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Donald Trump’s executive order banning Muslims is technically legal

  • President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday that will affect the lives of millions of refugees, immigrants and Muslims in the United States and abroad.
  • The executive order includes a four-month ban on all refugees — with the exception of religious minorities — and a 30-day visa suspension of immigrants and visitors from Muslim-majority countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Somalia.
  • In layman’s terms, Trump can indeed ban or create entry restrictions against any immigrant at any time, so long as he argues they pose a risk to U.S. interests. Read more.

prince of durin

It’s technically not even Friday anymore for me, BUT since I just realized this meetup I’ll still write something.
It is also probably incredible stupid to load up my photo here but idgaf (oh and I also just noticed the hole above my head is IN the picture, there hang our old beamer)

The name’s Jorunn (middle name) and I am a biromantic asexuell female (probably, like, maybe not?, at least currently).
I have a cat, I like my hair quite colorful aaand I do Karate.
Just… if anyone reads this, I’m like, always available
For anyone
To ask a stupid question or memes or anything
I love memes

Bad Occult Cleansing Tip

In need of a cleansing or purification, but lack the tools or motivation to do a proper cleansing ritual? The fast food industry has you covered: just grab a high-sodium meal on the go! You get the purifying properties of salt, plus deliciousness, all in one convenient greasy package!

Okay but I LIVE for domestic Finnrey, AU or otherwise

• Finn going grocery shopping while Rey stays home and tinkers with her little projects, and when Finn returns with two armfuls of food she stares at him, aghast, and he just shrugs and grins and says, “I thought of a few more things we needed.” (“A FEW? It looks like you bought out half of the market!”)

• Rey goes to work early in the morning, but never fails to find coffee, toast, and a fruit of some sort on a plate along with a note (“Have a good day. I love you!” - Finn), and that never fails to make her heart flutter. She makes sure to thank him when she gets home with a hard, meaningful kiss, because no matter what kind of a day she has had that little gesture sticks with her.

• A majority of nights end with them snuggling on the couch, often times naked and entangled in the same thick comforter, watching TV. Finn will play with Rey’s hair and Rey will absently toy with Finn’s free hand until she falls asleep, leaning against his chest, safe and secure in his arms. He is soon to follow suit, after a few minutes of brushing strands of hair out of her face and watching the peace overcome her features.

• They never realized the walls of their little home were too thin until Poe spent the night and told them VERY certainly that they should look into fixing that.

• During the evenings, Finn likes to stand outside and watch the sunset and think. He likes to think about how everything in his life led up to this moment - having a home, being with Rey, etc. He wonders how he got so lucky. Rey will emerge from the kitchen and the setting sunlight strikes her just right and he is breath taken all over again. The look on his face is goofy and Rey ducks her head to hide both her grin and her smile as she makes her way to him to interlock their fingers and prop her head against his shoulder. They stay this way until the sun is completely gone and the inky blackness of night spreads across the sky.

• The day they bought their little home, they eagerly and excitedly discussed ideas and plans. Both of them had very clear visions in their heads, and so, the next day, armed with buckets of paint and paintbrushes, they set to work. They decorate, they paint, they talk and chat as they do so - Rey aims a swat at Finn as he stands on a chair and leaves a very bright blue handprint on his rear (which she finds all too amusing). He rolls his eyes but later gets revenge when he cups her cheek for a kiss and swipes a long streak of green across her forehead. Soon this devolves into an all-out paint war - nothing is safe. The walls end up splattered, and so do they, but looking at them, the wild patterns and colors are oddly fitting.

His - Baekhyun

Title: His (drabble)

Word Count: 869

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Requested by anonymous

“  Could I get a 9 with Baekhyun please “  

Kdrama prompt No. 9 “Amnesia” 

A/N: I’m a little iffy about this one. I tried my best but, I guess I’ll just let you guys decide if you like it. Also it’s technically a one shot but this is for Friday so let’s just agree that it’s a drabble.

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It devastated him when the accident happened. You were so important to him, his inspiration to keep going, even more so than the fans. You were his life and he was yours. Until the accident happened. It was a brutal crash and you were lucky that you survived the way you did. He left a work event to go to the hospital and find you when he saw your car on the news in a crumpled heap.  You were unconscious for days and when you finally woke up, you didn’t recognize him. He was sort of familiar in a sense but you didn’t know his name or anything about him. You’d been together two years but you couldn’t remember anything after your first date. 

You sat there in your hospital bed, afraid to say anything because of how emotional he was getting when you asked who he was. You didn’t know why but seeing him cry made you want to weep as well. He tried to explain your situation to you as best he could because he thought that it might be better if he explained it than anyone else, maybe if he spoke to you, you would remember. 

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Wednesday Blues

I’m in a mood. What else is new, though? I’m upset because i’m not used to being “alone” for long periods of time. It’s not the momming part of the aloneness that’s bothersome to me. It’s when Stink is asleep, I just sit here bored out of my mind. AJ left for work at 5:30 this morning. I won’t see her until she gets home at 2:30a.m. After that, i’ll sleep next to her for three hours, and then she’ll leave again and I won’t see her until 2:30a.m. on Thursday night (technically Friday morning). It’s hard. Kudos to whomever is alone while their partner goes on business trips or vacations or whatever have you. This life is not for me.
I am dreading Stink’s visit with bio dad tomorrow. Four hours of real alone-aloneness. Ugh. I keep hoping for placement because then at least I’ll have something to occupy my mind. Another child(ren) that I don’t know like the back of my hand (Stink doesn’t, and never has, felt like a foster child to me). Someone I have to get to know, someone I have to learn to love. A new mess of emotions to distract me from the mundane days that i’ve been trudging through. 

On the other hand, my house is spotless. I have finished almost all of the laundry that’s been piled up in a never ending mound since we moved into this house. Probably about two more loads and i’ll be finished. What an accomplishment.

I’m also trying to pace myself on watching the last few episodes of Shameless, because when it’s over I don’t know what i’m going to do with my time. That being said, anyone read any good books lately? Maybe I can go to the library and check a few new things out tomorrow.  

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For fluff Friday: I want to sit on Wammu's lap, while he braids my hair.

Fluffy Friday is technically over but I don’t wanna let this sit in my askbox till this upcoming Friday

Wammu is huge so you’d fit in his lap with room to spare. For such a vicious warrior he is surprisingly gentle when he wants to be and he carefully pulls your hair into sections for braiding. He has numerous braids in his hair so he’s an expert and would braid your hair in no time. He still takes his time though, enjoying this peaceful moment with you

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I'm gonna say the same thing to you as I did to ivory... Technically speaking, reading your fic and ivory's in a row on a Friday night was a good start to the weekend, but I'm also kinda mad about it. How dare you? Come cash me outside right now.

heheh Tanya… oops, sorry friend! I’ll be waiting outside… I deserve it. D: I hope you have a good weekend since the start seems to be spicy! hehe <333