technically vore

Since y'all seem to really like these, here’s another bit of sin.

I am such a sucker for those prey that are voriphilic and voriphobic at the same time. Like they’re terrified of the concept of being eaten even by that close pal or lover of theirs, but at the same time they can’t take their eyes off that outstretched tongue, those flickering, hungry eyes and those teeth… Oh, what TEETH. Sometimes even the fear alone isn’t enough to keep them from wondering what’s behind those jaws, how easy it would be to slide down that welcoming gullet… And their conflicted thoughts are even worse if they can hear that grumbling and gurgling within.

Fuck yeah get a load of this awesome shit

Haha I did it! Finished it before vore day was over, take that writer’s block!!!!

As winter approached, the nights grew longer and he could feel the pull of the long winter-sleep tugging at his bones. But he had to be sustained through the long night—a dragon could live off life-energy, an adaptation that had allowed them to survive when the humans hunted them and forced them up the mountain. A safe-pouch where prey—or hatchlings, if necessary—could be held, until the dragon could find something with more substance to eat. That way there would always be enough for the last remaining dragons to survive.

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Also king dice lunges at the camera with his mouth open like if hes eating you and cala maria technically vored all those sailors whose ghosts she coughs up so im p sure the cuphead devs are into vore sorry guys thats that

anonymous asked:

I wonder what would happen if something get spilled or left in the Mona car. Like, would it go into his stomach? Would it cause problems if it was a large object? Does Akira go poking through Morgana's litterbox and then returns small objects to his friends after washing them off? "Futaba, you gotta stop dropping memory sticks in the van. Morgana hates pooping them out."

I’d like to think things get flung out of him as he changed. So if anythings been dropped it’ll fly through the air hard, so hopefully it wasn’t breakable. It counting as his stomach just creeps me out after I saw that post about how technically Morgana vores them each time they get in him.