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Cloud Diner: A Bellarke Soulmates AU

Summary: Clarke Griffin dreams about the same boy every night after her father’s death. He helps her through tough times and she returns the favor. There’s no way he’s real, right?

WC: ~6,500  [AO3]

A/N: The love of my life and bane of my existence, aka goldenfredheckledfart (yeah…I know) gave me the idea for this fic and has been telling me to write it for ages. I kept claiming that it would take like, five chapters minimum to capture its glory, not to mention a bunch of plot holes I had no idea how to fill. BUT since I love her and her birthday was last week, here it is in flesh and blood. Thanks also to my bae romancereadercoffeedrinker for helping me with the end and shout out to okteivia-blakes, because, by some happy coincidence, her recent vigilantes fic and this one both feature the same [SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING] ‘I only know the first letter of your name, and wow, what a coincidence that I’m meeting someone who looks a lot like you and has a name that starts with that letter’ trope, and it made me laugh. 

Clarke meets him when she’s thirteen and her father is two weeks dead.

And by ‘meets’ she means she dreams him into being. She must still be pretty messed up in the head; Why else would she make up someone who wants nothing to do with her?

In her dream, she walks into a 1950s style diner that’s nearly identical to the one her father used to take her to on his days off work, complete with red vinyl seats and checkered linoleum floor. And it seems perfectly natural, as things do in dreams, that when she looks out the windows, nothing surrounds the establishment but fluffy white clouds and a clear blue sky.

She orders a chocolate milkshake—because that’s what you do in diners—before she notices him, sulking in the back corner. He’s wearing all black in a way that looks more like he doesn’t care than any intentional style and he’s sitting sideways in the booth, back against the wall and long legs extending to the end of the bench seat. If she had to guess, she’d say he was two years older than her.

She approaches him without intending to, sipping at her milkshake before she pipes up.


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"You can't say 'no' and then be angry when I move on with somebody else." Ahh please!

Anonymous said: ‘get out of my house' 


Anons I hope you don’t mind that I used both prompts in this one ficlet. This is from Amnesia ‘verse, with pre-amnesia Erik finding out about Charles’ one night stand with Logan.


Charles has just put the last of his files and papers into a box when he hears the lock turn and the front door open, followed by the sound of keys being tossed on the kitchen counter. He hadn’t expected to run into Erik tonight - he’s not ready for it - given the late hours that his ex usually works, and his heart is beating as fast as a burglar caught mid-heist.

It would almost be funny, Charles muses, if he wasn’t currently in his own home. 

Not that it’s Charles’ now, technically, since he signed the condo over to Erik as part of the divorce. Even if he still has his key - something he’s yet to give back to Erik - though tonight would serve as good a time as any.

He picks up the files and leaves the almost bare office, making his way quietly into the living room. Erik is putting fresh coffee in the fancy machine Charles bought him for their last wedding anniversary, scrubbing his hands tiredly over his face and through his hair. He seems genuinely startled when he turns to find Charles standing just a few feet away, and for a moment the expression on Erik’s face is as raw and wounded as Charles feels. 

But the moment doesn’t last, and Erik’s mask falls into place again.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Charles sighs, and tries very hard to keep his voice level. “I left you a voicemail, Erik. I told you I needed to come and grab the last of my things. You didn’t call or text me back so I assumed it was fine.”

“It is fine,” Erik answers, and he at least has the decency to look at little chagrined at ignoring Charles’ call. “I’m sorry, I was busy and then I just forgot– ” 

“Save it,” Charles snaps, and oh this is not what he wants at all. He didn’t come here to fight; doesn’t want to fight with Erik over the same things, over and over again. “You don’t owe me an explanation. Not anymore.”

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