technically racist

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tbf most white folks who voted for trump are not racist. In the sense that they don't know that they are racist. Let me explain. They don't wear the confederate flag, dont do the nazi salute and don't call poc n-words (to their face). So for most white liberals, these folks are technically not racist. most don't see that by ignoring his racist shit, they are racist themselves. most ppl don't think u can be racist and not know it, but yes you can. Chris is being very naive and privileged.

Yeah I feel you. I kinda wish they’d just like.. not ask him about this stuff lmao like I love him but I could do without more white cishet men talking about issues they don’t understand. 

A “grandfather clause,” or being “grandfathered into” something, means that a new law or rule has been passed, but some people still get to abide by the old rules by virtue of having been around for a while. It’s like how the newbies at the go-kart track aren’t allowed to bring lances, but you still can, because you’ve been doing it the whole time, and also because the attendant is terrified of you.

Following the end of slavery, African American men were finally given the right to vote, but not every state was so keen to extend these liberties. Since flat-out forbidding them from voting was now illegal, many states tried to circumvent the law by coming up with a bunch of new rules to exclude black voters. Mandatory literacy tests and constitutional quizzes were instituted, which most African Americans at the time probably couldn’t pass – but not strictly because of their skin tone, see, so it wasn’t technically racist.  

The plan had one Achilles’ heel, though: A lot of uneducated white folks couldn’t pass these tests either. So to get around that, the states came up with the so-called grandfather clauses. If someone had the right to right to vote before African Americans could do so, then they could vote without having to pass an additional test. They also decided that if your descendants could vote, then you still had the right as well, because stacking odds is fun – like a game of racist Jenga.

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