technically my coloring and half art

Final Frame, by DanielJGreenwood

Best viewed on black I chose this title for this particular image because this is in fact my final frame from my Canon.. I did however just recently invest in a new Nikon D810 today so I look forward to learning this system for the future of my captures. This was one of those special moments down by the ocean where the elements seemed to come together perfectly. I used some previsualization techniques to capture the multiple exposures needed for this scene from multiple time frames. I shot this scene for a series of hours half hour before sunset, half hour after sunset, and a few further beyond. I then manually blended these exposures for light and the color. Technical stuff… Multiple exposures manually blended with my own creative touch and feel.


here it is… my paintover/edit of the official art for toa percy. the original literally bothered me so much that i had to try and edit it as much as i could. (the lighting confused me so much, is it dawn? dusk? wheres the light source(s)?? anyway…) 
i mainly tried to fix his age; i felt like the original was trying to go for ‘disney dreamboat’ so i tried to make it happen to the best of my abilities while trying to preserve as many of the original features as i could (like that weird…smirk? smile? and his insanely contoured jawline? idk, i tried bruh). 
i couldnt find the high quality version of the original so i used the low quality from the wiki and maximized the resolution (it was nasty to work with, it was like 400x500px or smth). this was satisfying despite the struggle. oh also heres my own portrait of percy

my half of an art trade with the darling @soularch, of their ss bobby with hancock!! (*´∀`*) they basically just asked for them lyin’ together somewhere but i love these two goofs and i went, uh. a little overboard with my ink details. @3@; bobby’s such a sweet babe.

check out their half here, i adore it to pieces!! <3

“You need to loosen up a bit dia-chan”

I’m 99% sure that this will be my otp on love live! Sunshine, I just feel that nozoeli feels on those two *-* asdfgh

Just loving that “upright traditionalist student council president with crazy-easygoing half-foreigner *^* ”

me at the start of the year

me at the end

A little emotional honestly. Here’s what i’ve learned: Notes aren’t everything and there is no bigger pleasure than drawing for yourself. If you ever feel bad that your work isn’t circulated as much, or even feel like you’re being slept on, just know that there are amazing illustrators in the industry on this website that don’t even have more than 10 notes on their stuff while lower technically made, or more generally, less effort drawings manage to get like 4000+. 

I used to be extremely afraid working with color but in the latter half of this year i made the effort and look where it got me. Never be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone cause you will never know what you’re capable of!