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I’m already looking forward to season 2

Guys what would happen if Frank shapeshifted into a phoenix right before he died

would he be reborn in the ashes of his cursed stick

would he be able to live forever

would he become a newborn every time

death said he would keep an eye on him




Good morning, SMblr! This is an assignment for one of my classes; while this isn’t *exactly* a tech brief, it’s right up my alley. I took a bit of an informal approach, but I want to share in case anyone out there would find this useful/have something to add. This is still a draft. 

Of course, there is more than one way to make a calling script; some people like to set up different columns in the margins and others like the dreaded text boxes…. But this is the way that works best for me, in Word, at least. You can do the same thing in Excel too! 

@stagemanagereej this is the assignment you asked about! What do you think?


“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

What books the signs should read

Aries: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Fascinating and exciting, this book follows a man who just got out of prison only to be entangled in a war between Gods

Taurus: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

One of the most moving books I’ve ever read. About so many things that it’s hard to explain but if you read it you won’t be disappointed.

Gemini: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Although technically a children’s book, this book has so much nuance that adults will appreciate, while keeping the charm and ambition of a children’s book

Cancer: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This beautiful novel explores race and belonging in America, and the love story kept me riveted throughout.


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Dystopian, feminist, adventure, philosophy; there’s just not one genre that describes The Handmaid’s Tale.


Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino If this doesn’t trigger wanderlust, nothing will. Absolutely beautiful by every measure. Explores travel, belonging, and what makes a city home.

Libra: A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

This lively book “pulses with movement” and captures what it means to be human, with diverging life experiences and ideas.


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie This book hinges between thriller and philosophy, mystery and madness. I read it in one night.


Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel Although this is historical fiction, it’s definitely not boring. Focusing on the period under the dictatorship of Cromwell, Wolf Hall is exciting and thought provoking


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick This book is sci-fi, and action packed to the core, but it also questions what makes us human, the meaning of empathy, and what makes emotions authentic

Aquarius: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon

This book is from the perspective of a boy with autism who discovers a dead dog and is determined to figure out what happened to it.

Pisces: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This book made both me and my mom cry. It’s also from the perspective of death. The Book Thief is a book about the holocaust and the Nazis that is funny, insightful, and beautiful.



587: Raptor (Jurassic Park)

Your camo can’t save you from Lawyers!

This concludes book monster week my lovelies! As always, feel free to suggest another themed week for the future! <3

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Difference Between Book & Movie. The movie is a MUST though.

REALLY quick rotoscope-esque animation i did last night of rob doing a little dance!! not very clean and that guitar is the most detailed thing but

it’s about 45 frames

that’s right

45 robs in one night. needless to say i have not gotten very many important things done recently

Eric told me I could post all the doodles I liked as long as they were spoiler free so beware the floodgates have opened and I’m gonna be brushing up a ton of my StreetSmart sketches 


A commission for fuckingpissedthefuckoff !!!

A set of Homeworld Gems in Halloween witch costumes of various kinds!

i figured Jasper would be a battle witch, with runes on her weapon. Lapis would be a potions and incantations witch, probably brewing something to murder the others in their …well, not in their sleep obviously.

Peridot would be a technical witch, book learning, perfectionist, and Yellow diamond… well, I cant say a lot about her to be honest. we don’t know anything about her yet!

Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

but it’s totally micro gems.


 Newt Scamander x Reader

 640 Words

 Request from anon:  Your writing is so ridiculously great I just had to send in a request - could you pretty please write about Newt’s reaction to his Hufflepuff girlfriend (the reader, ayyee) who’s small and cute wearing his clothes to, let’s say, bed? Thank you so so much! Keep up the hard work! :)

 Sorry that it’s a tad different from what you requested, silly me didn’t bother rereading the request before writing.

 You and Newt had been an excellent duo for three months now. He would locate and research the creatures he set out for, and you would help him write his book. Technically, you were just there to assist him, but he loved having you around, and you loved being around.

 After three months it was nearly impossible not to fall for the sweet, introverted ball of fluff that was Newt, and it was proving more and more difficult to hide. Every time your hands accidentally brushed a blush would become apparent on your face, just like every time he gave you a casual compliment, such as “You’re bloody brilliant, (y/n)!”, you would suddenly lose your ability to speak.

 What you didn’t know was that Newt felt the exact same way. Of course, neither of you were forward enough to bring it up to one another.

 And now, at almost twelve o’clock at night in a dinky Greenland motel room, you were huddled beneath a quilt awaiting Newt’s return. He left a few hours earlier to find a beast and you refused to go to sleep until you knew he was safe.

 It was snowing like mad outside. The heater in the motel room must have been broken, because even with the bulky quilt you still felt like an ice cube. You were mentally scolding yourself for only packing short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Then, a marvelous idea came to mind.

 You left the warmth of the bed and quilt to open Newt’s suitcase - The one containing his clothes, of course. It was incredibly easy to dig out exactly what you were looking for; Newt’s Hufflepuff scarf and cozy blue coat. They were practically begging to be worn, so you placed the coat around your shoulders and wrapped the scarf around your neck.

 One look in the mirror and you could tell you absolutely ridiculous. The coat was much too big, and the scarf was almost dragging on the floor, but they smelled faintly of Newt. It helped ease your worries about his safety. The fact they were ten times more comfier and warmer than the quilt was just a plus.

 You settled back into the bed, tossing the quilt to the floor and covering yourself with the coat and scarf. Finally, you were able to fall asleep.

 Newt burst through the door, placing his suitcase and journal on a table. “(y/n), you won’t believe the research I-” His eyes landed on your sleeping figure. Wearing his clothes. His face turned red and he took a few careful steps towards you. You looked absolutely adorable.

 He moved your (h/c) locks out of the way and gave a gentle kiss to your forehead. Noticing your shivers, he picked the quilt up from the floor and placed it over you. He patted your head and started walking to the other bed, but before he could, you pulled him next to you.

 “It’s cold.” You said, clearly still too tired to know what you were doing.

 “I-It is.” Newt gulped. He tried to get up, not that he disliked being next to you, but you wrapped your arm around his waist.

 “You’re warm.” You sighed happily, your head nuzzling against his back. Newt figured you had no idea what you were doing. The idea of you fancying him sounded impossible to him. Though he really couldn’t deny how much he enjoyed this cuddly moment.

 “You’re warm and I love you.” You murmured.

 Newt’s eyes widened. He wanted to completely wake you and tell you that he loved you as well, but he couldn’t bring himself to disrupt your slumber. Instead, he made a mental note to bring it up in the morning. He relaxed and shut his eyes whilst he traced patterns into your hand, falling asleep with a giddy smile on his face.