technically it was past midnight so it counts

Hope (Disney’s Descendants)

Pairing: None

Word Count: 965

Warnings: None

Note: Okay, so this is more of a Pirate Crew fic than a Harry-central one, and honestly features a lot more Uma and Gil than Harry, but I keep putting off posting it because I don’t quite like how it came out. Mostly because I haven’t read the book yet, so I only have the trailer and song to go off of while writing them. However, I’m running out of time, so I’ll just post what I do have and hope that it isn’t horrendously inaccurate. I mean, it’s technically the second here, sine it’s just a little past midnight, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so we’re counting it. Shhhhh…

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ok so its past midnight on the east coast by now and i KNOW thats not how this works but i’m counting it as good enough technicality wise for a themed post bc Passover.

First off, Tango’s Jewish. Thats just how it is. Do you see how many questions this kiddo asks. He’s definitely Jewish. When he was growing up after every service his parents took him to and after every week at whatever sunday school type program his reform synagogue had he’d just be fulllllll of questions to bother his rabbi with but unlike the teachers at school his rabbi didnt get fed up after the first like, 8 questions. He actually encourages it, and tiny Tango is so stoked about an environment that doesnt treat all his questions like a nuisance and never treats any of his questions like they’re dumb. He’s maybe not like Super Duper Religious but he definitely is somewhat religious, and really really values the cultural ties that being Jewish comes with. 

Tango’s rabbi kind of wants him to study Talmud or s/t because the kid really has the disposition for that. Tango doesnt end up doing that but he does sign up for a Jewish Studies course when he registers for Samwell and he keeps in touch with whatever discussions he’s got going on with his rabbi (only some of which are about religion at this point).

Chowder is also Jewish. idk why thats my hc but it is. P much most of my Jewish Chowder hc is me projecting onto my fellow Bay Area kiddo so: grew up in a family thats not super observant, when asked previously is the type of guy who’d describe himself as “Jew-*ish*” with the hand motion and all, because he’s never really been the spiritual type, and his upbringing was pretty lax when it came to a lot of stuff, but he definitely has had his life shaped by the culture. Holidays and stuff carry meaning for him in ways that are personal and connect him to family and community. 

When Chowder moves to Samwell he realizes that the holidays and traditions are actually more important to him that he thought and he feels a little lonely and disconnected to his heritage and identity. He makes it a bit of a point of it to go out and find ways of connecting to that, but its a slow process. When Tango shows up and mentions offhand something about Rosh Hashanah, Chowder goes like !!!!! ay let celebrate shit together!!!!! and anyways thats how Chowder and Tango end up celebrating Hanukkah 2k15 over Chowder’s home made Sharks themed menorah.