THOR: RAGNAROK Period AU After Lord Odin, founder of Odin & Sons Gold Company, passed away from a mysterious illness, Thor Odinson is forced to come back from his two-year sabbatical to Asgard Hall as rightful heir of the land and the business. This immediately puts him at odds with his adopted brother Loki who, until then, was overseeing the property and operations (to little success) as the acting heir. Friction sparks between both brothers when Thor suspects Loki of his involvement with their father’s sudden demise—until an unexpected visitor, a woman named Hela, changes the game and claims to be their estranged eldest sister and the rightful heir of Lord Odin.

Lily: I’m cold.

James: Here, take my jacket.

Remus: I’m cold as well.

Sirius: *taking off jacket and giving it to Remus* You are? I told you to bring more layers, but of course you didn’t listen.

Sirius: *piling scarves onto Remus* Gosh, now it’s my job to make sure you don’t freeze to death!!

Sirius: *taking someone else’s hat and putting it on Remus* You could be sick and I wouldn’t even know! How long have you been cold, huh?