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Hello my dear mischievous friend! can i ask you to write a little something for me, when you have time? Ron is the one thing Harry would miss most in GOF, i was wondering can you write about him talking to Harry about "leaving" this role to Ginny? thank you :)

A/N: I kinda played around with this prompt but it’s got some quality brotp time where they definitely discuss Ron being the thing Harry would miss most.  Hope you like it :)  Also, does it count as posting it the day I said I would if its technically the next day but I haven’t gone to sleep?

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Harry nodded his thanks to the departing healer before turning his attention back to his battered and bruised partner whose eyelids were beginning to droop.  “Alright Ron?”

Ron smiled goofily, attempting to deliver a cheeky salute and nearly putting his own eye out in the process.

Biting back a snicker at Ron’s indignant expression, Harry shuffled around the bed, slipping his dusty over-robes from his shoulders, draped them over the stiff plastic chair, and dropped into the torturous seat.

As soon as they’d arrived at St Mungo’s – after checking Ron in with a Healer – Harry’d flooed Hermione at her hotel in Switzerland.  She’d gone to consult on some new piece of legislation the Swiss ministry was promoting, partially inspired by some of Hermione’s more recent work with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

Follwing his brief explanation, she’d disappeared from the green flames in a flurry of bushy hair, barely pausing to disconnect.  While she worked on getting fast track approvals to get back to the British Ministry, Harry dutifully stayed with a less than lucid Ron.

The aforementioned best mate was currently studying his hands, apparently aghast at the concept of fingers if his entranced expression and low exclamations were any clue.

Grinning to himself, Harry stood at the foot of the nondescript bed, toying with the chart that listed Ron’s injuries and medical history.  “So, Hermione is trying to get back.”

Ron’s brow furrowed for a moment, eyes glazed before he nodded jerkily, “That’s good mate.”

“Should I contact the family?”

“Sure,” Ron said with a shrug, eyelids drooping again.

Delivering a comforting pat to Ron’s blanket covered foot – or possibly ankle – Harry made to leave, “I’ll floo Ginny and ask her to pass things along, maybe you’ll be asleep by the time the circus arrives.“

Ron laughed, fiddling with the scratchy white sheet.  “Harry?”

Pausing with his hand on the door, Harry invites him to continue with a curious arched brow.

“Y’remember fourth year?”

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WBJ18: Fashion

Nefisnios continues the trend of being more or less Earth in terms of what most people are wearing (insofar as the tech level is roughly late 70s, let’s say fashion is around the same level for the sake of great outfits). To get interesting, we need to dive into wizard subculture.

The thing about wizard subculture- and it exists, even though most wizards don’t meet many other wizards in their lives- is that its visible signs can’t be too visible. If you’re walking down the street in robes and a pointed hat, you’re going to get noticed by the police. So, the smart thing to do is dress in totally normal everyday dress, with nothing obvious to give you away to the fuzz.

Wizards, as a general rule, do not do the smart thing.

So we’re talking full-on stars and planets robes, floppy hats, staves, beards as long as they can grow them. (Both genders of magic-user are called wizards in this setting, and women will often go out of their way to magically give themselves long facial hair for the aesthetic.) This sort of dress is patterned after what was said to be worn by the great magical titans of old- soft, comfortable, and declaring “Fight me! I may not be wearing anything practical for combat, but good luck I’m behind seven abjurations. I’m better than armor.”

Wizards can get away with this incredibly unsubtle style, because there’s a substantial fraction of the population that believes magic should be legalized, and that the ban is immoral or at least overly strict. Consequently, it’s usually considered the progressive thing to do to dress like a wizard even if you’re not one- to provide plausible deniability to actual wizards, so they can dress how they please without attracting attention from the cops. Roughly 15% of the population’s style is influenced by wizard subculture in this way, which makes profiling difficult.

A consistent style? What’s that?

Started out for a thing for TLOZ rp stuff and main clothes, very quickly got tired of trying to add in the rest of the climbing gear and bags, and hell with shading, so uploading it now.

I’ll maybe poke at it later but for now gotdamn am I sick of staring at this

Crimsennui Week, Day Four : Crossover (Corpse Bride)