guess it creates another parallel/contrast set up with Yang and Blake we didn’t know about before though

both have parents that were/are leading groups with less than stellar reputations

Blake was born into a group meant for good and as she grew it was twisted and turned to evil

Yang was abandoned over a group that kills indiscriminately yet seems to sit at least in a moral grey area

Blake has loving, doting parents that she ran away from and wasn’t expecting a warm welcome back from

Yang has an absent mother that wants nothing to do with her and her father is trying but doesn’t really understand her and refuses to deal with problems beyond the obvious ones that can’t be ignored - she desperately wants to connect with her mother and presently feels like a burden to her father

anonymous asked:

What are yours best D2 ships?

To be honest, Dishonored 2 has left such a sour taste in my mouth re: its main story that I haven’t seriously thought about ships. I haven’t really thought about fic whatsoever apart from fix-it fic in its various forms. 


Aramis Stilton / Theodanis Abele is my 110% up my alley. Schmoopy couples with huge societal power disparities who have to be discreet about their relationship IS MY FUCKING JAM. (it… actually feels a lot like Corvo/Jessamine, in that sense. WHOOPS?)

Breanna Ashworth / Delilah is also very much up my alley in a weird, “I’m not sure this is healthy at all because Delilah is very manipulative and she’s abusive towards her coven and this game seems to have made her into an almost pathological liar but also, I really like the idea of her having a legitimately loving relationship?? AND I HAVE ALWAYS HEADCANONED HER AS BEING AGGRESSIVELY INTO LADIES SO YAY????” sort of way.

I feel like I would also be way more on board with Emily/Wyman if Wyman wasn’t such a stupid name (and if we knew more about Wyman other than “Morley” and “insert vaguely generic fond memories here”). I’m really sorry. Maybe I’ll come around to it. Maybe I’ll headcanon that Wyman is their last name. Idfk. (I’d also be more on board with  it if I hadn’t spend the last four years headcanoning that Emily grows up to date Esma Boyle’s daughter whose name is Althea, so there’s that. That’s on me.)

I am… also not sure how I really feel about Meagan/Billie and Deidre from her backstory, seeing as Meagan’s character arc or lack thereof is such a GIANT MISSED OPPORTUNITY and the Deidre-in-the-fridge story heightens this a LOT. I mean, I ship it, but man. They could have done better with that one.

But yeah. 


Also maybe Kirin Jindosh and his robots but you can thank Patho for that one.

I mean

what kind of idiot makes a robot you can’t fuck