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In regards to Reira and how being turned into a baby ‘made him lose all this character development’

This isn’t the same Reira. She’s almost an entirely different character.

Our Reira came full circle with his development and died a hero to save the dimension. This new Reira is our old Reiras reincarnation, and as seen with Yuu boys and bracelet girls: they’re not the same person as their previous self.

The only difference here is that the baby still keeps the name Reira, and looks the same because our Reira didn’t need to be divided into four because the four dimensions already exist.

Not only that this new Reira is a combination of people: Our Reira (reincarnation), Ray (Ray’s influence changes Reira’s gender), and Zarc (his soul now resides in Reira).

So no, Reiras character didn’t digress and he didn’t lose his development. He died a hero like his sister and new Reira is the aftermath of his efforts.

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Are black and white shiba inus a rarer version of a black and tan one?

I believe all the kennel clubs only recognize “black and tan” as an existing coat color for shiba inus.  Sometimes the markings on for the tan parts of the coat are a very pale buff color, sometimes there is a lot of tan and only a little white.

An example of a black and tan with a lot of tan. (source)

A black and tan with more white and lighter tan. (source)

Both of these are acceptable manifestations of the coat color, though some breeders may display a preference for one over another.  A black and tans coat may also become whiter/grayer as the dog enters seniority.  A shiba with only black *and* white is technically possible (it’s seen in the shibas close relative, akitas) and could present itself as a pinto, but I wasn’t able to find a picture of one.


Pirelli Calendar 2017 : The full “Making of” Film (x)

Helen Mirren, 71
Nicole Kidman, 49 
Jessica Chastain, 39
Penelope Cruz, 42
Robin Wright, 50
Kate Winslet, 41
Charlotte Rampling, 70
Uma Thurman, 46
Julianne Moore, 55

So because Huntokar described there being an infinite number of universes - an infinite number of Night Vales that are now all bleeding together, I believe that means everyone’s headcanons about Cecil are all technically canon.

There’s a reality where Cecil is white, black, Native American, heck, there are realities where he was born purple, polka-dotted even. There are realities where he has (and doesn’t have) tattoos, a third eye, or even tentacles. Cecil is all of these. Cecil is a Lovecraftian, Eldritch horror. Cecil is just a normal human being just working at a radio station. Cecil is…Cecil.

Infinite realities mean infinite possibilities. Everyone’s headcanon of Cecil is actually canon. Life is beautiful.

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I can't get over the symbolism of Alec in white and Magnus in black at the wedding... Like ying & yang, the light and the dark, demons and angels, two polar opposites uniting as one...

Originally posted by shadowhuntersseries

In the shadow world, black symbolizes armor in battle, and white symbolizes mourning…  Magnus was ready to fight for his love that night [“when that love comes back to you, you must do everything in your power to fight for it.” ~Ragnor], and Alec was ready to, essentially, die [what Lydia did “saved my life. So I should go thank her.” ~Alec].  

Oddly enough, Alec is usually the man of war, and Magnus is the man who cannot die…   The subliminal undertones of war and death was fitting for the two of them, but the way the tropes were switched is intriguing.  Even the fact that Alec was the bold one in that moment, and Magnus was the quiet one ready to do what he was told, is another example of their typical roles being swapped.  It kind of exemplifies how their two personalities have meshed, and how they are two sides of the same coin.  In the end, the sad symbolism of the colors they wore that night was washed away with joy…they found each other, and nothing has been the same since.  

And for that, I’m glad.

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Why do you translate killing stalking when it's already translated?

I answered these types of questions a lot before but I guess it’s due time to remind people again. 

I don’t translate out of bitterness or to undermine the content or the creator. I don’t translate KS to be a thorn in Lezhin’s side, and I definitely don’t translate it for profit or some desirable benefits that come with translating.

I translate because people still need me to translate it. It’s really simple but it explains a lot of what I do. When I first started it was something harmless and something fun, and to help guide those who were struggling to read KS Korean version. This was way before Lezhin decided to do simultaneous releases and boosted up the coin packages. 

After translating it for a few weeks, I noticed how much of a bubble I was in. You imagine that if you can buy Killing Stalking chapters others can too, and you never dream about the possibility that others can’t. Then people send me messages about how they were happy and grateful to read the translations and explained why they couldn’t buy the chapters even when they wanted to support Koogi, that they will buy them in the future, or that they started buying them but read my translations first. Many of the “I can’t” messages were understandable - economic reasons, there’s no way around that. But there were ones that surprised me and it was about location. People couldn’t pay because of where they physically lived. Some of my Middle Eastern readers can’t pay because their bank doesn’t let global access. Some of my readers have shitty exchange rates. Some of them just can’t make electronic payments. 

I mentioned before (here and here) that if Lezhin solves the problem I would cease to exist but once again, I translate because people need me to.

And I hear a lot of arguments about me and translating: “people should just buy them”, “don’t read fan translations, support the author!!!”, “if you can’t afford the chapters then don’t read it” and my favorite is “people are liars, they can pay they just don’t want to” and oh boy. I don’t blame them for not understanding cause I didn’t either before I translated but some of these people really can’t, I mean. They SERIOUSLY can’t and it’s disappointing to see that rather than helping others by pitching ideas or asking for changes they rather follow the same system, even when the audience is expanding. How do you support something if you can’t get to it?

You can snipe that webtoons aren’t a necessity but a luxury and people shouldn’t have access to my translations yet neither is technology or clothes but here we are - on the internet with pieces of fabric on. 

Or that “Koogi loses money” but she gets a wage because Lezhin treats their artists with economic freedom. I don’t know what “livable wage” means but I hope it’s more than enough to live in Seoul and the more expensive places in the city like Gangnam. 

I wish there was a way to donate to the authors directly rather than being limited to paying each chapter. If people can’t buy the chapters they can at least still say thank you by giving them whatever they can spare.

People rationalize that “it’s only 20 cents a chapter!!!!! it’s so cheap there’s no reason not to buy them” but the thing is, you have to buy them in bundles. 

In U.S. currency, it cost $4 for 14 coins. If it’s 3 coins/chapter then the $4 bundle can get you around 4 chapters. As of right now there are 21 locked chapters which mean it’ll be totaled to around 63 coins and the season is not over nor will the series end anytime soon, so you’re spending more than $20 (assuming you’re going to buy all the chapters until the series end without using points) and that’s not including other webtoons you’ll want to read in Lezhin like the fan favorites - Out of Control, A Guy Like You, All About Lust, At the End of the Road, Blood Bank, Window to Window, Hate Mate, Moritat, and etc. The little things add up, and some people won’t be able to get the bundles EVERY time they have to resupply particularly if their exchange rate is shit or they’re just tight with money. 

I tried explaining some of my ideas to help before, I think at least once (probably just once knowing me). But the response was the same, unfortunately. And I agree with people saying I’m not a good person because technically I’m not. But this situation isn’t black and white and neither are the readers. 

If you would like to read more and in detail, here are the links. There I explained myself with more commentary and visual aid. Support the authors and the contributors but support them the best you can if not through money but through popularity so the fanbase grows, and if you can, buy the chapters in the future. 


Even now, why won’t Lezhin reward readers in the English site with points or coins for daily visits like they do with Korean readers? I mean, all the leaked translations and fan translations are in English and usually intended for international readers so wouldn’t it be more helpful to try and let readers get coins/points so that they try reading the chapters legally? 

But who knows, I don’t understand anything about the business ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Inktober 02/10/16 - Ice Scream

My second Halloween-themed Inktober illustration! This odd cat is most certainly a witch’s familiar. 
Like the previous drawing, it was made using black, orange, purple and white ink, as well as technical and artist pens.
Ma seconde illustration à thème pour Inktober ! Ce chat un peu étrange est certainement le familier d’une sorcière.
Comme le précédent, le dessin a été réalisé à l’aide d’encre noire, orange, violette et blanche, ainsi que des stylos techniques et feutres.