technically a parallel universe but


So, I rewatched Amy’s Choice and Rory’s ‘death’ scene is literally TST.

The framing, pacing, and narrative beats are all the same. Even the “promise me you’ll look after the baby” and “you’re supposed to be a hero, otherwise what’s the point of you” moments are the same.

After TFP’s more overt film references in comparison to TST and TLD’s subtler Bond etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if the fourth wall is being broken in the fact that Sherlock and John have actually watched Doctor Who together and this scene within TST is literally a recreation of Amy’s Choice, EMP or otherwise.

Culverton Smith in TLD would then actually be based on Toby Jones playing The Dream Lord, meaning that technically Sherlock and John “exist” in our own reality / a very near parallel universe.

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esseremagico777  asked:

Wait a second are you Frisk dodging Napstablook's attack while you answering to us? If that the case: geez Frisk you are the king of the multitasking!

Frisk: “Heh heh, not quite!”

Frisk: “Currently everything I say is being spoken to in a realm in which I am not currently dealing with the events being unfolded. Leave that mess to the writer, who still wants to allow me to answer questions to you all, yet does not want to interfere with the legitimate storyline to allow me to answer those questions.”

“My personality is exactly the same, and will even change as the events in the story unfold, but it would be as if the realm I was speaking to you in is put “on pause” as for me to answer these questions. I am going through the same events, but I am “technically” not the same Frisk. I am a reflection in a parallel universe that allows me to speak with you all. Also, the me in the realm of the story is unaware that you all even exist, whereas I can “hear” you all, but only through the writer. Heck, the me in the realm of the story is unaware that I exist.”

“To boil it down simply, I’m like those moments where the characters in The Office speak to the audience. Same people, but aware of an audience, more time to get opinion out on things, and in my case, answer questions.”

“Flowey will also assist me, he knows you all exist as well, but has no idea of the specific implications of this separate “dimension” if you will, nor most of what I just said.”

Flowey: “what”

Frisk: “lol idk”