technically two of them are the same person it still only counts as two right


Based off this video because I cannot stop laughing

It had started out as a simple enough dare, Dean and Cas would each get a total of 3 tries per person to try and “kill” the other by telling the other that “the floor is lava.” They would then have five seconds before they had to find a way to get off the ground and scream that the floor was lava to any unsuspecting passerby if there were anyway. There was no prize, not really. Dean just really wanted to beat Cas at something, and Cas didn’t mind if he got bragging rights.

Cas had been first, during a walk in the park between their two college classes on campus. “The floor is lava,” he’d casually said. Dean had not understood until he did, and at which point he only had 3 seconds left and nothing that he could use to get off the ground. Nothing, except, for a trashcan just up the trail. He’d made it with one second to spare.

“The floor is lava!” Dean screamed triumphantly, balancing precariously on the poor trashcan below him. He had managed to get into a crouch before the inevitable happened––when Dean went to get down back onto the ground and rejoin Cas he slipped and wound up wedging his butt straight into the trashcan. Castiel wouldn’t let him forget it for a week.

The next turn had been Dean’s, choosing to wait until Cas and he were on a grocery run to enact his plan.

“Hey, Cas,” he called the other’s attention while they were in the toilet paper aisle. 


“The floor is lava.” 

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anonymous asked:

#33: On a post-it note! Saeyoung x MC, please. Am I allowed to ask for some flustered seven?

Of course you can! Here’s something quick for you. Hope it’s okay! 

Also, just a note…I’m not a physicist, so…sorry if I made some errors. Please have mercy, haha. 

The Ways You Say “I love you”: #33 On a Post-it Note

This was your fault, technically.

You were snooping around in Saeyoung’s workroom when you found the little pink post-it note. Two words were scrawled in his handwriting: Quantum Entanglement. You just didn’t realize asking a simple question such as “What does this mean?” would lead to you being dragged in front of a whiteboard while your boyfriend scribbled strange diagrams across the glossy surface.

Now, you were mentally clobbering Einstein, Newton, and any other physicist you could think of for inadvertently pulling you back into this mini college lecture. As time passed on, you had lowered yourself into a swivel chair and doodled on at least four other post-it notes without Saeyoung even missing a beat.

But you really didn’t have the heart to stop him either. Especially with the way his tone dipped when he was being serious and rose again when he got a bit carried away. Or the way his eyes seemed to light up every time he paused to solve a complex equation. Every minor movement exuded passion, and even though you could barely understand three words out of his mouth, his intelligence was impressive…and extremely attractive. A few theories later, you had abandoned your pencil and doodles in favour of surveying him.

“Does that make sense?”

You jumped at the sudden question, barely snapping out of your entrancement by the time Saeyoung turned. You cleared your throat as he raised a brow expectantly. “Um, yeah,” you said with an added shrug. “I mean, except the part where you were talking about–er–submarine particles or something.”

“Subatomic,” he corrected with a chuckle.

You tapped your nose. “Yeah, that’s the word.”

He capped his marker and tossed it onto the desk. He sucked air between his teeth and leaned back against the wall, an amused grin pulling at his mouth. “You didn’t get half of it, did you?”

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pairing: jeongguk x reader
genre: coffee shop!au | photographer!jeongguk | co-workers to lovers!au | fluff
word count: 2k 
part of the coffee shop mini series
inspired by this / fun fact, i haven’t been to a strictly coffee shop since the starbucks near my house was traded for a burger king, so i’m sorry if some of the technical terms are,,,, google search results. 

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Fridays are for Facetimes (Tom Holland Drabble)

for all those college students who dream of having Tom Holland as a boyfriend….a.k.a i wrote this because i want tom holland to call me lovebug???

Surrounded by open books, your laptop, and disheveled notecards; you laid on your stomach on the floor by your bed. It was only a few days into the semester but your course load had grown quite large since you were finishing up your general education classes before moving on to ones for your specialized major. Even though it was a Friday night, you found that your apartment was quietest at this hour. Your three other roommates were out on the town, leaving you alone in the small apartment. You debated going out with them but a text from your boyfriend alerted you to the possibility of a facetime, so you decided to spend the night with your books.

Your clock read 12:34 when his picture flashed up on your laptop and phone, both chorusing your ringtone. Moving your mouse from your chemistry homework over to the answer button, you could feel yourself smile. 

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zombee  asked:

bellarke last man on earth au please!

Before the virus hits, Clarke can count on one hand the number of patients she’s seen die. Death happens, of course, at the hospital, but she doesn’t witness it often. She’s a gynecologist who doesn’t deal with births, and if she finds a life-threatening problem with one of her patients, she refers them to someone else.

Specialties don’t really matter, once the virus hits. It’s all hands on deck, and it’s still not enough. It’s a horror movie played in fast forward, quarantines breaking down, patients dying before they make it to the hospital, doctors becoming patients in spite of every precaution. And Clarke working endlessly, shifts bleeding together as she tries to save just one person, as she waits for the sickness to hit her.

It never does, and while she doesn’t take credit for Madi surviving, she knows neither of them would have made it alone. She couldn’t watch the whole world die. She has this one girl, just the two of them left in the entire city, from what she can tell. Maybe the entire world.

“What do we do?” Madi asks. “Why did we–”

“We won the genetic lottery,” says Clarke, although it doesn’t really feel like that. Being the last two people alive isn’t exactly a prize she wants to win.

But if they survived, other people must have too. The mortality rate is high, but it’s not everyone. They can find other survivors, and they can rebuild.

“We just have to figure out where the other people are,” she decides. “We should check the other hospitals in the city, look around, see what we can find. Maybe get a radio? And if there’s no one in town, well–I assume gas is free. We’ll find the other survivors.”

“What if there aren’t any?”

Clarke doesn’t know Madi, not really. She was in the hospital because her foster parents were mistreating her, and she was still there when the virus hit. Clarke had heard she wasn’t getting sick from one of the other doctors, and as everything else got worse, Clarke looked out for her.

“Then we have each other,” she says, because that’s it.

That’s all they know for sure.

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ASKS - Names

Asks sent to my main, answered here. Themes - what’s a true name, exactly?

  • Anon said: So what happens with people who have officially changed their names? I’m thinking especially for trans students who change names to match their gender, but anybody who’s gone through the process of legally changing names. Would their deadname still be their “true name” as far as the Gentry are concerned?
  • Anon said: how would the name thing work with deadnames? would the deadname be the “real name” or the name from birth?
  • Anon said: What if you legally changed your name? Would that still hold power or something or just your birth name?
  • Anon said: More for the name things: What about trans students? My name is Lucian but my birth name is completely different. Which one would count as my true name?
  • Anon said: In terms of trans folks at EU, would their birth name be the one that could control them? Or would it be their preferred name?
  • Anon said: About the name thing, how does that work for trans people? Do the fae go by birth certificate or what you believe as your name?
  • Anon said: What about preferred names? Like I don’t feel any attachment to my birth/legal name and no one calls me by it. What would be considered dangerous to use?
  • orendork said: EU question: Would a trans person’s real name be their birth name or their chosen name?? Like would it be safe to go by a chosen name?
  • lupus-lunarem submitted: At elsewhere University if you have a legal name change which name is then used against you? Your birth name or changed name?
  • Anon said: In response to the question of “true names”, I wonder if the Fae could be tricked by the giving of a deadname. Perhaps a trans person/someone who changed their name for personal reasons might be able to give a member of the Folk their deadname as a part of a bargain & the faery would accept it as a part of the bargain, since more antiquated traditions might designate that as the “true name”. However, since the person’s deadname doesn’t really have power over them, the bargain could be safe while remaining valid
  • zeromylesperhour said: I rly liked your idea of the trans kids playing games for simple things like voice changes. I’ve also always thought about how true names would work in that situation! Like a faerie might think it has power over a trans kid because it knows their “name” but it’s their birth name and not their real name.

Especially in a place where belief holds such power as it does at Elsewhere University, your true name would be your preferred name - the one that means you, heart and soul. While on campus, you should keep it secret from all but those you trust with your life. Your deadname would have no power over you. The legal status of your true name doesn’t matter; it draws its power from the weight and identity you give it.

As far as the Gentry are concerned, in folklore one’s true name was often synonymous with one’s birth name, and I imagine that because of this, for a time after Elsewhere began to seep back into the world, they would ask a birth name as a price for a boon, and occasionally be very, very surprised when it was given without a fight and held no power at all. They have learned to be more careful for what they ask for since then, but not after several rather embarrassing deals, and every once in a while one of the more antiquated Fair Folk will make this mistake over again.

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a-mess-of-a-princess  asked:

SPOOK MONTH REQUESTS?!?! 4 YOU ARE A GIFT FROM HEAVEN!!! I'm a fluffy/comedy MONSTER sooo how do you think the RFA + Saeran and Vanderwood would react to going to going to a Halloween party and MC trying to get them to go in a couples costume together?? (I'm sorry I didn't suggest a ghost hunting trip buuuut I think you should write it even if no one requests it ^^) I LOOOVE YOOOUUU!!!!! ^^

A/N: I WASN’T POSITIVE /HOW/ TO GO ABOUT THIS SO I HOPE THIS IS OKAY I’M SORRY ITS SHORT BUT I LOVE YOU (and it was requested but i gotta figure out how to get from point a to point b for it :’) )



               -Seriously, he is /all/ about this??

               -The two of you plan a clever one, or what he thought was clever

               -He dressed up as a magician and you were an adorable little rabbit!!

               -Kept trying to get you to stand in his hat but it never works. You kept falling over.

               -But everyone at the party thought the two of you were absolutely adorable!!


               -He’s totally okay with the couples costumes!

               -/that way he can fend off the wolves/ /even if he IS the wolf in this case/


               -He can wear a charming, royalty like suit with some wolf ears, that counts right?

               -Even if you don’t identify as female, you can still be Little Red. It’s the time to dress up, go crazy

               -He’s completely serious about it. He pretend bites you sometimes, hides behind things and growls playfully, even wolf whistles at you when the two of you are at home


               -(I really wanted to make Jaehee and MC just a pair of giant boobs but i changed my mind, but please just think about that for a moment. Jaehee dressed as a giant tata. thank you.)

               -Doesn’t really dress up but will for you~

               -Are you seriously making her dress up as Robin. Why do you get to be Batman?


               -She sucks it up for you though, because you seem really in character

               -“ROBIN! TO THE BATMOBILE!” “MC, I’m just gonna walk to the car” “THAT WORKS AS WELL!”

               -Thinks you’re a /total/ dork and is slightly uncomfortable with how tight this outfit is but… you’re having fun and the best part about being Robin as that he has a mask as well? No one knows it’s her, she is blessed by blending in with the crowd


               -Elegant costumes for an elegant party

               -So literally the two of you just masquerade it.

               -Which honestly he has mixed feelings about. The mask could get uncomfortable at times, but hiding behind something so simple could hide his identity and he could have simple conversations… it was nice.

               -However, if others are wearing masks as well, he’s frustrated because how is he supposed to find you?

               -No he did not remember that the two of you matched masks specifically for this reason. All he had to do was find the person that has the /same exact one/. Does he do that though? No. He sits in the corner and pouts until you find him instead.

               -Next time he wants to find something else to go as. Maybe as cats. That way you’ll have a bell on and he can hear you across the room instead


               -HELL YEAH COUPLES COSTUMES??????

               -He has like 47 planned just for one party. Costume changes!!! You have to talk him down to just one though

               -He wants it to be funny and personal to this interests, and hopefully yours as well


               -The two of you dress like zombies, yet wear cardboard cut outs of a dead phone batter symbol, and a dead wifi symbol.

               -You run around the party trying to scare people. When it doesn’t work, Saeyoung pulls out a signal scrambler and messes with the wifi signal. What an asshole, he’s great


               -Likes art, you, fine art, and /fine/ you *wink wonk*

               -He’s Van Gough, you’re Starry Night!

               -He takes most of the day recreating the painting across your face to the best of his ability and you honestly couldn’t bring yourself to wipe it off?? He’ll have to do it

               -“You’re amazing- like a work of art.”

               -What a lil brat. Cute- but a brat.

               -Over all loves the concept of the couples costumes- it can be so creative if the two of you put your minds together!


               -The two of you are going as Ash and a pokemon, fucking fight me

               -He doesn’t wanna go in the first place, so you compromised

               -“You dress up like Ash, I’ll be a pokemon, and you can have this plushy pokeball to toss at me so you have a way of getting my attention”

               -He’s a /CHILD/ he throws it at you and looks away like he didn’t do it

               -This lasts ALL NIGHT LONG

               -He does like threatening people to Pokemon Battles though, if they’re really annoying or mean to him he can sick his pokemon (you) on them and that’s great~ he feels so loved~


               -Hates dressing up, he’s had to go undercover for some missions before, just…. isn’t exciting

               -But for you, he will. BUT ONLY IF YOU AGREE TO HIS COSTUME.

               -His name? Wood, Vanderwood. HE WANTS TO BE JAMES BOND, MC

               -It’s the closest he can get to his actual job so he doesn’t feel too out of his element and technically he isn’t dressing up in costume he’s just… dressing up. Nicely. In a suit.

               -People compliment him on how well he can hold the fake (HA) gun and look like he knows that he’s doing.

               -Next time, if he absolutely has to dress up for you, he wants to be Tony Stark, you know, from Iron Man. Just let him be Stark, MC. You can be Penny.


Electric Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my lovelies!!! Technically, I’m still on hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics). It’ll probably be another week until I am Officially OFF Hiatus. HOWEVER. I wrote this and I just kind of love it and want to share it and then I heard the song on the radio today so I took it as a SIGN that I should post it. I hope you like it!! Any feedback in any form is appreciated. I love you guys!! I’ll be back for good soon!! :) 

Song Inspiration: Electric Love by BORNS


Electric Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Characters: Reader x Bucky, Tony, Sam, Clint, Natasha

Summary: Reader’s powers keep her from getting too close to anyone, until Bucky makes a surprising discovery. 

Warnings: near-death experience mentioned, mostly fluff, a tiny bit of angst?

Word Count: 1933

Tags at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)


Originally posted by retardell

“Hey, if it wasn’t for me, you both would’ve died, alright? Whose idea was it to knock down the power lines anyway? I can’t believe you both stepped in that puddle at the same time…” you trailed off, laughing about it now but still shaken by the sight of Sam and Clint motionless outside the HYDRA compound.

Sam smirked, “Well, I guess it’s lucky we have a walking defibrillator with us at all times, eh, Y/N?”

You had sent small electric shocks to both of their hearts to get them beating again. “Yeah, lucky I took pity on you instead of letting you die of your own stupidity,” you said with an affectionate smile.

A laugh erupted around the dinner table as the team finished eating. Bucky caught your eye and sent you a smile, which you returned. The former-Winter Soldier was one of your best friends and you were grateful to have him. The whole team, in fact. The past few years had been rough for you so finding the Avengers and being asked to join was a Godsend.

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Coquette | 4

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: underage drinking, smut

Originally posted by gotjhope

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,691

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I guess I never realized how much I actually love you

Originally posted by rapnamu

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader 

Word count: 1k

Summary: “You actually made him realize that he’s worthy of love, and therefor he loves you more than he’s ever loved anyone before.”  

Genre: Fluff

Author’s note: I got inspired by Namjoon’s blimp that said:’I wish I could love myself” x. 

Namjoon blinks a couple of times before his eyes adjust to the bright light that’s shining into the apartment. He turns around and can’t help but smile as he sees you’re still asleep. As soon as he has turned around you instantly snuggle close to his chest, making him blush a little. He presses a kiss against your cheek as he happily welcomes your cuddly side. You’re always cuddly when you’re asleep and Namjoon pretends to be annoyed by it while in reality you both know how much he loves it. He closes his eyes again as he decides to wait until you wake up. However, soon his tiredness takes over and he’s falling asleep again. Not too long after that you wake up yourself.

 You turn around to see Namjoon’s peacefully sleeping face and press a soft kiss against his lips before sliding out of the bed and making your way to the kitchen after putting one of his shirts on with your panties of course. You go through the cupboards to look for something to make for breakfast when your eyes land on a box of pancake mixture. You remember going out to eat breakfast with Namjoon once and he told you how much he loves to eat pancakes with syrup and fresh fruit in the morning. You smile happily as you grab the box and check if he has any fruit and syrup. Luckily for you he has so you grab two pans, one for the pancakes and one for the syrup before heating them up.

You quickly make the mixture as you quickly glance over at the bed, only to see that your boyfriend was still peacefully asleep. You put some of the mixture in the pan and let it bake while you turn to gather some of the fruit. He mainly has red fruit like; strawberries, berries and blueberries. You love all of them plus you think that Namjoon likes them too so you put some of that aside as you flip the pancake before pouring the cold syrup in the pan to heat it up. The pancakes are quite big so you settle for 3 per person. It takes about 20 minutes before all of them are ready and you start plating up. Right that moment you hear moment coming from the bed. As you look up from the plates you see your boyfriend looking at you with an adorable confused expression. You can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as you gather the plates and carry them to the bed. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he sees the plates of pancakes. Immediately a bright smile covers his face as you place the plate in his lap. He presses a short kiss against your lips as he whispers,

“You didn’t have to baby, but thank you.”

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let’s just recap these two episodes (aka big spoiler and lots of mini theories)

  • There’s a lot of racism towards monsters, and it shows through. They even seemed to test the waters on police brutality by having the “cops” of Mewni try and take the monsters away while rewarding the Mewmans (and others) for doing the exact same thing.
  • Eclipsa likely had two children. One with “a mewman king” (stated in her poem she was wed to one, and must have produced at least one heir with the Butterfly Family traits since they were carried on not through Heinous), and one with a monster.
  • That monster child is Heinous, or rather, Meteora.
  • Guys. All those Heinous daughter/Eclipsa’s lovechild theories are PROVEN to have that one singular fact.
  • Meteora does not remember her childhood. Whether from the results of that magic–sucking machine thing or repression or injury or magic, she did not remember who her mother was and who she was until she went down into her old nursery.
  • Something obviously caused Meteora to not be “imprisoned” like her mother. They took Eclipsa away without second thought, why didn’t they do the same for a monster–child like Meteora, who was magic as a Butterfly? There has to be a reason and, possibly, an episode delving deeper into Meteroa’s history.
  • METEORA HAS NO RIGHT TO THE THRONE. I’ve seen that going around. While she is a Butterfly, there are various reasons why she cannot be queen. One of them is she simply that she probably wasn’t the first in line heir to the throne. Like above, Eclipsa’s poem states she was wed to a mewman king and, since Meteora never became queen in the first place, another person would have had to come to the throne. This person being a daughter of Eclipsa, likely from the mewman king (full mewman siblings don’t seem to exist for princesses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), since they do still call Eclipsa Star’s great–great–something–or–other. If the entire Butterfly family died then, yeah, she’d be queen, but it is Star is the rightful heir to the throne because Star is Moon’s daughter, and Moon is the current queen, as well as daughter of all the queens who had been since Eclipsa’s time. Speaking of Eclipsa, she, technically, abandoned her people to love a monster. That is considered traitorous and stripped her of her queen status, at least socially, and royalty would have been passed to her daughter or mewman husband. Of course she still had her magic and the ability to make deals (and she still calls herself queen) but the reality is that once she leaves the throne, neither she nor her ilegitimate child could ever take it back.
  • Butterfly family has a thing for monsters pass it on.
  • Tom was done dirty in that episode they lowkey portrayed him as a horny sack of crap who didn’t care about the huge political stretch Star was attempting to make.
  • Though I did find the line “I’m not really into politics” amusing.
  • Hekapoo is not heckin happy.
  • At least when performing magic.
  • He also very explicitly said (to himself) that it was “like [his and Star’s] souls are connected”. That obvious references back to the Blood Moon Ball. Additionally, Marco’s cheekmarks are two crescent moons, one flipped so they open up towards each other. His wand has an interesting design as well, which I feel ties a bit back to Hekapoo’s episode.
  • His wand was not what I expected it to be. It’s badass, with a cool color scheme and black wings and the compass–like base (not to mention that quite pointy tip). Everything about that screams opposite of Marco Diaz, safe kid extraordinaire. But if we go back to the previous episode, we’re reminded this isn’t entirely true. Marco loves to go on adventures, which was the reason he befriended Star in the first place. He likes fighting bad guys and punching them and protecting his friends. It’s who he is, not always who he displays, and that shows through in his personal wand.
  • The wand really reminds me of an inverted compass. In its center is the small North–South–East–West arrangement, and sticking out is Southeast and so on. Compasses symbolize guidance, pointing one in the right direction, and also can signify a traveler, which Marco obviously is. This kid’s been to more dimensions than maybe even Star herself (not counting Butterfly dreaming mode), since helping Hekapoo and his initial crazy dimension journey with her. It’s safe to say he’s been to the most as a human. He’s constantly traveling because of Star, always following her, the compass always “pointing” in her direction.
  • Truthfully I could try and analyze his wand all day I’m in love.
  • Marco’s ability to use magic is definitely going to come back in the future, especially since it’s Star’s wand. He did a spell with no previous knowledge of it, no previous use of magic, and no Glossaryck to tell him how to hold his wand. This guy used his instincts, or rather, Star’s ability that is shared with him through their soul connection. Even Star can’t usually pick up a spell that quickly, addressed in an episode long ago where she refused to listen to Glossaryck until realizing he was unfortunately right about how to use her wand.
  • MARCO TOUCHED THE SPELL. There is a key difference when they’re using the spying spell, which not only has to do with their power level gap, but also with authenticity. When Marco touched the spying spell, it collapsed, and probably set his room on fire (maybe “exploding” in the process). When Star touched the spell, she was able to stretch it (and only then did her cheekmarks glow), and even break through it to the other side. It’s obvious she’s much more powerful as a magic user, but we also have to remember Marco’s technically just a human, whereas Star comes from a long line of magical queens. No matter what, Marco is probably not going to reach that level since he doesn’t have his own magic. It’s Star’s.
  • Tl;dr is Heinous is Eclipsa’s daughter Meteora, there’s a large gap between races that unforunately may never be closed, Marco is able to use Star’s wand with his own cheekmarks and design, Star can transform in and out of “Butterfly” form.
Barisi Episode Tag, 19x03

(7.9K. Inspired by ‘yummy.’ A canon-compliant story about Sonny and Rafael’s relationship through the seasons. No detail left unexplained, no stone left unturned. Please enjoy.)


Three Years


“Meet me at The Double Windsor. 9 o’clock.”

Rafael can’t stop reading the text.

Carisi’s text.

Rafael can’t stop reading Carisi’s bold, matter-of-fact text.

A time and a place.

Nothing else.

No ‘would you?’

No ‘unless you have other plans.’

No ‘please?’

Just “Meet me.”

Like he’s sure Rafael will be there.

Rafael is there.

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Treasure (Seungkwan) // Oneshot

Everyone has a soulmate whose soul mark is ingrained into their right wrist. Yours read #0033cc.

Genre: Soulmate au, Fluff, Angst (just a little bit)

Word Count: 3732

#0033cc, the series of numbers and letters that were embedded into your right wrist.

#0033cc. Persian Blue. People said that you would really love it. They told you that it was a very dark, yet vibrant blue soul color. “It’s very eye catching,” your best friend said, “You must have a good looking soulmate.” Of course, you couldn’t see it. You couldn’t see any colors since you had turned ten years old. It was the day that sequence appeared on your wrist, and the world, in your eyes, had become various shades of black, white, and gray. 

The only reason your friend could see it was because she had already found her soulmate. They had been together for about two years now. She told you that she first contacted him in dreams, which lead up to the day of her Coloring, which was, “the most beautiful, intense thing,” she had ever experienced. In the exact moment she laid eyes on him, everything around her burst forth in incredible hues and vibrancy. She said she couldn’t really explain it, and that you had to experience it for yourself in order to understand what she was talking about. It secretly made you a little jealous, but you were mostly just happy for her and Joshua to have finally met one another. You were relieved that he was a good guy who could love and take care of her, if only you could say the same thing about your soulmate.

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#18 & #6

#18 & #6 Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/n: requested by a lovely anon. Hope you’ll feel better soon, you know who you are. You can keep sending me requests!!!! Only 23, 19, 18 and 6 are taken.

P.s. I don’t normally write for Bucky, so sorry if this is trash. Also this is made and posted way past thanksgiving, but for the sake of the fluff I hope you can forgive me.

Request: 18 and 6 with Bucky. Where he uses the reader’s booty as a pillow. And bcuz of the power, 4 yr old daughter joins her parents and mirrors her dad’s moves. I just wanted to read something funny cuz i’m having a bad day. And this

idea poped up. Thank you lovely. 😩💋

Word count: 736

Warning: profound use of the word “booty”, fluff (do I still need to mention this?).

6. “I’m grateful for that booty.”

18. “Shit. The power’s out.”

You were laying on your stomach in your shared bed, reading in your favorite book. You heard the wind howl against the windows and sides of your house. You imagined it would be snowing outside. You couldn’t check it out though. Your husband had planted himself on your butt, laying on his back. He was telling you about something he did today with your little 4 year old daughter.

Your daughter meant the world to the both of you. She was kind and sweet and smart and witty. She was the perfect mix of you both. She had his brown hair, your y/e/c eyes. Your face, his physique. Just as he was about done with his tory you heard a loud click. Immediately after, the light switched off.

“Shit. The power’s out.” Bucky grunted.

“I’ll go fix it.” You said back.

“Oh, no doll. You’re gonna stay right here, so you’ll be there when I come back.” He winked at you.

“Bossy aren’t we?” You giggled. He gave you a sweet smile.

“Just get under the covers, it will be getting colder soon.” He chuckled, getting up. You heard his feet softly stepping away from your room. You could hear he was walking purposely slow and light-footed, not to wake your little princess.

He clearly didn’t have to, as you heard two little feet shuffling towards you.

“Mommy?” A sweet voice said.

“Hey, princess.” You smiled.

“Mommy the light’s out, my stuffies are very scared.” She said. You knew she was just holding herself up. She was scared of the dark. She was a lot like her daddy. He always held himself up, not to worry you. But you had cracked his shell a long time ago. You always knew he was the sweetest person on the planet, but after you saw him break in front of your eyes, you were still surprised. He was so sweet and caring, and he always let you know how much he loved you. Whether it was in his vows, while you were pregnant, giving birth or just being for you existing.

You patted the spot next to you, inviting your daughter and her favorite stuffed animal.

“Where’s daddy?” She whispered.

“He’s just fixing the power sweetheart.” You gave her a soft smile as she snuggled under your covers.

A minute later Bucky came walking back into the room.

“I called the electricity company and they said the wind and snow made the power go out. He also said it would probably only come back by the day after tomorrow. Something with a fallen electricity pole or something.” He sighed.

“But daddy! Tomorrow’s thanksgiving!” Your daughter said, not very pleased with the news.

“Well technically today. It’s midnight young lady. and you,” he said pointing at her, “Should be asleep.” He smirked.

“But it’s dark and cold…” she started.

“I have an idea.” You added.

You gestured for them to come with you to the living room. You and Bucky moved the couch away, out a tom of pillows on the floor, grabbed some blankets and turned on the fireplace. You laid back on your stomach, so you could read y/d/n a nighttime story. Bucky nestled on your butt cheek again. You softly giggled. “Bad example James.”

Just as you imagined, your daughter mirrored her dad. She laid her head on your other butt cheek. You rolled your eyes playfully at Buck, then giving him a warm smile. You checked the time. Bucky had been right, it was way past midnight. Thanksgiving.

“What are you thankful for, y/d/n?” You asked.

“Uh… stuffies, that we have a house, my teacher, mommy and daddy. And that mommy and daddy love each other.” You said, after a quick thought.

You and bucky smiled at each other.

“I’m grateful for this booty.” Bucky stated,

“Barnes!” You squealed.

“Mommy, what’s a booty?” Y/d/n immediately asked.

“Now you’ve done it.” You sighed.

“A butt, darling.” Bucky said, in a matter-of-factly way.

“Booty! Booty! Booty!” She started squealing.

“I think it’s time for you to go to sleep, missy.” You said, as she calmed down.

“Big day tomorrow, remember?” You continued.

She got up, and snuggled into your side. Your husband did the same on the other side, wrapping an arm around the two of you.

And you? You were thankful of your little perfect family.

An Unexpected Turn (Barry Allen x Reader)

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Requested by: @lisagust14“Hey! Can u write barry x reader imagine where the reader works at ccpd , is sarcastic one and hates romance. At first they hate each other but then they fall in love with each other. And readers also works at star labs❤️ thank u”

Word Count: 2.5kish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m so sorry this imagine took so long, I really wanted this one to turn out well:) anyways, school’s been hectic so I will try to upload maybe two a week? Three if I manage my time well! Thanks for your patience guys AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS

“You don’t just step all over a crime scene, Barry!” you yelled angrily. No, angry wouldn’t even describe what you were feeling right now. You were furious. Enraged. A bit on the “I’m gonna kill this guy” side.

All because little Mr. Know-It-All decided that running all over the crime scene in less than five seconds would be the best way to obtain crucial evidence without “contaminating” it. Stupid.

“What, I got what we needed! The police would never let us have this,” Barry argued, trying to keep up with your pace ironically.

You turned on your heel, stopping abruptly. Barry quickly stopped in his tracks, his Converse squeaking against the quiet hardwood floor of the CCPD building. He looked down at you expectantly while you raised your chin slightly. 

“Oh, sure! Let’s just steal from the damn police, Barry. Let’s just take some totally unimportant evidence because apparently, we don’t trust them to successfully catch the metahuman!” You took a pause from your rant, and glared at him. “I’m the police, Barry. Me. Not you. Me.”

Barry shrugged his shoulders and looked away. “I mean, I’m technically the police too…and the Flash,” he retorted, smirking at you.

Your mouth dropped slightly while your eyes squinted more in a small feeling of shock at what he just said. Did he just say that? 

You let out a groan of frustration before taking a step closer to Barry, almost chest to chest. You were shorter than him, but standing closer allowed you to feel more in control.

“You give me fucking migraines,” you growled. “The only reason I even associate with you is because of Caitlin. So try, try, not to be so damn annoying.”

Barry crouched down slightly so that you and he were now eye to eye.

“Nice to know I have such an effect of you, Y/N,” he said back, one cocky eyebrow lifting up.

You scoffed. You were at a loss of words. When you opened your mouth to say something, Barry took a step back and crossed his arms. 

“Nope, I’m not in the mood to hear you complain about me again,” he said, shaking his head.

“Excus-” you started, but Barry cut you off.

“Nope. I’m going back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin’s going to want to see this evidence,” Barry said. Before you knew it, his signature streak of lightening flew past you.

“Yeah, which you stole!” you yelled after him. However, he was gone and all that was left was the effect of blown wind and your anger still bubbling inside.

You sighed in frustration before heading back to the main hallway of the police department, eager to get your mind off of the guy who gave you actual headaches every day.

Barry slammed the evidence bag onto the table where Caitlin and Cisco were talking in the Cortex when he started pacing back and forth. The two looked at each other confused while Barry murmured to himself. Then, he looked at his friends.

“Why is Y/N so mean? She’s really mean!” the frustrated boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Y/N?” Cisco asked. “Y/N’s like the nicest person here, along with Caitlin,” he added quickly. Barry scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“No, she’s mean.” Barry pointed at Caitlin, who was your best friend and the reason why you worked at S.T.A.R. Labs every once in a while. “How are you friends with her? She’s…mean!” he repeated.

Caitlin laughed at his tirade about you. “Y/N’s not mean, Barry. You just haven’t gotten to know her,” she said. “It’s probably because you keep on annoying her.”

Barry scoffed, leaning against the table in the middle of the Cortex room. “Me? Annoying? How?”

Cisco scoffed, leaning back in his seat as if ready to make a list. “I mean, there’s a lot of things,” Cisco started. Barry held up a hand and indicated him to stop.

“Okay, fine. But, she’s over exaggerating. She got mad at me because I “stole” evidence,” Barry said, putting quotation marks around ‘stole’.

Caitlin’s eyes grew wide. “Wait, you stole this?” she asked, holding up the bag.

“No!” Barry defended. “Well, not really. I mean, it’s not really stealing when no one saw me steal it. Plus, we’ll return it. It’s like borrowing,” he said smiling.

Caitlin pursed her lips and glared at the speedster. “Yeah, sure.”

“Okay, but that’s not it! Y/N’s just a mean person!” Barry continued.

“At least I’m not irritating,” you said, walking into the room with the same glare on your face that was plastered on his.

“Oh, hey, Y/N!” Caitlin greeted. You waved at her and Cisco before sitting down in the chair in between them. 

“I’m leaving,” Barry stated. He walked out the door and turned left, probably going somewhere in the building. 

“I’m going to go see where he went,” Cisco said, pointing at the doorway. Him and Caitlin shared a look but you decided to ignore it. You nodded, and leaned over to what Caitlin was doing.

“How’s the DNA looking?” you asked. 

“It’s actually a perfect sample,” Caitlin said, looking at the cell structure on the computer.

“Yeah, I was hoping so.”

Caitlin looked at you slightly confused. “Why? I thought you didn’t want Barry stealing this,” she asked with a smile.

You chuckled. “I was kind of expecting him too. Plus I wanted him too. We don’t have this type of technology over at the department, and if I were to steal some evidence and get caught, I could lose my job. But if the Flash were to do it, well, no one would have a problem with that,” you explained truthfully.

“So getting mad at him?” she questioned. Your smile grew larger and you looked at her with a mischievous glint in your eye before shrugging.

“I just like to see him get frustrated.”

Caitlin laughed, and then looked at you with a look.

“What?” you asked suspiciously.

“Do you think…” she grinned. “Do you think you two could like each other?

You coughed, choking on your own saliva. 

“We-we what?” you asked, laughing at the ridiculousness of that idea.

Caitlin’s smile grew larger, if that was even possible.

“Oh, but you do like him, Y/N! I knew it. I knew the second that you guys saw each other that there would be something there,” she squealing excitedly.

“Me?” you asked. “Liking Barry?” You shook your head. “Oh, no. No.”

“C’mon, Y/N. It’s like one of those, you know, love-hate relationships! It’s cute,” your friend gushed.

“What? No, Caitlin! That’s way too cliché. No, no. That sounds horrible. Plus, he gives me enough problems now. I couldn’t survive dating him,” you said.

Caitlin jumped in her seat. “But you did think about dating him!” she stated. Your mouth opened and once again, you were wordless.

Caitlin gasped. “Oh my gosh, you did,” she said.

“Caitlin!” you scolded. “I don’t like Barry, and in no way does he like me. He probably hates me,” you said frankly.

She rubbed your shoulder. “Barry does not hate you. I know that for a fact,” she said. You raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“How do you know?” you asked.

“Well, Barry usually doesn’t spend that much time talking about a person he doesn’t like. Even if it is ranting about your arguments,” Caitlin laughed.

You glared at her playfully. “He. Gives. Me. Headaches.”

Just then your phone beeped, indicating that you were needed back at the police department.

“Oh, I need to go, Cait. I’ll see you later?” you said, already standing up, slinging your purse over your shoulder.

“Yeah, Y/N. See you later. And maybe Barry will too,” Caitlin teased, wiggling her eyebrows.

You laughed, secretly playing the idea of you two dating in your head.

“Yeah, in your dreams.”

For the rest of the day, you couldn’t get the idea of Barry and you potentially being a thing.

“Damn it, Cait,” you whispered to yourself as you looked at Barry from across the room who was talking to Joe.

You shook your head. “Nope. No. That’s too cliché, Y/N. Since when did you like these romantic things?” You paused. “And since when did you start talking to yourself?”

Mentally shaking your head, you went back to your computer and attempted to focus on your work. Then, Iris walked in. You attention immediately focused onto her. You knew that Iris and Barry were best friends but since the first time you met her, you’ve had an uneasy feeling about her.

Suddenly, a thought struck you.

Was this feeling…jealousy?

“Caitlin…” you groaned. You put your head into your hands and closed your eyes.

‘You do not like Barry. You are not this kind of person,’ you thought to yourself.

Just then, you felt a presence near you.

“Hey,” you heard Barry say. “You okay?”

You raised your head up in confusion. “Huh?” you asked.

For the first time, you could see that Barry didn’t have his usual cool demeanor on. It was like he actually cared how you were.

You smiled genuinely. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just…headache,” you said. Barry chuckled.

“I hope not because of me,” he teased.

You paused in mock thought. “I don’t know. It could be.” You both smiled, and then a silence fell over the both of you. However, right as Barry opened his mouth to say something, Iris called him over.

“Bar! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late,” she said.

Barry nodded at her and looked back at you.

“Oh, where you going?” you asked, suddenly curious.

“We’re just going on a simple date, and such. Nothing serious,” Barry informed you.


You gave a smile small and waved. “Well, I hope you have a good time,” you told him.

“Thanks.” With that, Barry smiled at you and walked back over to where Iris was standing and escorted her out with one backward glance towards you.

When he disappeared, you began to think.

Just this morning, you guys were at each other’s throats. This has been probably the first time in a while since Barry had actually been nice to you besides when he first met you.

What changed?

Then, something hit you. Did Cisco have the same talk with Barry that you did with Caitlin?

Did he realize that you could like him and just wanted to be nice to you?

Was him going on a date with Iris his way of telling you that he wasn’t interested in you?

“Oh, I’m going to kill them,” you whispered to yourself.

A month passed by since that day.

You found out that Cisco did propose the same idea that Caitlin did, but he told you that Barry was kind of vague with what his reaction was to that.

Over the month, you realized that, maybe; you did actually have feelings for Barry and just suppressed them with hate. You were never good with romantic feelings anyways.

The only person that you told was Caitlin who promised to keep it a secret. Not only were you horrible with feelings, but you were even worse with rejection and seeing how Iris and Barry were going on frequent dates, you could tell that it would be a really bad rejection if you ever told him how you felt.

But something, deep down in your gut, told you that Barry wasn’t enjoying these dates. He would come back to the labs unhappy and just bored. Like the night he had wasn’t all that great.

But if he didn’t enjoy the dates, then why did he keep going on them?

Day after day, you would contemplate on telling him how you felt. Every day, you would watch Barry when he wasn’t looking. As creepy as it sounded, it was calming.

Sometimes, he would make faces that he didn’t even know he was making. Other times, he couldn’t hide his emotions even if his life counted on it.

It was the small things that really got to you, and day by day, you could feel yourself liking him more and more.

One day, you just had to tell Caitlin.

“Aww, Y/N. That’s so sweet!” she raved.

You scrunched your eyebrows in slight disgust for yourself. “It’s literally the most corny thing that I’ve ever heard myself say. My gosh, what’ve you done to me, Cait?” you asked, frustrated.

“I made you realize your true feelings,” she said smiling.

You slouched back in your chair and sighed.

“But I don’t want to like him, Cait. It’s…he likes Iris and it was just so much easier when we were mean to each other,” you said softly. Barry and you still talked, teasing each other from time to time, but ever since that day, you couldn’t actually insult him anymore.

“That’s because you were in denial. Now you aren’t! And now, I’m encouraging you to go after him, Y/N,” she told you.

“I can’t. He has a girlfriend.”

“Well.” Caitlin started. “They’re technically not dating.”

“Yeah, we’re not,” you heard a voice say behind you.

A chill went down your spine.

‘Oh, crap,’ you thought. ‘Oh, crap.’

Caitlin winced before standing up awkwardly. You gave her pleading eyes, mutely asking her not to leave. She winked at you before walking out the room, leaving the two of you alone with your heart beating furiously.

You turned around in your chair to face Barry who was still standing next to the door frame.

“So,” you began, “how much of that did you hear?”

Barry took a step closer and shrugged lightly. “Enough.”

A small ‘oh’ escaped your lips as you looked anywhere besides him.

Then, in a split second, Barry appeared in front of you, you standing up now and him grabbing your upper arms firmly but gently.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Y/N?” he asked you softly.

“I-I…I saw how well you were doing with Iris and I didn’t…want to mess that up,” you whispered, looking into his green eyes.

“You knew that I wasn’t enjoying those dates, Y/N.”

“Then why did you keep going?” you asked.

“Because,” he said, letting go of you and taking a step back, “I thought that my feelings for you weren’t real. I thought that if I spent more time with someone else, then I would get over you,” he admitted.

You quirked up an eyebrow. “Hold up, you thought you could just date your feelings away?”

“Yes?” he said. “But,” Barry continued, his hands hovering over your waist, “now I know that I do like you, Y/N. For a while now.”

“And when you were mean to me?” you asked, smiling. You both knew that you guys never actually hated each other. Caitlin was right. Perhaps it was a “love-hate” relationship. 

“That was when I didn’t know how to handle my feelings,” he confessed. A moment later, his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer.

“But now I do, and I don’t want to let you go,” Barry whispered.

“By all means,” you replied, “don’t.”

Just then, Barry kissed you softly, but with passion. As if he’d been wanting to do that for a while.

And just when you think that you’ve got it figured out, life can give you an unexpected turn.

The End


Tired [Part:6]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL. Possible Suicide Squad.
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ—-I’m back! With another chapter! I have been busy for a couple of days and I hope you guys will understand. My life has been a complete mess lately so I just want to make an announcement for the possibility of this story to be in HIATUS! Yeah, I’m sorry for that and I’ll probably finish the story at December probably if that happened! Thank you for supporting the story, and yes. The ending is near! Also I deeply apologize that I haven’t tagged the Chapter 5 at the previous chapters, I am really sorry!  Anyways also another apology, this chapter is rushed! Which I am disappointed of. To be honest I don’t really have a plotline in most of my stories and just went to whatever my brain is telling me to do so… So YEAH! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter even though its short as heck!

PART [1] [2] [3] [4][5]

“Where is she?”

She swabbed her tears and uttered a plea for not accomplishing her task. The man breathed out heavily, waves of cries at the other end of the device can be noted while the girl just weep as the same time promenading slowly towards the door. “You have absolutely disappointed me, you will face consequences. And of course, the promised date will not happen. Now bye, bye!” The phone displayed that the caller ended. Harley sighed and chimed in the room while staring at the girl with contempt. She wiped off her ‘fake’ tears and stood in front of her.

“How does it feel that he still loves you? Oh, you must be so happy!” Harley alleged on being so happy but her voice still held venom. “But boohoo, Harley has to end your happiness! I sacrificed myself for love and what did you did?!”

She jabbed her bat on your cheek harshly while you were in a state of a concoction of confusion, anger and a hell lot of headache. “Look at you, pathetic little slut!”

She was not lying, you look pathetic at this moment. Your hair was all over the place, tied to each other, a mangled appearance. Unclean skin and a large bruise at the side of your face where Harley strike you with her bat with. Worse is that it has not been mended at all, Harley left you isolated at this room— while she was having a conversation with her so called puddin’— where the stench is unbearable, and she seems to notice your distressed face you’re making and it just made her snort. Your hand were cuffed as well as your legs.

“I’ll be back in like, a few days maybe?” She contemplated. “Who am I kidding, maybe never!”

She marooned the room quietly which is odd.

Your brain was recapping the past few hours, the unfortunate events that happened to you. Harley discovered you, abused you with her bat and you were unconscious for about an hour and a half. Your conscious state was awful as well. A big migraine took over your head and left you feeling the uncontrollable pain. When you were passed out, Harley drew bruises on your skin. Drawings accompanied with your own blood was all over your body, it looks like a child was forced to doodle on you with a glass shard or a knife. You don’t know where you’re at but knowing Harley, she isn’t dumb enough to left you in an urban place and kept you in a place where almost none of the people know of. Of course, you haven’t forgotten that he is back. A person you despised.

But you couldn’t acknowledge it to yourself.

That you still adore him.

There’s only few minutes until you lose your whole body.

You thought to yourself, “So this is how I die?” To die as a disgraced being. You regretted at not finding yourself a weapon to fight off the mentally-insane girl. You regretted so many things in your life. Maybe it was the right choice? You didn’t answer yourself.

“I forgot, did Peter won?… Maybe a little sleep first.”

Was your last thought.


Peter was all suited up, dueling the so called Croc and Captain Boomerang at the moment. He couldn’t bare the thought of you petrified, not that he was belittling you. No not that, he knew that you were a vigorous woman. It was because he included you in his life as a big part of his own story. He loves you.

He took attention to the ginger male, whom stood up finally. He couldn’t possibly be the boss right? His form doesn’t justify his hidden power. He grinned, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we seem to have technical difficulties by some bitch who didn’t do her work!” His santa-workers cut-short the combat and strolled nearer to the man. Peter and Bucky weirdly exchanged looks at each other as if asking what just happened. “Now I would like you two to search for (Y/N).”

“Aye mate, ye could count on us.” Boomerang smirked while he pushed El Diablo. The short man groaned and was pissed off, but he just stayed quiet as if he was a mute person and followed the Aussie.

“Now Croc, you’re a great tanker if I must say! Be the shield will ya?” Jerome nudged the creature as if he was joking, and then he averted his attention towards Deadshot. “You two, get the metal armed man. And oh! Cut it off and give it to me! It would be a great souvenir.” He chuckled at his own humor and the duo just nodded. Now the only persons that was left to fight was him and Peter. Jerome doubted that a scrawny little kid with some swing-swing abilities would conquer him, after all. He got the knowledge and background. His plan is to, of course, defeat the one who has the most practice out of the two which is of course, is the former villain and leave him with the teenager. You might be thinking if he didn’t pick Bucky then that means he is a coward and most certainly a coward. I unfortunately would deny the false theory. Defeating the weak would be simple, and if he defeated Peter first then it would be easy to corner Bucky since he would be outnumbered unless he has a good plan which in the current time, he had none.

Peter was in fear for a moment, the face face Jerome is making couldn’t be mistaken. His face hinted he wanted him dead. All of them dead. Of course, his first thought would be to surprise him. He knew Jerome would think little of him and that is good, now the only thing he would focus on was a good tactic.

Before he could even think, Jerome started to shoot at Peter like a wild animal. He cackled while Peter could only dodge and made few attempts to web Jerome which failed. After few minutes, Jerome ran out of bullets while Peter was dripping with sweat. “I hate it when it does that disappointing ‘tick’ sound,” Jerome complained foolishly as if he was in a comedy show, his shoulders shrugging.

“Wellp,” Jerome took out a smoke bomb and waved. “Toodles!”

Jerome threw it below him and a green smoke came into view. Peter was bewildered for a moment, did that guy really left the battle? Just when he was about to conclude his mind and help the tired man from battling the two minions of the male. He heard a voice, the voice of Stark. A hologram popped up and Peter held out his hand to get a better view of it.

Peter, just in time kiddo. We are on attack at the moment but that isn’t to worry about. I just want to ask for a second,” his heartbeat increased when he heard the next sentence.

“I have gotten an alarm from a microchip that I inserted on (Y/N), it has been broken and that sign is well. Not great. You don’t happen to know where she is and her condition is Parker?”

He stuttered out, “I don’t.. But I’ll search for her Mr. Stark!”

“Alright, I have an information that could help. I could see you aren’t really that occupied at the moment, so I trust you to gain her back. The last sightings of her was at around your school and into the sewers, and you’re near that place. Now I got work to do, so I— FUCK!” the call ended and Peter could feel someone breathing on his neck and hands were creeping on his shoulder nearing it.

“I see you know my darling.” He gripped the neck of the poor boy. “Thankies for the information! I am sure to use that sooner enough, and here’s a return gift. Death!” Jerome choked Peter while lifting him up like he was a piece of trophy. Peter, in defense, struggled to get out off the tight grip.

“Bye, bye– Spiderman!”

He laughed.

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ok but:

  • in bullet points, because i get too fucking long-winded otherwise
  • history (in the sense of ‘the structure of outer time’) can, provably, be changed.
    • this much is obvious from the beginning, given how much the dr.who straight fucks the natural progression of history by showing up at the worst of moments and starting a revolution or stopping some war before it occurs or maybe just blowing up a couple average-sized planetary bodies
    • they do this constantly. just because the world is better afterwards doesn’t mean history hasn’t changed
      • notably, however, they only appear to do it so freely on other planets; they are far more touchy about earth’s history, and it turns out for good reason.
  • as of Head of State, while history was set-up and structured by Gallifrey, these machinations really make no difference to the larger Web of Time; it’s likely that, while the basic overarching shape is defined, and while there may be occasional anchor points (fixed points, perhaps?) that cannot be changed without bringing down history in its entirety, nobody really cares about the specifics
    • (why, then ‘you can’t change history, not one line?’, I hear you cry? I’m getting to it. pls.)
  • it follows that everything in between those theoretically fixed points (or, if they don’t exist, just everything in general) is changeable. and more than that.
    • there are time-travellers afoot, by now, in every corner of history; we can presume the vast majority have nothing to do with gallifrey, and instead travel by more primitive vortex-manipulation means, but they are everywhere
    • and we all know the butterfly effect; if there’s a time traveller around in your past, that means your past has just changed - maybe only very slightly, but memories make you who you are and if enough very slight changes happen, if enough time-travellers show up in the past, your very personality will begin to shift as well
  • here’s the thing, however: given the nature of inner and outer time, and also just time travel in general (discounting san dimas time because it’s a shitty model): all these time-travellers will be arriving at once, and all these changes will be happening at once, constantly and unrelentingly
    • to clarify, each time-traveller shows up at some distinct point in Inner Time, probably after each other, and they’ll be entering different points in history, but you are inside Outer Time and therefore incapable of experiencing the Inner Time distinction, so while the changes are technically happening one after the other it couldn’t matter less; from your perspective, they are all happening in simultaneity - a consequence of having two axes (axises? axii??) of time to exist in
  • also, you won’t actually notice yourself changing, because memories change right along with the history, but trust me; you are
  • we know, from the Book of the War among other sources, that a flux state in which every facet of your history and therefore your being changes at once is possible to achieve; what it fails to mention is that, functionally, we are all in such a state - every aspect of yourself is potentially changing at every moment
    • (practically, however, there is only so far we can change, because the overall structure has to stay intact, and that limits how far we can go somewhat - for example, no species that cannot survive in a gravitic environment would ever have evolved on earth, so no version of them exists. notably, the laws of physics are non-negotiable. mostly.)
  • if you’ll forgive me for the overused metaphor: we are all Shroedinger’s cat. alive and dead, happy and sad, here or there; at any given moment of Inner Time we could be anything and it’s impossible to tell which
  • until someone opens the box.
  • and the only being possibly equipped to do so would have to be one outside this constant flux of history - hailing from Inner Time - which is to say, of course, the Time Lords.
  • and here’s the thing: while Inner Time might, on rare occasions, be travelled through (it would quite definitely be breaking the law, but whether ‘the law’ in this instance means some ancient regulation stored in the Matrix or the laws of physics is arguable, and considering this is Gallifrey the two are almost the same anyway) it cannot be changed
    • if it could (among other things) the dr.who could have simply gone back and stopped the War ever beginning
    • yeah yeah i know this doesn’t always hold true but a) both river song and civitata are timeships and probably exempt from inner time anyway
      • (river is half timeship not half time lord meet me in the fucking pit)
    • and b) look i don’t know either but this makes more sense than any other model
  • once you meet a Time Lord, you become part of their history. or because inner time doesn’t have a history in that sense, you are remembered. you, the current version of you, the random you they happened upon, are now in the memory of a Time Lord - and memories make us who we are.
    • (and if it’s a non-renegade Time Lord, you’d be stored in the Matrix too, or maybe you were already, the Matrix is more than a little confusing)
      • (no okay fine more on that: the Matrix is built in Inner Time, and while it probably isn’t sentient enough to count as a conscious observer, it was built on the minds of dead Time Lords who inarguably were and possibly still are)
      • (this means, in all likelihood, that being stored by the Matrix has the exact same effect as meeting a Time Lord - probably it’s the Matrix that keeps the general shape of history intact, that first coastline that later was echoed in all the other, subtly different fractals - see Head of State again - and keeps any otherwise unrelated fixed points intact)
      • (this has some Implications but let’s stick to the topic for now)
  • so if you were to change further you would, however subtly, change the Gallifreyan. and they’re a being of Inner Time. they cannot be changed. consequently, you can no longer be changed either - or at least, not the aspects of you that they’d remember.
  • simply by coming into contact with a Time Lord, you have now been certainified; unlike all the other versions of you, unlike all the other, still flux-state people and planets yet untouched by Gallifrey, you are certain.
  • you are real.
  • (this applies equally, of course, to any experience; it doesn’t have to be physical seeing for it to work. if some random gallifreyan reads of your death tomorrow in a newspaper then you die tomorrow. no more room for change.)
    • well, or the newspaper has to be misprinted, or actually both, until proven otherwise, but that’s all besides the point
  • [colonel voice] look just trust me it makes sense i swear
  • hence: nothing is truly real (or at least not consistently so) unless a Time Lord was there to see it.
    • as for why the doctor’s so touchy about planet earth: they’ve been all over earth’s history, and anything they’ve seen or heard or experienced is now cemented in time, so if changes even a little it would change them and therefore fuck up inner time
    • actually by the way this may be the reason earth is so weirdly important to the spiral politic despite being so irrelevant: it’s tied into the dr.who’s timeline so deeply that if you fuck it up you fuck them up, and by connection probably gallifrey in general
      • or you can go the boring route and make something up about a second caldera but i don’t approve of it
    • also: shit like angels of manhattan, with things being set in stone as soon as they’re in the book? that’s inner time at work, not outer; same with the silencio fixed point etc.
    • more on that next post. maybe. probably.
  • this brings the number of time travel models that hold true in dr.who simultaneously up to… what, five? outer time is somehow eternalism and whatever you call the dynamic model simultaneously, the multiverse is already a thing, inner time is presumably possibilism (ehhhh… depends on whether you think free will is a thing i guess), and there’s echoes of the spiral model in the whole ‘fractals’ idea
  • no groundhog day yet though!! well, not consistently anyway. i think. i hope.
  • the great thing about this is of course that now there is no way that dr.who can fuck up its own physics model by bringing a different one in, because it’s already got both of them
  • all your physics model are belong to us
  • please please somebody let me yell @ them about how this intersects with the dr.who 3-d (alterwards, parawards, otherwards) multiverse model
  • or the implications of this and how they relate to pythian willpower-physics and also why this proves that time lords can change reality by hallucinating really loudly


The Brave & The Polygraphed

Timeline: Post-Justice League
Pairing: Bruce X Diana
Word Count: 4,093 words

NOTE: This story is a sequel to The Calm Between The Storms, in case you’d like to know more about my post-JL line of thought. Enjoy!

“Thank you again, Victor.” Said a breathless Diana as she maneuvered three more boxes labeled ‘Shoes’ into her apartment’s living room. She noticed her fellow Leaguer’s eyebrow arch from beneath his grey tracksuit’s hood, clearly in disbelief at the assortment of her belongings. But like the respectable young gentleman he was, Victor quickly glanced back at the digitally projected map in front of him instead of uttering a word of his opinion.

“The plane will be on the roof in less than two,” he informed her with a professional clip to his tone. Then, he loosened his shoulders with a robotic shuffling and reiterated to her once again. “And it’s no problem. Gives me a chance to see the lights of Paris.”

“If I had known you wanted to see the city, I wouldn’t have planned to move so late at night—“

The man branded as the Cyborg showed little to no emotion on his face when he explained, “If you had called during the day, I wouldn’t have been able to come at all.”

Diana did not want to accept the defeatist attitude her team mate was clearly harbouring. It had been only a few weeks since they had met face to face and challenged the self-proclaimed End of Worlds together, so it would be unrealistic to expect a complete change in Victor’s stance on reintegrating with the public in such a short span of time. Still, her tender admiration for the young man motivated her to provide him with yet another sage piece of advice. “They can’t decide whether or not they accept you if you don’t give them the chance to see you.”

A hollow chuckle escaped Victor, but it seemed to come from deep within the human remains of his chest. “I know, but I think I’ll start in a place that I’m more familiar with, like…somewhere close to home, where I can communicate with people in English if things don’t work out.”

“Fair enough.” Diana agreed, accepting the possibility he had promised her. Her faith in his words was strong, as was the motion with which the Amazon tossed on her red leather jacket and prepared to move her belongings up to the roof.

Keep reading