me think “SEE EVERYONE WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU!!!”
2. I decided to kill myself and this was before the morning of the thing that happened with him and there’s no way it’d be about him so no
I cut, a lot, then decided , but instead I texted my nanny goodnight because I thought I could at least say that last thing to her and when she responded I realized that i have always had her
Regardless of the people who treated me bad and left and etc. she’s been there since day one, and even tho I do feel alone I also know that she does too, and I couldn’t do that. So I called Andre which is probably the best person in my life other than nanny, and I cried before hand so he didn’t have to deal with that but he ask some questions and I answered and he didn’t push and I talked some but not much and I ask if he’d stay on the phone with me and he did and I went to sleep even though I didn’t want to and woke up with a text from him saying how much he loves me and how if he ever were to not love me it means he never truly did, that he’d always be there for me no matter what, and etc. I feel like I could believe him and trust him in that but experience has taught me otherwise. But out of all the people in my life, Andre is the one who DESERVES my trust. He’s been really patient and supportive and that means a lot, because he’s the only one who knows what happened and though he doesn’t completely understand he knows I’m in a lot of pain whether I feel it or not.
3. I talked to my school counselor about grades and such
And school stress
She basically said my path isn’t the only path (many paths lead to the same destination) then that I’ll probably have to do summer school and that it’s okai, we just talked about how basically way to much emphasis is put in high school, I still don’t believe in all this crap but she answered some of my questions, and I guess after talking about it with an adult in the education system as a guidance counselor helped me somewhat, I left feeling somewhat lighter than when I went in, I stayed after school the same day and got some chem helped and worked on my sculpting project and let my band teacher listen to be okay my challenge which I won today
4. I think that I’ve come to terms with that I don’t know what I’m going and thy I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I know what I want and I’ll do my best, but if my best is t good enough I’ll find something else. I know that this is going to wear off. I don’t know if there is any part of me left but i feel like no matter how hard life tries to permanently kill my fire, I’ll relight myself again someday, because like I used to say nothing lasts forever, and that’s the bad things included so I’m trying to stay focused on school and remain as stress free as possible because I can’t take being so over whelmed I hate it
So I’m kinda just gonna chill I guess
I know my depression and anxiety won’t let me and that trying to fight that will cause some stress and ugh even typing this ugh no I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it
One step at a time

     Can we just talk about how Sasuke didn’t actually kill his brother? At least directly. Itachi’s blood is not on his hands. Maybe forcing him to use those abilities killed him, but Itachi knew he was dying anyways, sought to bring Sasuke closer to his level so that he could impart his eyes and give his brother the protection he’d need against Madara and whatever crazy thing is thrown his way.

     Itachi unlocked every aspect of his eyes that he could possibly unlock throughout the course of his short life in the hopes that one day his brother would confront him, strong enough to sustain the use of these new abilities and he did this so that Sasuke wouldn’t have to go through the horrors to do it himself. As we all know the Sharingan is activated by extreme grief/regret and the Mangekyou via stealing or being gifted someone else’s eyes. Imagine what Itachi went through to do this for his brother.

     I’m convinced that it literally was solely for the moment they’d fight, the timing being impeccable. Even Zetsu noticed that Itachi wasn’t up to snuff from the beginning of their battle. Lets face it, if Itachi was actually evil, and if he’d been fighting whole heartedly to survive, Sasuke would never in a thousand lifetimes been able to defeat Itachi. Not once.

     But Sasuke never deals the final blow. Barely even gets a few hits in and then he’s hit with the power of Susanoo. Itachi’s standing, his blade is not bloody, his hands are clean, he’s beaten to an exhausted mess and… Then Itachi just keels over. It’s not a victory he’s proud of because in the end he was still too weak to kill him, but he is the last surviving Uchiha (not really) and his revenge is ‘taken’. More like gifted.

     It feels hollow to him. Void of everything he thought it would feel like. Not that he understands why, this is what he’s worked for his whole life and yet…

I can’t remember if I told you guys this or not, but I have a funny army story.

I was in for 6 years and our operations and training tempo was so high that by the time I was finally getting out, I had something like 3 months of leave saved up.  As a result I went on terminal leave, which means I was technically still in the army, but I didn’t have to report to anyone or come in to work or anything and I was supposed to be using that time to complete my outprocessing paperwork.  I was kind of taking my sweet time doing that and my company sergeant major called me in for a talk.  

My battalion was gearing up for a deployment so the usual army thing where someone tries to talk you into reenlisting didn’t really happen, so I guess the sergeant major took it upon himself.  Anyway, he was pretty harsh and yelled at me over the phone about dragging my feet getting out and gave me 30 minutes to be in his office, in uniform.  The thing is, on my off time I had gone back on hormones, had gotten a french manicure, and had been going out at night with a more feminine appearance.

So.  I went in to his office.  The sergeant major was really laying into me about how he knew my type.  He was convinced that I was a ‘lifer’ and that within six months of getting out of the army I’d be trying to get back in.  He’s going on and on about how war is in my blood and I’ll go crazy without a fight and then he just stops in mid-sentence and squints at me.  He leans in closer.

“Sergeant…. are you wearing makeup?”

I nearly shit myself and stammered out some bullshit about how I had no idea what he was talking about and I had dark circles under my eyes and that must be what he was talking about.  He just gave me a funny look, dismissed me, and told me I needed to have my clearance papers done in 2 days or he’d cancel my leave.


The Hobbit | Jurassic World AU

“I need you. I need your help, Thorin. My nephew and his friend, they’re out in the valley, please, if anything happens to them…”

When a genetically modified asset manages to escape containment, Jurassic World executive Bilbo Baggins believes the worst has happened to his young visitors. However, he knows the only person on the island that can help save them is Thorin Oakenshield, the raptor trainer he just so happens to have a history with. Between the two of them, they’ll have the best chance to find the boys, sway the odds with a few extra sets of teeth, and perhaps put an end to this greatest of calamities.

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i mean we’ve seen loki crying in whitespace before after being confronted by technically another version of himself and admitting he’s not the exactly loki he appears to be (yeah i know the YA ones are out of order but i figured that was the best crying drama queen panel so i used it anyway)