Help me

Fighting myself out of an art block by trying different colouring steps and sketching Credence Barebone wayyy too much. I am drowning in emotions. :(
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Less Commonly Used Superpowers!

AKA Mod Karissa is still awake, bored, and has nothing better to do! :D

  • Control gravity in a small area
  • electricity manipulation
  • heat manipulation/touch (not fire!!! just heat!)
  • “Midas touch” AKA turn things to gold
  • always good luck
  • luck manipulation (give someone good or bad luck, etc)
  • creating clones of people
  • changing your age
  • splitting self into 2
  • bring pictures/paintings to life
  • plastic manipulation

and that’s all I have for now :) I hope these help some of you out there!
~Mod Karissa