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“Mr. Iwata, Mr. Takeda and myself provided feedback and made decisions, but ultimately Mr. Iwata was the head of Nintendo Switch development, so he put a lot of thought and time into Switch. I think that the idea of Nintendo Switch being a device you can take out and anywhere, and the idea of it being a system that really allows networking and communicating with people, I think that’s something Mr. Iwata put a lot of emphasis on.

Because Mr. Iwata was tech-savvy, a lot of our discussion involved trying to figure out how to make the technical things like network capabilities or servers or whatever fun. For example, think about when we added the ability to use a browser on the DS. As time goes on, all of these services become more and more advanced, and so we need to think about “How do we incorporate mobile devices or new browser features that come up?” That’s something Mr. Iwata and I discussed a lot, really trying to decide what to do and what not to do in our hardware.” -Shigeru Miyamoto 

thank you followers!

today my blog passed 2k followers! wowwee!! 

i have had this blog (with obviously a myriad of urls) for 6 of my 8 years on tumblr— actually just got the little email about it this week. 

and honestly until this last december i had really minimal interaction and minimal following. for this technically being a social network, I was using it incredibly passively, and for YEARS!

becoming a part of the classical music/art/history/general classics community here — which i’m still just dipping my toes in honestly! — has completely changed my blog and the way I use this website. the bulk of those followers, after 6 years here, have showed up in the last four months. not even kidding. 

I have had such a fun time meeting and talking to all you guys! this site has turned into something i honestly wanted to completely give up to a fun hobby and way to actually meet great people who have similar interests to me. 

 @therepublicofletters, and @prufrocks-deactivated20170410 (I know you’ve deactivated, but dawn, if you can read this somehow, I miss you), @queen-nat-xvi, @diomdes (and many more)— you guys are the best! i’ve learned so much from you all/gotten so many good opera recommendations/love reading about your lives! 

and of course my best friend, @suffering-musician who i never would have met without tumblr (and sinfonia concertante)!!!

if anyone has any idea what i should do to celebrate 2k let me know! I’d love to make some moodboards/do something else fun and artsy for you all to show my appreciation. 

much love,


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an asexual who love disney 2 much: walt sure had a fine brain

HAS, anon. dont you know hes cryogenically frozen underground beneath a little gold circle in the cement at the dead center of disneyland, so they can eventually bring him back

There are 2 easy ways to keep your Wi-Fi from being hacked

Wi-Fi contains one glaring flaw: it’s vulnerable to hacking. Even if it’s secured with a password, proficient hackers can bypass your network and infiltrate your  devices. Fortunately, there are two simple techniques you can use to scare away potential cyber criminals.

Change your Wi-Fi SSID

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, but really it’s just a technical term for a network name.  When hackers are looking to gain entry into a network, they’ll most likely target these default SSIDs because it indicates the user either isn’t competent enough to change the SSID or simply didn’t care to — thus suggesting the network owner has their guard down. Altering your SSID is an easy way to ward away potential hackers.

Hide your Wi-Fi network

If you want to take additional measures to secure your Wi-Fi, you can hide your network from public viewing altogether. Start by entering the same “” number (or whatever number your router uses) to access the router’s basic settings. There should be an option to Enable SSID Broadcast, or it could be listed as Visibility Status or Hidden Wireless. Once you locate the appropriate option you simply need to uncheck this box and your Wi-Fi will be undetectable going forward. Read more

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My Journal Obsession

So currently I have Journals for the following things:

  • Herbalism
  • Coding & Website Building
  • Magic (Technical & Notes)
  • Grimoire
  • Networking
  • Sketchbook (It’s a structured sketchbook journal, a new thing I’m trying)
  • Art Process
  • Therapy Notes
  • Daily BUJO
  • Pets & Plants

It’s a big list. It’s a large collection of journals. I’m definitely obsessed. Most of these should become “references” that I can refer back to at any time. Especially the Coding and Networking. I’ll have to post pictures from more of them. 

  • Crystal Gems: omg yay we saved the day all the shards lived, we lived, we even saved lapis lazuli, and EVERYONE LIVES!!!
  • Steven: yo guys what happened to Jasper
  • Crystal Gems: oh yeah she fell in a giant hole in the ground she's fucking dead lol
Jesse Eugene Russell

Considered the “father of 2G communications”, he pioneered and is responsible for the field of digital cellular communication and digital signal processing technology. This man fundamentally affected the way the modern cellphone works and how we talk to each other today. How did this man change our lives?

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So perpetuallight (whom I cannot tag for some reason right now?) with @lxblr (lxblr network post here!) has inspired me to try to reinvigorate my sceneblr network tumblr. 

This is for all Props, Sets, and Paints people since we would use a lot of the same sorts of tutorials and such. 

Right now myself (backstageleft) and @propitlikeithot run this but I’d like to see any other scenic people who have the time contribute. If you’re interested in running this blog with us or just submitting posts to it, send us a message in our ask box or submit here

And taking a page out of his book I’ve decided to also put up a Google Sheet so we have a list of which of us fall into the Sceneblr category! So please put your info on there if you’re in techblr and do props, sets, or paints (this includes Scenic Designers too!). 

Thank you! 

tldr im dumb and need money

hoo boy. ok.

i’m in kind of Dire Straits right now because i have a tooth that REALLY needs to come out. it’s broken off at the gum line and can’t be removed without surgery, and it hurts a lot.

i have an appointment with the oral surgeon on thursday. i was planning on just having the surgery done that day, but it turns out i have to pay all costs upfront and then submit a claim to the insurance company. i asked for a breakdown of pricing, and while i couldn’t get an exact answer without the dentist looking at my mouth, i was told that the surgery itself starts at $190, and anaesthesia is $295 for the first half hour, and $95 for every fifteen minutes afterward. i have done my research, and there are no other offices in the area that have a surgeon actively on staff AND take my insurance. i’m not technically in the network for this office, even, but they do take my insurance.

at the absolute nothing-complicating-the-surgery-in-any-way least, i’m looking at an initial out of pocket expense of over $500.00, with no idea of how much my insurance will cover after i submit the claim, or how long it will take for it to go through.

further complicating this issue is that i turned 26 today (happy birthday sam ur mouth is disintegrating!!), and will need to get new health insurance at the end of the month. i don’t really want to wait that long to have this done, since it hurts A Lot and the infection in the bone is only going to get worse and less salvageable as the days pass.

ANYWAY WHAT I AM ASKING IS: pls put your money where my mouth is. if you’ve got a couple spare bucks–ONLY if you’ve got a couple spare bucks–that you can kick in, i would be eternally grateful. literally forever grateful.

my paypal email address is if you would like me to write something for you (anything from a short story to, like, a school essay), or can think of something else i am capable of providing, email me at the same address and i’d love to work something out!

anything will help. it’ll all go toward this dental bill, and anything extra will go toward industrial size tubs of rice pudding to eat after the surgery. jk it will go to other dental issues i need to address, such as erupted wisdom teeth, and getting a hollow implant to hide poison in for emergencies)

(i will reblog this a couple of times until Thursday probably, when i’ll have a better idea of the actual cost. if you want to blacklist it, i’m tagging it with “dental”)

anyway thank you even for reading. this is super hard for me to ask, as it is for everybody, but it’s just an impossible situation that i really need to take care of as soon as possible and don’t have the means or ability to do on my own.

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Good response. Better response: They should do it for their own meaning and that their success should be defined by what they accomplished rather than what others recognize. You do realize that popularity is more or less random right? I mean there are people who draw better than others and are never known, and people who draw like shit and get applauded. Really there is no success so long as it's based on popularity as a deciding factor.

If by ‘more or less’ you mean 'ranging from not at all to completely’, then yes.

If something seems random to you, it’s most often because your model is too simple. Popularity is not random, it’s just a function of more variables than you are considering. Luck is only one of them.

For your artwork to get popular online, you have to consider a long list of other variables: audience, timing, appeal, expectations, technical skill, networking skill, originality, humour, message, relatability, reputation, context, relevance, ease of consumption - and these are just the things I can think of from the top of my head.

Someone can have all the technical skill in the world, but if they don’t understand how to reach an audience, then they’re simply not going to become popular. You might wish it was different, but it’s how it is. Furthermore, there are more things to enjoyability than technical finesse of something. No one gets applauded for no reason at all. There is no need to be salty about it, and there is definitely no need to go and tell people how they should or should not define their own success.