what up it’s the return of ‘any words is winning’

some useless writing tips, as we carreen into NaNoWriMo

  • november is a shitty month to do a writing challenge unless you are a college student or a white man with a wife. ponder that one for a fuckin second
  • that said, ten minutes writing, five minutes resting a la Nanowrimo works pretty good for getting a bunch of words out to edit later.
  • if you need to look something up [[double bracket it]] in the text and keep on with your life
  • [[double brackets]] in general are great for putting shit into that you know will need to be dealt with later or notes about the story itself, which is a writing tip I first learned from Piers Antony and which I suppose justifies his entire shitty oeuvre. I shouldn’t talk, I read a lot of them. I read a lot of Robert Heinlein too, and the takeaway I think I’m going for is “squeeze what you can out of shitty white male writers and ignore them for the rest of your life”
  • highlight shit you know has to be dealt with later and keep writing so there’s a later to deal with it
  • a joke is much funnier if you let the reader do half the work.
  • never apologize, never explain - well, explain a little. but over explaining never works. trust your readers. in my experience they’re much smarter than you are. 
    • if you say things in a straightforward way without explaining that unlike in real life, a hoodorwooflersten is entirely unlike, but not quite, like a horse that acts like a dog, and allow the reader to figure out through context that a hoodorwooflersten barks but you can ride it, things go much much smoother.
  • don’t be ashamed of your old stuff, no matter how shitty. practice makes perfect, and someone probably enjoyed it. respect your past self and them.
  • read a shitton, and think about what you read
  • done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. done is better than perfect. 
  • writing, like drawing and painting, is an artistic skill made possible by technical training. the mechanics of writing can be learned. maybe you can’t be taught the spark. but you can learn to be ready for it
  • you gotta write a lot of shitty stuff to one or two good stuff. I’m sorry. It’s dumb. I wish it didn’t work like that.
  • There is One True Writing Method, and that is the one that works for you. 
  • If it doesn’t feel good don’t do it
    • not like, bunnies and sparkles good, artistic good. there’s a difference. you can be moaning and bitching but it’s still good. I don’t know how to describe it. you have to chase the high.
  • it works pretty good to have a goal of writing so many words (anywhere from 1 - 1000 is a pretty good ballpark) or time spent wrting per day but if you don’t make it it’s terribly counterproductive to beat yourself up about it
  • unless you are paying the bills by writing, it’s okay to take a break from writing. Go hike. play a video game. if it doesn’t give you joy (sometimes a hard angry joy, to be sure) stop doing it. rest.


When Donald Trump spoke at Boeing’s factory in North Charleston, South Carolina – unveiling Boeing’s new 787 “Dreamliner” – he congratulated Boeing for building the plane “right here in the great state of South Carolina.“

But that is pure fantasy.

Trump also used the occasion to tout his “America First” economics, stating “our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the U.S.A.”

Trump seems utterly ignorant about global competition – and about what’s really holding back American workers.

Start with Boeing’s Dreamliner itself. It’s not “made in the U.S.A.” It is assembled in the USA. Most of the parts and almost a third of the cost of the entire plane come from overseas.

For example:

The center fuselage and horizontal stabilizers came from Italy.

The aircraft’s landing gears, doors, electrical power conversion system - from France.

The main cabin lighting came from Germany.

The cargo access doors from Sweden.

The lavatories, flight deck interiors, and galleys from Japan.

Many of the engines from the U.K.

The moveable trailing edge of the wings from Canada.

Notably, the foreign companies that made these parts don’t pay their workers low wages. In fact, when you add in the value of health and pension benefits, most of these foreign workers get a better deal than do Boeing’s workers.

These nations also provide most young people with excellent educations and technical training, as well as universally-available health care.

To pay for all this, these countries also impose higher tax rates on their corporations and wealthy individuals than does the United States. And their health, safety, environmental, and labor regulations are stricter.

Not incidentally, they have stronger unions.

So why is so much of Boeing’s Dreamliner coming from these high-wage, high-tax, high-cost places?

Because the parts made by workers in these countries are better, last longer, and are more reliable than parts made anywhere else.

There’s a critical lesson here.

The way to make the American workforce more competitive isn’t to build an economic wall around America.

It’s to invest more in the education and skills of Americans, in on-the-job training, in a healthcare system that reaches more of us. And to give workers a say in their companies through strong unions.

In other words, we get a first-class workforce by investing in the productive capacities of Americans  – and rewarding them with high wages.

Economic nationalism is no substitute for building the competitiveness of American workers.


100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #74

Jean “Moebius” Giraud (1938-2012)

Country: France

Famous for: Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant, Arzach, L’Incal, Blueberry, The Airtight Garage, Alien, The Fifth Element, Dune, City of Fire, Edena, Silver Surfer, Tron, Les Maitres du Temps, Willow, The Abyss

Influenced: Geof Darrow, Phillippe Druillet, Phillippe Caza, Hayao Miyazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo, Enki Bilal, Tanino Liberatore, Milo Manara, Georges Bess, William Stout, Arno, José Ladronn, Juan Gimenez, Sylvain Despretz, Ridley Scott, Richard Corben, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mike Mignola, Mark Bode, Katsuya Terada, Frank Cho, Vittorio Giardano, Frank Miller, Brandon Graham, Brendan McCarthy, Francois Schuiten, Marc Bati, Francois Boucq, Frank Quitely, Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, Phil Noto, Killian Eng, George Lucas, Blade Runner, William Gibson, Federico Fellini, Sci-Fi and Fantasy culture, concept art, animation and comics as a whole

Influenced by: Gustave Doré, Jijé, Jean-Claude Mezieres, Possibly Virgil Finlay, Will Eisner, Frederic Remington, Western Comics, Herge, Art Nouveau, 

Jean Giraud, widely known by his pen-names Moebius and Gir, was a French comic illustrator and author, considered to be one of the most influential artists in the industry across the entire globe. Growing up in German-occupied France, Giraud found solace and escape in a small local theater that would play an abundance of American B-Westerns, which is where he’d develop a love for the genre. In 1954, Giraud received his only technical training at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, where he’d produce western comics, much to the disappointment of his teachers. It is here where he’d meet close friend and fellow artist, Jean-Claude Méziéres (co-creator of Valerian). Giraud would not graduate and left the school in 1956. In the late 1950s, Giraud was drawing his own western strip for the magazine, Far West, very much influenced by the works of his later mentor, Joseph “Jijé” Gillain. In the 1960s, he developed the Lieutenant Blueberry character with Jean-Michel Charlier, a title he’d work on under the pseudonym, Gir until 1974. This is partly due to Giraud wanting to explore  and develop the work of his Moebius alter-ego, as he had a growing interest in science-fiction and fantasy. That same year, Moebius, along with artist Phillipe Druillet and writer, Jean-Pierre Dionnet created the comic anthology magazine, Métal Hurlant (”Screaming Metal”) under the collective Les Humanoides Associes. Such stories published in the publication were The Long Tomorrow, Arzach and The Airtight Garage. Metal Hurlant would later become known as Heavy Metal Magazine in the U.S. becoming a bastion for adult-oriented illustrated stories, with a focus on genre imagery. In 1980, Moebius worked with frequent collaborator, Alejandro Jodorowsky on the acclaimed L’Incal series. A couple of years later, Moebius would start collaborating on an ambitious portfolio with pupil, Geof Darrow, entitled City of Fire. Aside from working with Marvel Comics and other publishers, Moebius worked on a slew of films from the 70s-90s as a concept artist. These films include Alien, Tron, The Abyss, Willow, The Fifth Element and Jodorowsky’s unrealized adaption of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Moebius’ work is categorized by a range of qualities, producing incredibly simple work and exceptionally detailed work alike, both in the tradition of ligne claire, and hatch-heavy linework. 

Sadly, Moebius passed away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer, though his legacy has only gotten more celebrated since. Ridley Scott is known for having said that Moebius’ sci-fi imagery is so influential that everything made in the genre now either directly or indirectly shares his DNA, with concepts inspired by or even stolen in such properties as Star Wars, Halo and Nausicaa and everything in-between. Celebrated artists, authors, directors, animators and illustrators such as Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) , Federico Fellini (8 ½, Amarcord), William Gibson (Neuromancerand Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA) have cited him as a primary or strong influence on their work(s). 

How to give a vampire a headache

Some context. Classic WoD campaign, Chicago. A group of hapless neonates, freshly arrived to the city and accused of pretty much treason, we’ve been given 48 hours to investigate and try to save our asses. I play a Tremere investigator and we also have a Gangrel forest ranger, a Brujah gangbanger, a Toreador tattoo artist and a Giovanni emo teenaged hacker.

We’ve all been rolling pretty spectacularly bad all night and chuckles at our fails abound. Earlier I had made a low roll on an Intelligence + Occult roll to identify whether a ghoul was under another vampire’s thrall (despite my high stats on both the dice just hated me). Later on, our Giovanni has another look at the ghoul and rolls high in the same. The following occurs.

ST: You’ve rolled high enough, [Giovanni] and you identify something in her behavior as suspicious that reminds you of what you’ve read about the Dominate discipline.

[Giovanni]: I’m pretty sure she’s dominated.

ST: [turns to me] [Tremere], you rolled real bad earlier so you’re still convinced that she’s not and that [Giovanni] is wrong.

[Giovanni]: Here, I’ll explain it to you in short words.

(They both happen to have the highest Intelligence stats in the coterie)

Me: I listen to his arguments and explanations. I elect to ignore the fact that he’s patronizing me.

OOC Me: [Tremere] is just 100% done with these dice rolls so he’s like, whatever, maybe he’s right.

ST: [Giovanni] Roll me a Manipulation + Expression. Difficulty [Tremere]’s Willpower. [he succeeds] Excellent, [Tremere] what [Giovanni] tells you shakes something loose in that ginger head of yours and you recall a detail you recently read in the many, many books your Sire made you read through as part of your training. [gets technical about how Dominate 3 can be undone by someone of appropriate power and experience, things my character really ought to know]

OOC Me: [I am so done with my shitty rolls] [Tremere] makes a face as realization sets in and it’s so humiliating he thumps his head against the nearest wall. [Jokingly] Do I roll for head-desking?

ST: …Do it.

Party: [sniggering]

OOC Me: Well shit. [rolls… and botches so spectacularly I am speechless]

[Gangrel]: All those 1s…

ST: Well, somehow your irritation makes you overdo it and instead of a simple boop you straight up head-butt the wall. Roll to soak the damage.

OOC Me: OH MY GOD. [I roll my crappy soak… and botch spectacularly again] NO!

ST: Congratulations, your Tremere takes 2 bashing damage from the wall. You have a sizeable bump on your head and a headache.

OOC Me: …….I need a mortal to take some aspirin so I can bite them.

Party: [just dying]


A/N: So, originally, this was supposed to be a thing in my fanfic “Colour Bruise” which I haven’t updated in ages. I am planning on finishing the story but for now, enjoy this. ;-)

Words: 1789
Warnings: lime, a lot of swearing

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anonymous asked:

Hello, thank you for your amazing blog, I'm always amazed by the quality of your analysis! I just wanted to ask if you also think that the Russian junior ladies seems to have study the style of Yuzu ? Thank you

Hello! Glad that you liked what you found here :D

Now to answer your question, no, I wouldn’t say that the Russian junior girls have been particularly influenced by Yuzu, at least not more than the degree to which every other skater on the planet can be influenced by him, simply because he is one of the best and most technically competent athletes in the history of the sport. You might see people relating, for example, the back counter double Axel some of Eteri’s girls have been doing as being inspired by Yuzu, but at the risk of losing my Yuzu uber badge of honor, I’d argue that back counter into Axel is actually a Russian invention. Yuzu is the first and only man to use that entry successfully into a triple Axel and in competition though, so we can still give him a gold star for that :D

To elaborate, I can add that I don’t think Yuzuru has a definitive “style” which one can study or imitate. The crowning qualities of his skating - speed, flow, effortlessness, musicality - are not the result of carefully constructed choreography but rather have deep roots in his technical capability. Of course, the right music choice and the right choreographer can help his qualities shine even more, but their role is that of the catalyst rather than the base substance. Kurt Browning reportedly said that building a program for Yuzu is like playing a video game, because Yuzu is able to do pretty much anything a choreographer can dream up: complicated jump entries and exits, choreographic spins, intricate footwork, expressive upper body movements, and every other transition in between. Moreover, Yuzu is both receptive to new ideas and highly independent in his thinking about how to approach a piece of music, which enables a process of collaborative creation between him and his choreographers. Over the years this interaction has produced a diverse body of work covering a wide range of genres from funk rock to classical, drawing from compositions of both his home country and abroad. From White Legend to Parisienne Walkways to Ballade No.1 to Let’s Go Crazy, each program has come with its own distinctive mood and style, and that was just me naming his senior SP portfolio, which not a few people have scorned for including “too many repetitions”. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s rather pointless to study Yuzu’s style: he changes it about as frequently as he breaks world records, he refuses to pick a pet kind of music, and generally if you try to reproduce his programs you do so at the risk of breaking your neck. The only foolproof way of skating like Yuzuru Hanyu is to become as good a skater as he is, technically. You’d want to train yourself into a complete package of jumps, spins, skating skills, and performance - which is essentially what every skater in the world is aiming for anyway. If and when you get to that critical point of technical excellence though, there would be so many doors open onto so many possibilities you can pursue with your skating, so why would anyone ever need to copy good old Yuzu at that stage? It’s the antithesis of a self-fulfilling prophecy :) 

Here’s Yuzu doing one of the things you probably shouldn’t try at home:

Here’s Yuzu being a hopeless klutz to further strengthen my position that it’s a waste of time trying to copy him:

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent 0619-98
Codename: PING
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Fa Mulan.
Alias(es): Hua Ping.
Birthplace: Beijing, China.
Occupation: Field Operative.
Division: Takedown.
Specialism: armed and unarmed combatant; disguise and deception; explosives expert; master martial artist; military strategist; professional motorcyclist, HP V-twin 120 certified; shaolin kung fu practitioner; technical skills.
Additional Knowledge: military training, Chinese People’s Liberation Army; trilingual (Cantonese, English, and Mandarin Chinese); swordsmanship.
Medical Records: Agent PING has received an abdominal puncture wound through a sword about 18-31 inches in length; though recovered, physicians have noted agent commenting on occasional abdominal pain.
●  Fa Li; mother.
●  Fa Zhou; father
●  Fa Wu; paternal grandfather - DECEASED. (See file: Agent EMPEROR)
●  Fa Yin; paternal grandmother.

Once the perfect soldier-turned-intelligence operative, Fa Mulan was forced to go rogue after her father was kidnapped by the Chinese triad and the government refused to grant clearance for his rescue. C.R.O.W.N. offered her a deal: defect to their side and bring down Shan Yu’s ring, and they would extract Fa Zhou safely. Since then, Mulan has been ranked among the agency’s finest, and no matter the scale of danger, she always completes her objective.

The Recruit (Chapter 8) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 52″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, kissing cursing maybe?, PTSD and sexual assault flashbacks, guns… no actual violence though I don’t think.

Author’s Note: I loved being able to write the reader as a badass without Mitch’s help. Like, you were already awesome without him, so imagine how incredibly awesome you make each other. crazy, I know.

y/f/i = your first initial, y/n/n = your nickname

Summary: Y/N struggles with Mitch’s absence from The Barn.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

Originally posted by samann98

It had been three weeks since he pressed you up against his bedroom door and kissed you. You hadn’t seen him since.

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How many cats can you smuggle in Ganon/Ganondorf's hair?

Classic Ganon (you know, the blue one): Zero. This man has no hair to smuggle cats with.
Unused Oracles Dorf: One, but you’d have to be quick with it.
OoT Dorf: Also one. He’d probably let it do some evil bidding for him when he found out.
OoT Ganon: Probably four if your tie his hair around the cats. Won’t be fun for the cats tho.
TP Dorf (floating head): He’s made of FIRE! DON’T SMUGGLE CATS IN FIRE!
TP Dorf (normal): One, just remember to distract him with a fishing rod beforehand.
TP Ganon: 30. Good luck trying to do it when he’s running at you with the speed and force of a freight train.
Demise: Technically not Dorf. Also has fire hair. So zero cats.
The Imprisoned: Technically not a Dorf, or a Ganon. Also has no hair, but you could probably hide cats under his scales…so at least 1,000.
Yuga (either one): Not really Ganon or Ganondorf but I’m counting it because Lorule. Probably two because he’d be very quick to notice.
Hyrule Warriors Dorf: 15. Definitely 15, and he’d keep every single one of them for himself.
Hyrule Warriors Ganon: All the cats.


What Do Democrats Stand For?

The Democratic Party can lead the country in a new direction, but will it?

Millions of Americans who are politically engaged for the first time in their lives are crying out for a bold alternative to bigoted and destructive policies.

But Democrats can’t just be anti-Trump or move to the middle.

To be successful Democrats must address the forces that created Trump: The toxic combination of widening inequality and racism.

The richest one percent now own more than the bottom 90 percent. Corporations and the rich are running our politics.

The resulting economic stresses have made many people vulnerable to Trump’s politics of hate and bigotry.

If Democrats stand for one thing, it must be overcoming this unprecedented economic imbalance and creating a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition of the bottom 90 percent, to take back our economy and politics.

This requires, at the least:

1. Public investments in world-class schools and infrastructure for all.

2. Free public universities and first-class technical training for all;

3. Single-payer Medicare-for-All;

4. Higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for this;

5. Using antitrust to break up powerful monopolies on Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Agriculture.

6. Getting big money out of our politics.

Together, these steps form an agenda to reclaim our economy and democracy for all. Will Democrats lead the way?

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent 0623-95
Codename: COMPASS
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Pocahontas Wahunsenacawh.
Alias(es): Rebecca Rolfe.
Birthplace: Jamestown, Virginia, United States of America.
Occupation: Deputy-Director of C.R.O.W.N.
Division: Operational Command.
Specialism: armed and unarmed combatant; aikido practitioner; diplomatic negotiator; geographical navigation; logistical training; technical skills; wilderness survival tactics.
Additional Knowledge: oratism; political rallying; university double-major in linguistics and international law.
Medical Records: Agent COMPASS has no significant ailments to report at this time.
●  Wahunsenacawh, Matoaka; mother - DECEASED.
●  Wahunsenacawh, Powhatan; father.

Pocahontas Wahunsenacawh has always been loyal: to her father, to her tribe, and to her country. But sometimes one has to renounce their loyalties to serve a greater good. Following a diplomatic break down that compromised the C.I.A., her former colleague, Agent EVANGELINE approached her with an offer to join C.R.O.W.N. and prevent this sort of incident from happening again. She accepted, becoming an indispensable ally to the Director and the agency’s top negotiator.

Giant Military* Masterpost for Writers

This is a HUGE file that I’ve been working on for a while and will continue to - feel free to ask for clarification on confusing or missing stuff, so I can explain better!.  Check it out under the cut!

*I am a U.S. Marine, and this is a compilation of my and a few other Marine’s experiences!  Other militaries and branches definitely have different terminology and experiences, and you can take and leave what you want from this for your story.

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"I was X age before...."

Just a little experiment, but I’d be curious if any of y'all could share your “things you didn’t think happened to grown ups” milestones.

Because when I was a kid I figured everyone had a job and a house and a kid by the time they were 25. :p


I was 30 before I officially finished my schooling and career training. (And technically my current job is still considered a traineeship.)

I was 30 before I realized I didn’t need to ask an adult’s permission to pursue the career I was interested in.

I was 30 before I came out as pan.

I was 30 before I stopped feeling like I was constantly pretending to be an adult. (Now I just accept that this is what it *feels* like to be an adult.)

I was 25 before I realized that most of the fanfic authors I admired were older than me and/or had been writing for years.

I was 26 before I wrote a piece of fanfiction I considered “finished.” I was also 26 before I learned how to write stories that weren’t freaking novellas.

aweirdo-yourweirdo  asked:

I swear to god your stories just make me cry and squeal and ugh you're the best. Can't wait for more Cupid's Touch chapters ❤️❤️❤️

Ahh thanks so much dude! I have come up with far too many intricate things for this story already (think JK Rowling style notebook worth🙈) so apologies if it’s a little confusing.. trust me though, it’ll make sense by the final chapter 👍


Cherry sucked in a huge breath of fresh Earth-air and smiled as she stood, invisible to human-eye, outside Barden University. It had been several long argonates but she had finally made it to the part of her course that she had been eagerly anticipating. Getting to see her humans in real life at last!

She had worked hard in and out of class. She’d poured over her thick heavy brown file and studied it until she knew every last drop of her assigned humans. Like how many tattoos Beca had and why she’d got them. How many siblings Chloe had and where she was in the order of them. Above all the things that she had read she knew that there was one key way of getting her two humans to meet. And that was through music.

‘Music’ had been at the very top of the section of file labelled ‘Passions’. Beca was passionate about music, but in an entirely different way that Chloe was. Because Beca wouldn’t use the word ‘passionate’ to describe herself liking anything - much to Cherry’s curiosity. This was what had fuelled her determination to insist she got to go to Earth at the earliest possible argonate.

“There’s no WAY Aphrodite will let you go down to Earth early! It just doesn’t happen!” Cadence, Cherry’s classmate had whispered to her as the angels had darted over to Aphrodite’s ‘office’. But Cherry had spoken to the Goddess and to her surprise Aphrodite had granted it, agreeing that she was at a high enough standard to find her assigned humans.

Cherry began milling, invisibly, around the Barden University grounds. According to the file she had on standby, ready to appear with a click of her fingers, her first assigned human - Chloe - should have arrived at Barden today. Ahead of Beca who was due to arrive next week.

She knew Chloe was near. She could feel it in her soul. But the only hope she had of finding her was to look out for red hair and bright blue eyes.

Cherry had studied pictures and videos of Beca and Chloe that God himself (via Aphrodite) had provided the trainee angel. Pictures and videos dating back to when Beca and Chloe had both been born. She knew what the two humans looked like. She’d studied their lives up until this very moment, over and over again, through all thirteen argonates. She just hadn’t officially seen the two with her own eyes yet.

Suddenly Cherry saw a flash of red hair in the distance and she let out a small gasp, snapping her fingers and appearing invisibly beside the girl. Yep, that was Chloe alright. The redhead was beaming brightly at her ‘best friend’ Aubrey Posen.

“Don’t worry Aubrey,” Cherry heard the girl say brightly, “I doubt the whole of campus has even seen the video.”

The angel smiled. True to the characteristics that she’d read, Chloe definitely was a good person through and through. Sadly it seemed Chloe’s best friend was less so.

“Aca-scuse me??” Aubrey said sharply with a frown and Cherry watched as Chloe hesitated. The angel felt sadness towards her human. That was another thing she’d read about Chloe’s characteristics: Chloe had very little confidence.

Cherry took a deep breath then clicked her fingers. Time on earth stood still and the humans around the angel froze. This particular skill had been something Cherry had excelled in at ‘Amour Academy’ during her sixth argonate.

Earth time was an odd concept to the trainee Cupid. One argonate equated to seven years in earth time. And Cherry still couldn’t believe that the mere thirteen argonates she’d spent learning all about her two assigned humans actually equated to ninety one earth years. So technically she’d been training to become a Cupid seventy years before Chloe had even been born!

The angel summoned her large heavy assigned brown file and skimmed through the pages, holding it open once she found “Chloe’s Characteristic’s” page. She summoned a quill, and wrote in a box at the bottom titled: “Things to assist with” two very simple words: ‘build confidence’.

If there was one thing Cherry knew, it was that if she was going to get either of her two humans together, Chloe would need confidence..

Protégé [Part 4] (M)

Originally posted by jjks

[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3]

Warnings: Rough smut, Fem!Dom, scar mention

Words: 7,288

Lie back.” You instructed, your voice soft but stern.

Jungkook listened, he lowered himself onto the surface of your desk, the movement causing the hem of his shirt to ride up only slightly. When the sliver of bare skin met the cool, varnished surface of the wood, he sucked in a sharp breath.

“Ready?” You asked, fighting the urge to smile down at him as he stared up at you with rounded eyes, nervousness swimming in the brown irises.


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So. Many. Dots. Oh my god. OTL

*ahem* As you can probably tell, we’re reaching the climax of Future Reunion. I’ve got three more pages to go after this, and after that will be the final chapter! I’ve also began a turning point and have begun looking for a new job (I actually really like my current job, but it’s technically a training position and you can’t stay in those forever), so I’m gonna be busy with submitting resumes and hopefully some interviews. I’ll also be taking a class over the summer, so that might cut into my time as well.

Meeting Taylor

SO everyone’s been asking me for my story of how this amazing picture came into my life:

and so I thought I’d finally get round to sharing my story!! Sorry that it’s taken so long (almost a week - oops!) it’s just been totally crazy with me and I just want to take this chance to first of all thank you for all the reblogs, likes and support you guys gave me, and for being so kind and lovely after it finally happened!!

My 1989 tour story starts at the Glasgow date on 23rd June 2015 (although my story with @taylorswift starts way back). At the Glasgow date, I camped out with some lovely gals from @thescotlandsquad - @forever-dreaming-0f-you, @we-found-wonderland-in-1989, @taylorfreakinswiftt and @tayloralis0nswift! I was actually in Paris the weekend before at a convention, and was due to come home on the 23rd, but wouldn’t have made the concert so I swapped my flights over just so I could go. I wore my big white prom dress and camped all night (literally) with some of the best people - and something wonderful happened!! @taylorswift followed @forever-dreaming-0f-you and @tayloralis0nswift while we were on tumblr trying to let her know that we were already camping out for her!! We freaked out and it was the best. During the day of the concert we met up with a bunch of other fab people from @thescotlandsquad AND I FINALLY GOT TO MEET @panicatthetaylorswiftconcert!! This was all seriously cool and she brought Taylor’s coat that she got given in her valentines day package and she let me try it on and then Gaby said she was meeting Taylor and she took my scrapbook that I made for her in for me (which I will forver be grateful for and you are the best and I miss you) - side note THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR MAKING GABY SO HAPPY BECAUSE SHE IS THE SWEETEST - and then it was time for the show. I was in block 11, and it was the closest I had ever gotten to Taylor during a show (more on that later). I had the time of my life, although my dress was a bit too hot and it was hard to move but I really loved wearing it and people kept coming up to me to say how beautiful I looked and some people even asked for pictures with me, which was lovely. I got to speak to Sierra at the Taylor Nation booth and she was so so lovely. I bumped into @goodgirlwhoshopeful at the TN booth and we talked and then we had a picture of us taken (which would later end up on Taylor’s website!!) I then went to my seat and not long after, I see @nowthat-imclean and her mum being upgraded to pit!! Just after, I see @goodgirlwhoshopeful get upgraded too which is super cool. About halfway through the show, there was a message on the Scotland Squad facebook chat and it said that @oohiremember, @screaminggcolourr and @oohmymymyy had GOTTEN LOFT ‘89! Everyone really really wanted them to get it so we were all really really happy. And then I started to wonder if it was going to happen to me, since Taylor had been following me since May and had noticed my posts before. When it didn’t happen to me, I got so sad (I don’t even want to talk about how sad I was but if anyone saw me at the date after the concert was over you’ll know what I’m talking about.) But now I understand that it wasn’t meant to happen then, and that’s totally totally okay. 

Flash forward to 26th June 2015. Initially, I was only planning on attending the Glasgow date of the 1989 tour, but this was the day it all changed. I was just browsing tumblr when I saw that @xomol  was giving away a free ticket to the london show!! I quickly messaged to see if it was still available, and when she told me it was, I booked my train down without question. I had nowhere to stay or anything, I just hoped I would be able to stay in the train station overnight or something. I didn’t really care, all that mattered to me was seeing Taylor again. I narrowly missed my train the next day, and had to cry my way out of a £60 fine for getting on a later train (as technically my tickets weren’t valid). I got there eventually around 2pm and waited for Molly to arrive with my ticket. Around this time is when I bumped into @showyouincrediblethings who was an absolute darling and we queued for ages together! I got to meet up with my best friend @partyinhannahsroom and her sister while I was there too which was so great! I managed to find the (well hidden) Taylor Nation booth and Sierra was there again, and she recognised me from Glasgow! I said hi and I told her that it was a split decision and that I was just here because I kind of threw caution to the wind and emptied my bank account for the train down. She said she hoped I enjoyed the show and then I wandered off and managed to find @partyinhannahsroom by chance (since it was such a big place and it was all standing!) and then the concert started and Ellie Goulding was incredible and then Taylor came on and I stopped being able to cope with my life when she brought out the squad during Style - seriously Taylor OH MY GOD!! and then I wasn’t fussed about not being noticed by Andrea or anyone that night because I knew chances were really slim anyway and I just wanted to see Taylor again. I was so grateful to see the show a second time because this is the first tour where I’ve been able to go to multiple dates.

A week or so after that, I began to miss Taylor and the 1989 concert terribly, and I wondered about the idea of travelling to Asia to see the tour - since one of my ultimate goals is to see Taylor on every continent that she tours in. I put it out of my head and decided I couldn’t afford it, but when I started making money from my redbubble account I knew that seeing Taylor again was what I wanted to do with the money. I booked my hotel and invited @southwesteros to come to Singapore with me, since she studied it for her graded unit at college and she’d always wanted to visit there. I hadn’t bought my ticket by this point and the show was actually sold out, so I had to buy my ticket from viagogo. I was really worried about it being fake, but it wasn’t so that was good 

As everyone who follows me knows, I made this post about me attending 1989 Singapore this year after I found out where I would be sitting, and I reblogged it from August right through to just days before the concert. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make any other dates this tour, so this was my last chance. I queued the post to post when I was sleeping, I constantly reblogged it whenever @taylorswift was online and started tweeting it to Taylor Nation on twitter and tagging them in posts about it on instagram. We flew out on November 6th and I didn’t hear anything for ages and ages and I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen, so I just got on my flight to Singapore. We were two hours delayed and then we finally got there on November 7th. When we got there, I logged on to the airport wifi (the first time I’d had wifi in around 24 hours) and I HAD AN EMAIL SAYING THAT TAYLOR NATION HAD DM’d ME ON TWITTER. I started to cry and I couldn’t deal with it and Gail had to calm me down,Then I replied and the next day I got a phonecall from Kevin to say that Taylor had seen my tumblr post that she loved it and everyone at Taylor Nation loved it and that she’d asked to meet me. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! I thanked Kevin over and over again, and then he was like “we’ll see you tonight then!” and I said my goodbyes. We went around a shopping centre in Singapore and I was FREAKING OUT when I got another phone call - this time it was from Erica! She explained that it wasn’t an official meet and greet, and that it was going to happen backstage before Welcome To New York. She also said she was UPGRADING MY SEAT which meant that Gail could go to the concert which was super cool!! So I got upgraded to front row:

We then went to the venue and queued, here’s a picture of me queueing with my sign (which the venue took from me before I was allowed to get in and they threw it out so I couldn’t have it back but I didn’t really care at this point:

so they took the sign off me and then I went into the venue and sat in my (UPGRADED) seat and waited for Erica to come get me. She came and got me around quarter to 8, and Taylor was due to come on stage around 8. We went backstage and there was also two other girls, but I was the only one from tumblr. We were led to a door and told to wait there, and Taylor’s dancers were warming up right in front of us! A few of them introduced themselves and asked how we were holding up, and then suddenly they were gone and Taylor and Andrea appeared. 

The first thing Taylor did when she arrived was say “Hey Guys!” and came straight to hug me (TAYLOR HUGGED ME WHAT IS MY LIFE) and said “thank you for coming all this way, that’s crazy!” she then spoke to the two other girls who’d been asked to come backstage and I spoke to Mama Swift and she was so so lovely to me and we got this selfie: 

And then it was time for Taylor to talk to me. She came right up to me (I didn’t even have to introduce myself!) and she said: “ You’re so fun to follow on tumblr, you’re so fun!” and she said she’d seen my post that I’d reblogged “like 100 times” so basically she knew everything about me,  then she said my cat was cute and she love cats like that and that she loved that his name was Dusty because “he’s, like, Dusty.” (like the colour) and then I was like “I brought you a cat!!” because I’d brought her a cat toy thing thats hand moves when there’s a battery in it and she said she loved it and that she used to have one but she lost it, so this was really cool. I then said hi from @thescotlandsquad, and gave her Izzy’s (@iknowyouveheardaboutme) URL and she sent Izzy her love and then I told her that she’d saved my life and I thanked her for everything and she took my hands and said thank you too and she was holding my hand the entire time and we got a picture (Erica kept trying to get Taylor to hurry up I think, but she kept on talking to me) and we got a picture and then she had to go and we were led out by one of her team to the B-Stage and given B-Stage wristbands. The guy who was in charge of the B-Stage seemed confused that I was there and the member of Taylor’s team who led us out was like “oh she’s good, she’s Taylor’s.” SHE’S. TAYLOR’S. Taylor I’m yours now okay? Okay. And when the people around me saw that I met Taylor (because I’d already made the picture my lock screen, obviously) they let me straight through to the front and I was literally at the bottom of the B Stage and she looked at me all night and I genuinely have photos of her directly looking into my camera and basically the whole night was perfect and unbelieveable and I can’t believe this is my life. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my Taylor journey, eras past and present, and thank you to Taylor Nation for making this happen. Thank you to all my followers who stuck with me during my mass reblog of that post, it all paid off!! 

The biggest thank you goes to you, @taylorswift. Thank you for wanting to meet me and for making me feel just like we were best friends who just hadn’t met up in a while. Thank you for surprising me, and thank you for going to all that effort, because you really didn’t have to. I’ll never forget you as long as I live, Love you forever. <3 <3 <3

(photo creds to @southwesteros and Erica Worden)