technically since last may

anonymous asked:

how long have u known tt for?

((OOC: This was clearly a life or death must know situation so to actually answer the question…

…technically, since we did the Pride and Prejudice thread in May last year, but really we didn’t start hanging out properly till around September? So it’s been a solid minute.
But they spent a good few months in the middle there missing out on me whining about how hot it was in Japan and how expensive cheese was my charming wit and elegant conversation))


To Protect (pt 1)

Another CCPD/ Metahuman task force cares about and wants to protect Cisco fic, based on This concept 

Cisco double checked the framing on yet another shield, before nodding in approval and setting it aside. He’d been up almost all night, tinkering away at his little desk at CCPD, but it was worth it. He’d been getting a lot better with his vibes, and if the meta he’d been seeing showed up, having the extra insulation and lightning proofing would be a big help for the cops.

“Morning, Cisquixote,” a detective called as he walked past, heading for his desk with two cups of coffee. Cisco nodded back, grinning. As nicknames went, it wasn’t bad, and it felt nice to have someone give him one instead of the other way around. He wasn’t sure who had started it, but there was a good chunk of the CCPD who used it, including one newbie who hadn’t actually realized it wasn’t his real name. “Whatcha working on?”

“Better shields,” Cisco answered, checking the clock—had he been up for a full 24 hours again? Crap, Caitlin was going to kill him. He got up, stretching, and headed for the coffee machine. A few officers were standing around, talking. He knew all of them, had worked with them a few times. They never went out of their way to make him feel stupid, or like a child, never talked down to him. He liked that. As he dumped sugar into his cup, he thought he saw a handful of detective glance his way before going back to their conversations.

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