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so i went to a lesbian party last sunday (technically a wlw party, but we dont rly have a word for that in my language, and most girls in there were lesbians tbh) and bruh i am so gay and girls are so beautiful i kissed 6 girls and i have ascended to heaven and i danced so much that my thigh-muscles ached the next day, i met some great girls, and jesus how did i ever think i was straight, girls are so beautiful, and ive always thought that was only an objective fact and it is but also i am v gay



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[[This is technically from last night but for the kick off party for emerald city comicon this year, the bird and I decided to dress as two influential comic book writers in our lives, Kelly Sue Deconnick and Matt Fraction.]]

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if you take requests, could you write one with spideypool and everyone just assumes they are a couple and they finally realize they've been dating for years without noticing

(…sneaky. but sure whatever)

Peter started tapping his foot as he scanned the room for the millionth time in the last hour. To be honest, he doubted Wade would show, but he was really hoping he would, since it had been Peter who’d asked him.

“Who ya lookin’ for?” Tony asked, coming up behind him and taking a sip of his suspiciously minty-smelling drink.

Peter shrugged. “Wade. I invited him.”

Tony raised his eyebrows. “Your plus-one is Wade?”

“Well, yeah. I like him.”

Tony squinted at him. “Like him how?”

Peter sighed a little bit, because he had already heard a form of that question three times tonight. “Like a friend, Tony. A friend who I wanted to invite to a Christmas party, which isn’t a crime.”

“It is if he blows something up.” Tony mumbled into his drink, earning a flick from Peter. 

“He won’t break anything.” Peter said, sounding more confident than he felt. He looked down at his watch. It was getting kind of late. Even if the party technically lasted til midnight, he doubted Wade was actually going to show up. He frowned, suddenly feeling disappointed.

Tony could sense it, too. “He isn’t going to show up, is he?”

Peter sighed. “Probably not. I just wish he didn’t-”

Suddenly, he was cut off by a rather loud crash across the room, followed by a familiar voice shouting off a string of curses.

He and Tony looked at each other for a moment before Tony just sighed and downed the rest of his drink. “I’m gonna play a new drinking game. Every time he speaks, I throw my drink at his head.”

“You will not.” Peter ordered, trying to be stern and failing. He left Tony and made his way across the room until he came to the circle of people surrounding the spectacle. Right in the middle, casually sitting in what used to be a piano, was Wade, with a Santa hat stuck on his head over his mask.

“Hey, Spidey!” he beamed, jumping up and crushing Peter in a hug, ignoring the wood chips stuck to him. “Merry fuckin’ Christmas!”

Peter grinned and hugged him back. “Merry Christmas.”

Natasha tapped Peter on the shoulder. “You invited Deadpool?”

Peter nodded, realizing he was going to have to answer this question at least ten times. “Yes, I did. And I’m not nearly drunk enough to deal with you people yet,” he added when Natasha tried to speak again, “so hold that thought.”

Wade bit his shoulder until Peter flicked him. “I can go find booze.”

“Go find all of the booze.” Peter ordered. Wade smacked a kiss onto Peter’s forehead, stuck his Santa hat onto Peter’s head, then walked off.

Peter watched him for a moment before he turned back around to the other Avengers who had been watching Wade, and he was pleasantly surprised to find most of them had lost interest.

Natasha, however, had a deadly look in her eye. A look that said you’re hiding things, and I don’t appreciate it. “How long have you been dating him?”

Peter blinked at her. “I’m not?”

“Fine, then how long have you been fucking him?”

Peter’s eyes widened and he shook his head a little too fast. “I’m not doing that either!”

“Then what the fuck are you doing with him?” Natasha demanded.

“Being friends?” Peter tried, but now for some reason he wasn’t sure.

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him. “How often do you see him?”

Peter hesitated. “Every day.” he answered, slowly.

“Do you go and do things together, just the two of you?”

“Sometimes. Most of the time we just stay in.”

“’We’. As in, you’re with him almost every night?” Natasha asked, sounding vaguely like Sherlock Holmes.

“Get to your point, Natasha.” Peter said.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re dating, you idiot.”

“Who’s dating?” Wade asked, suddenly returning and holding four bottles of differing alcohols. 

“You and Peter.” Natasha answered, then took a bottle for herself.

Wade frowned. “Since when?”

“Since whenever you two starting spending all of your time together and you started showing PDA.”

“We don’t do PDA!” Peter protested, then remembered that two minutes ago that’s exactly what Wade had done. “Oh my god, we do.”

Wade looked up at the ceiling in thought. “We are kinda dating, aren’t we? Petey!” he exclaimed, slapping Peter in the chest, “We could have been fucking this whole time!”

There was a moment of silence Then Natasha broke it by opening her bottle and taking a long drink. She wordlessly handed it to Peter, who took an even longer one. “How did I not notice this?” Peter demanded, as if Nat or Wade would know.

“To be fair, you didn’t notice when I put my Xbox in your apartment either.” Wade pointed out.

Peter frowned and took another drink. “Fuck Christmas parties.” he mumbled, earning a smirk from Natasha.

“At least you get an easy-to-remember anniversary.” she pointed out, stealing her bottle back and walking away.

Peter turned and fully faced Wade. “Are we dating?”

Wade scratched the back of his neck. “Unfortunately for you…yeah, pretty much. Just less making out.”

Peter groaned. “I’m an idiot. I’m dating Deadpool and I didn’t even notice.”

Wade shrugged. “Could be worse.”


“Dunno. But it probably could be.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Helpful. Does this mean we have to go on actual dates now? What do we even do?”

Wade paused and thought about it, then seemed to get an idea. “Come with me!” he said, grabbing Peter’s hand and dragging him along. They went through a couple of rooms, and soon they were completely alone. Wade looked around in the fourth room they’d been in and seemed to find what he was looking for. “There!” he finished, putting Peter in the doorway.

“‘There’, what?”

“Look up.”

Peter did, and nearly smacked Wade. “Mistletoe? Really?”

“C’mon, Petey. Just once. Please?”

Peter sighed. “Mask off.”

Wade grinned and pushed it back up to his nose. “You sure?”

“Nope.” Peter said, then kissed him anyway, and it lasted much longer than either of them expected. Wade tasted like candy canes. In the end, they were both breathless. 

“Petey. Let’s be boyfriends. That was awesome.”

Peter just rolled his eyes. “Fuck it. Let’s be boyfriends.” he said, then kissed him again, softer. “But you’re gonna have to teach me some observation skills.”

Party Girl (Luke Imagine)

Basically, I wrote this because I’m in college now, and I keep getting invited to parties that all my new friends go to but I’m terrified to go since I’ve never been to anything like that before. So, as I was crying about feeling so messed up and baby-ish earlier, I decided to write this, because I just really wished that I had Luke to go with or to comfort me about it.

I hope you like it!


It would have been a good day. Or could have been.

It had started out fine. You were really happy - your boyfriend Luke had just come home from tour - and all seemed well. And really, it was well. But then you had to go and ruin it.

You couldn’t explain the issue, but you really weren’t a party girl. Which was ironic, because everyone knew Luke was a pretty big party guy. But you liked the small intimate things. The parties where you knew everyone, at a safe location with safe food and beverages. That was fine. But it was the other parties that he got invited to that you hated. The ones with too much noise and too many gross bodies and too much alcohol permeating the air that left you in shudders. You just physically could not take it. It was awful.

Really, you weren’t sure how you had dodged it so far with Luke. Granted, you had been dating for less than six months (you had made it official on his last break, so technically less than three) but somehow every party had been the kind you liked. But tonight was different. Tonight’s party was a blowout party, to celebrate them coming home. There were something like two hundred people supposed to attend, and it was a house party near a college campus. It sounded like hell to you.

Add that to the fact that you knew Luke would probably get smashed and leave you alone (because obviously he knew everyone there), and you were terrified. You had woken up in a panic and cried in the bathroom for twenty minutes, paced the floors, and by the time Luke got up around 2 p.m., you were exhausted and worn thin. You felt like you were about to combust. 

“Hey baby,” He said, walking into the kitchen and slouching into one of the counter stools, rubbing his eyes sleepily. You didn’t live together, but you had stayed the night at his apartment. It was becoming like home to you.

“Hi,” you responded, trying to keep your voice light and airy. You felt like throwing up. The party was less than six hours away.

“I’m so excited for the party tonight,” he yawned, not noticing you tense up. “It’s gonna be fuckin’ sick. Haven’t been properly drunk in awhile. Michael texted me and said there’s gonna be karaoke, and we have to duet that titanic song, you know the one, right? It’s like ‘Near… far… Where-‘"

“I’m not going,” you blurted out suddenly, feeling tears pool in your eyes and start to drip down your face. He looked bewildered, definitely lost for words as you hurriedly wiped at your cheeks, biting your lip. “I’m so sorry. I just… can’t.“

You briskly walked away, covering your mouth and leaving him behind. Why couldn’t you just be normal? Why couldn’t you love alcohol like everyone else and just go have a good time? Why couldn’t you be fun.

You shut the door to Luke’s bedroom, feeling ridiculous and ashamed and embarrassed. You paced the room, wanting more than anything to stop the tears from rushing down your face. He probably thought you were an idiot. Why would he want to be with someone who freaks out every time someone suggests a party?

Your inner loathing was cut off by a soft knock on the door. You didn’t have time to do anything before Luke was pushing it open slightly, nudging his large frame through and then shutting it, as if someone else was home, which they weren’t. 

For a moment, you both stood there, less than ten feet apart, you not even able to meet his eyes. This is it, you thought to yourself. He’s gonna freak out on me and pressure me, just like all my friends-

Suddenly, his arms were around you, and you couldn’t even think straight. You just stood there, hands at your side, stunned. When he finally pulled back, his blue eyes were kind and sweet, his teeth nibbling on the corner of his bottom lip where his piercing had once resided before giving up.

“Usually, when someone hugs you, it’s kinda general procedure to hug back,” he joked gently, turning serious when you didn’t laugh. "It’s okay if you don’t want to go,” he said softly, nuzzling your cheek a bit. “I can just make an appearance and then come back. It’s not an issue.”

You sniffled, taken aback by his kindness. “I’m sorry. I just… I don’t know why I get so nervous about it.“

He sat down on the bed, patting the spot next to him. “What are you nervous about?”

“I don’t know!” You exclaimed quickly, sitting down in a huff. “I’m just scared I’ll get lost there or stranded or something.“

“Stranded? I’ll be with you the whole time.” He paused, apparently figuring out what you were thinking. “I won’t drink a lot tonight. I probably shouldn’t anyway, if there will be so many random people. Would you feel better if we just went for a little bit? We don’t need to stay the whole night.”

You shook your head. “That’s not fair for you. I can just stay here by myself. It’s fine.“

Luke wrapped his arm around you, pulling you tight and leaning his head against yours. After a brief silence, he pressed a kiss to your temple. “If it was any other party, I’d say fuck it and skip it. But since it’s for me, I’ve gotta go just for a little while. You can absolutely stay here if you want. I have no issue with it at all. But I want you to know that if you want to come, we will stay together the whole time and at any point that you want to leave, just say the word and I’ll call a cab for us. It’s not a problem.”

You mulled over his kind words. You did want to go. You’ve never really been to a big party but you always assumed they were bad news and everything you hated. You wanted to be there for Luke, though. Finally, with a sniffle, you pressed your lips to Luke’s jaw.

“Okay,” you breathed, still nervous as hell but wanting to be with him. He seemed shocked, pulling back to look at you.

“Okay? You’ll come?“

You nodded shyly. “And if I don’t like it then we can leave?”

He nodded vehemently. “Absolutely. And I’ll be good. I shouldn’t get shit-faced anyway. Besides, if we come back early, maybe we can, you know…” He trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows before laughing, completely messing around but probably serious, only if you were up to it, though. You got up, smiling but rolling your eyes, wiping the last remnants of tears and venturing over to your part of his closet and looking for something to wear, feeling like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. As you showed different outfits to your boyfriend, he made comments on each, basically telling you you’d look nice in anything but taking the bait and finally picking one. As you changed, you watched as he laid back, yawning and stretching so his t-shirt rode up and showed his happy trail. 

You turned around, smiling to yourself. With Luke by your side, everything would be fine.

Oh, and you had a great night.

Blank Canvas

Summary: Dan is an extremely talented but unrecognized tattoo artist, his body a black and white masterpiece. Phil, on the other hand, has everything against tattoos. When he’s dragged along to his sister’s addition to her collection of ink, he realizes that perhaps turning one’s body from a blank canvas into a work of art is something to find beautiful instead of repulsive.

a/n woW okay i didn’t think i’d actually be able to upload this on time but here it is. okay so this chapter was terrible to write bc i couldn’t find a song that just went wiht the feel of the chapter so it might feel a bit off. also i have no idea wtf that hozier bit is. sorry. gosh this a/n is a trainwreck. but overall i’m kinda happy w/ this chapter?? idek. i rlly like the ending ;)

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: slight notion of an eating disorder, alcohol, smoking, mention of weed, mention of anxiety, bit of a weird/gross pain mention in the first paragraph

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I had a really good day today: 

  • Productive meeting with co-workers
  • Delicious lunch with the same co-workers at Pai 
  • I really really REALLY pushed myself at CrossFit today. 
  • I babysat Lily and got her to sleep within 10 minutes **insert jazz hands here** as that is no easy feat. 
  • I came home and watched Big Brother while admiring my pretty pink farmer’s market flowers
  • I bumped into a friend on the street today (and another friend yesterday!). Is Toronto really that small? Either way, spontaneous catchups are A++
  • I’m 100% up to date with my budget right now
  • Speaking of dates, for whatever reason, I absolutely can not get one. Nobody at all is liking my profile or messaging me or responding to my messages. I sort of just go on the apps out of boredom now, but whatever, I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now
  • Bigger fish like switching jobs and MOVING TO A NEW COUNTRY!! Eeeek!
  • Updated because I am silly and thought I had already told you, but NOPE: I have 7 days left at this company!! Yup, on Monday I gave my two week notice. I’d say it happened quickly, but it didn’t. I’ve been in chats with New Job since, umm, March? Well, technically last December as I went to a friend’s Christmas party, met one of her colleague’s husbands, and we started chatting away about our love of product management, and four interviews, countless emails, and an offer letter later, ta-da! 
  • I start at New Job Sept 6th! It’s bittersweet, as I’m sure going to miss my current company, especially my colleagues-turned-friends, but the new role and company? *hearts in my eyes emoticon here* As well as: thumbs up, clap, and champagne celebration emoticons.
  • The new gig is consulting, and my first client is in Detroit, Michigan, so YUP, I’M MOVING TO THE STATES!! It’s only for six months, though, which I’m sure will go by SO fast. 
  • I’m employed through the Toronto office of New Job, but consulting to a company in Detroit, so I’ll be living full time down there.  It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least; sad to be leaving my life in Toronto when I’ve finally settled into such a healthy and happy spot, but I am also so excited for this new adventure and my new role (and like I said, I think six months will go by in a flash). 
  • To say it’s an unexpected life twist is an understatement, but hey, that’s what makes life so much fun, right?
  • I haven’t even started yet, but New Job has blown me away with their new employee on-boarding (I have found my organization people!), and I am so excited to learn more and to move into the consulting side of things; the role and company are truly a dream!
  • I know approximately zero people in Detroit, but it’s only about four hours away from Toronto, and the more I have researched Detroit, the cooler and cooler it seems.  
  • I’ve found a new CrossFit already, know where I’ll be living, what my commute will be like, done my U.S. background check (whoa!) and am just overall really excited. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say in the coming months, but for now, that’s my big news!!!!! :)
  • To prepare for my move I’m debating giving up my apartment. OR, subletting it. Which means, oh goodness, my apartment is a mess! If you follow me on Snapchat (username: Fabulizzles) you would have already seen it, but I am on a decluttering organizing throw-it-out-Liz rampage right now. When the time comes to give up this apartment (tear), I want everything to be in a minimalist state and well organized. But jeesh, it sure is hard to get rid of that random t.shirt I haven’t worn in three years but may decide to wear next week because what if
  • What else? This post is definitely not just about my day anymore. I am good, life is good, my weight is up and I’m feeling blah in my clothes and skin so I’m trying to eat healthier lately, but the cottage was amazing and worth it. As were the weddings. And I AM MOVING STATE SIDE. EEEEK! And now I am rambling so I shall go. G’night!

Detroit, Michigan!