i mean we’ve seen loki crying in whitespace before after being confronted by technically another version of himself and admitting he’s not the exactly loki he appears to be (yeah i know the YA ones are out of order but i figured that was the best crying drama queen panel so i used it anyway)

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LOL! You say you can't take LHY anywhere, but technically wasn't HE taking you places? Hmmmm? :P The man with the car makes the rules, and if that means commandeering your clothes and beloved Mjolnir, then so be it. HA! :P (P.S. - I know you were kidding in your post, and I am too. I'm just clarifying, because my sense of humor doesn't always translate well through text alone.)

Idk. A little dry I think. Humor is hard to portray anyways through writing. Even harder coming from someone I don’t know. Even MORE difficult from an Anon. Its truly an art not many can master. I’m more of a visual person myself. So if you want to, I don’t know, Push grapes down the sidewalk with your nose; I might smile over that. Hitting ones self with a whipped cream pie would be pretty funny too. If all else fails theres always sock puppets!

Flynn becomes a gem, with a crystal gem version because it’s obligatory u know he would join the rebellion and die but anyway i made a little ref thing sorry i had to doodle it badly because my ocd is being a humongous arse my tablet pen just rly sucks and they keep breaking the damn nibs. more information below tha cut

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So I'm a guy and this other guy was dm'ing me from our friends Twitter but I knew it was him cause he's always doing it. Anyways we were basically sending each other memes for about 30 mins I guess 😩 but he's straight I'm bi but nobody knows that. But in my mind we were technically flirting and he is my new crush 😍😛 what do you think? 👀😂

Lol I see you babe, I’d crush too 😂
I mean the fact that he was down to DM you for like thirty minutes is a good sign, you never know people can surprise you lol.

Ps I’m lowkey freaking out that there are guys on this blog lmao

part two of that last script

authors note: if u havent seen the first part then geck the heck out of here!!!

authors other note: i mean its not like you missed anything important though

heres a link to the first part in case u r very cool

now without further ado

The Big Soccer Tournament Part Two


anyway so they start to play some “highly illegal indoor soccer” and they say various catch phrases and tallstar falls over a lot and he coughs a lot too

tallstar is given the handicap however that he is allowed to use any part of his body since its 1: technically not his hands and 2: he cant really hold the ball with it so its not like he could cheat

ballhat is pretty good at soccer but he wishes he could get into basketball to shoot some hoops

the masked feller is decent at sports, hes really well rounded sports wise, but hes not so good at them, but hes equally O.K. at the different sports

joe is alright but he would rather be goalie. maybe if they can get the mysterious background guy to play and when the poet comes back they can have a fuller team since right now nobody’s goalieing.

(for a second there spellcheck accepted goalieing as a word.)

bright is a good ref but nobody messed up so bright just kept score

the score is tied at 6/6 game point, joe and mask guy have the ball

joe: ok this is the part where we win or lose

joe: Which, i suppose, would have been the entire game too but mostly during this part. The Climax

ballhat: just kick it

joe: ok

joe kicks it directly into tallstars… chest? center, and tallstar falls flat on his “back” i guess.

bright: time out, obviously.

joe and ballhat rush over to his aid. ballhat doesnt really need to rush since hes actually already right there.

ballhat: are you alright???

joe: Im truly very sorry, that was an accident.

tallstar: *hack, cough* hey, dont worry, *cough* better you hit me than the lights.

they all look at the light they broke last week in a comedic and well timed fashion. its really funny.

tallstar: i can still play i *dry cough* i just need some help getting up.

tallstar: achoo!

ballhat: bless you

tallstar: thanks

joe: well, you can have the ball if youd like

tallstar: no im really fine… its your ball.

ballhat, whispering: only for the purposes of this game

joe: If you insist.

they head back and finish the game and ballhat totally owns the other team but i cant write about that since i dont do good about soccer

basically he did a cool kick

bright: good game everyone, congratulations ballhat and tallstar, better luck next time.

ballhat: good game

joe: good game

tallstar: good game

the masked guy doesnt really understand why everyone is saying good game but he knows the game is over so he just heads back to his room.

ballhat: *walking over to talk to the ref* hey thanks for getting the mask guy to play for the other guy

bright: hes got a name you know

ballhat: yeah but i dont know it

bright: fair enough

ballhat: how did you do it anyway

bright: what do you mean?

ballhat: how did you convince the one with the mask to play

bright: i just asked him and he said yes.

ballhat: oh

bright: what did you expect

ballhat: i dont know…

awkward silence

ballhat: well ill see you later

bright: see ya

tallstar: bye man

ballhat gets his ball and goes to his room.

bright and tallstar stand there for a second looking at each other and then just walk back to their rooms


ok so i finally caught up on teen wolf and honestly i am a little/lot unsatisfied with 5A tbh. i mean yes, it’s only half a season technically since they are splitting the storyline but i just feel weird and depressed after the finale. like wow way to shit on scott. we get enough of that from the fans, do they really need to shit on him in the show????? anyway yay mama mccall still backing him up, but honestly so much chaos in that ep.

but also trACY IS BACK. YAAAASSSSSS. honestly theo can be as shift as he wants if it means he brings back some dead ladies. now can he go grab allison too? please? but yeah i’m so glad we get to see her next season. 

also waiting for scott and stiles to actually have a damn discussion about their break up so they can then make up.

jeez  i am basically forced to watch 5B now since they left me with so many cliff hangers ugh. whY CAN’T THEY LET ME JUST QUIT THIS SHOW ALREADY. 

shit-that-texas-girl replied to your post:I wish “doing an expirement” was a good enough…

my doctor will do it asap. but like he gives me insulin for my mom every time im in his office making the prescription basically useless.

heh. Well, my nutritionist is brilliant, and also a PhD in Biochemistry, so he knows his shit thoroughly. He has an idea and wants me to test it out. I don’t know if I could convince my doctor to let me have it, though. I mean, I AM diabetic, and I have been on insulin before, I just don’t technically need it from her standpoint, anyway. I’m not inexperienced, but I just don’t know if she’d go for it. There is insulin available OTC through WalMart in some states (NY is one of them) but it’s not the kind of insulin he is asking about. I wish I had a friend who could write me a script for it…

thoughts on today’s match.

So last night I was chatting with gutilicious, as is our way, and I made a joke about how you can technically play an entire squad of midfielders plus a GK.  That totally doesn’t mean I was advocating for that arrangement, I just meant that you could.  Theoretically.  

… Anyway I didn’t expect that would happen.

Why take out Jesé? I know he’s still a little green but he’s good and he was taking shots.  And if you’re gonna take Jesé out, why not play Ronaldo as a true forward?  I don’t hate Benitez, I just don’t quite follow the logic.  Cause seriously that looked like a 4-5-1 out there.

Also someone get Cuellar a medal.  Man of the match for Sporting.

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((Sends over three of my muses' names for the FMK meme: Kaito, Saguru, Sakura. Have fun.))

New FMK Game

“… What is that third one supposed to mean.” He’s totally not blushing, his poker face is much better than that, but – still, okay. Just going to pretend that the third option means in an argument or something, because – yeah, just not going to think about it. 

“I’d… Okay, so mugging / jumping Hakuba’s twin, she’s annoying anyway so…” Might manage to steal her handcuffs so she wouldn’t cuff him again, because wow was that annoying even though he could technically figure out a way to escape from it. He’d just rather not deal with that in general, okay. Easier for both of them.

“As for punching, I’d punch Hakuba. He kind of needs some sense knocked into his head about keeping us safe and telling the aforementioned sister about what’s going on, so that works.”

Which, unfortunately. “… And submit to the other Kaito, because at least I wouldn’t be submitting to one of those detective stick-in-the-muds. It’s just another version of me, technically, so…”

Yeah, now he’s just going to glare at everyone. Why does life hate him.

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Questions for the Mun
              ♪♩♫ Does music inspire your muse? What’s one song on your playlist that reminds you of your muse?

Oh, music inspire me in general. The way I do my blog, more so.. Though, I do like to put whatever music I think fits to the feeling of who Minho is — which, in a way, is technically how I can behave? There are times where I make Minho the way I think he would be, but then there are times where I just spout right out of him; and that is how my music taste comes into him. I can’t choose one song.. Not possible – Every song on my playlist, check it. (I mean, I know you already love it but anyways.)

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waht does technically yeah mean? and 'real'? lol..

for dance lmao like costume changes & whatnot :) and real wasn’t the best word but i think the q was more like in a sexual/intimate way so yeah last time was in may 

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(reallly tall anon) nope i meant rose! but, technically rainbow quartz is sorta rose, so you kinda got it anyway

rose was like my second guess but i wasnt sure if she was really tall enough

i mean she is tall but does she count as ‘really tall’. i means he would ordinarily but in a series with like opal and sugilite and all the other fusions theres quite a bit of Tallness Creep

stil at elast i got 50% thats better than like 40% or even 0%


Awww… I don’t know what I thought would be the happiest ending for Wojtek. I mean, he was raised by people and therefore was technically domesticated (well, TAMED, anyway.) so he couldn’t very easily be released into the Wild safely… but I hate to think of him in an old timey zoo, missing his soldiers. Still, fascinating story. I love bears.