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I’m realizing this blog never really has any content except those daily diaries and ack I’m sorry about that 
That seriously needs to change and I gotta get more productive for that. 

Also I’ve considered before and should reconsider making a separate blog for dailies ? Could actually be better to make this blog cleaner and have a blog exclusively for those 

Yah I might do that 

Something for @fishwrites’s fanfic Watercast (it’s one of the best Klance fic please read I cry forever). We’ve been talking about how Shiro would be so much like big brother for smol Keith whose flight feathers haven’t even grown yet. And Keith is a smol bundle of angry floof because he’s big birb Shiro he can take care of himself but at the same time he wants to be with Shiro 24/7.

With small comic bonus on twitter

(Because idk tumblr layout kills it)

when the storm hits, hold on tight to your silver lining

(set just before Phoenix’s disbarment is finalised but soon after he gains the shining light that is Trucy)

when you were there before my eyes…

@jolymesweek day 7: new universe/universe reset

getting warmer